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To Many Gods

The Titans have been released, their cage shattered not by a god, but a mortal. Hyperion has set the Titans free
because he felt betrayed by the Gods when they let his wife and child die even when he pleaded them with to save them.
Deciding to take matters into his own hands Hyperion raised an army and marched on mount Olympus and with the Eperious
bow in his possession his dream was on the verge of being realized, however one man was in his way. Theseus was that
man. He had stopped Hyperion from living, the mountain shattered when Zeus brought it down and the war in heaven started
again.  And to add to the Misery, the war on the mortal world has once again also started. War lords have started
popping up and calling men under their banners to "Unite" Greece under their nation.

Now not only are Gods at war with Titans in the skies, but they are also fighting each other. Groups of Gods are trying
to gain the Titles given to the Gods by the humans, or the Human names given to the Gods. Their true names are only
known by themselves. The only three Gods that haven't changed sense the making of the world is Zeus, Hades, and
Poseidon. Otherwise the other "Gods" have changed hands at least once sense their making.

 Titans fighting Gods, and God fighting each other and Titans what group will win? Will Titans finally win the war
against the Gods and become the rulers of the world to have it end in darkness once more? Will the Gods team up until at
least the Titans are once again Locked up in their eternal cage in a new mount Olympus? What group of Gods will even win
the Titles and will they be able to keep them?
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