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World of the bone war

Four has have passed sense the mortal races banded together and stood together aginst the might of the burning legion.
Although Azeroth was saved the tenuous pact between the horde and alliance has all but evaporated. The drums of war
thunder once again

Imprisoned for ten thousand years. Bnished from my own homeland,and now you dare enter my realm? you are not prepared.

My son, the day you were born the very forests of lordieron whispered the name Arthis. My child I watched with pride as
you grew into a weapon of righteousness. Remember our line has always ruled with wisdom and strength and I know you will
show restraint when exersising your great power. but the truest victory lays on sturing the hearts of your people I tell
you this for when my days have come to an end you shall be king.

pain, Agony, My hatered burns through the caverness deeps. the world heaves with my torment. Its retched kingdoms quake
beneith my rage, but at least the whole of azaroth will break and all will burn beneath the shadows of my wings

to ask is why we fight is to ask why leaves fall it is in their nature peraphs there is a better question. Why do we
fight? to protect home and family to preserve balance and bring harmony for my kind the true question is what is worth
fighting for?

Bones, Bones, Bones. That is what I need, That is what I need. The world shall know and fear my name. For I Titian
killer will do what Deathwing could not. I will shatter Azaroth beyond repair and destroy its petty kingdoms. I will
bend the dragon aspects to my will. The World will shake at even the mention of my name.

With Azaroth saved from the might of the Burning Legion. Illidan was sent back to his imprisonment from his taking of
Outland. The Lich King Arthis has been destroyed and his replacement Bolvar Fordragon still trapped in the Ice in the
ice citidal in Northrend. Deathwing after breaking free from Deepholm was destroyed and the world pilar put into place
so the Malstrum would be restored and the world's balance start to be resotred. Pandaria had been discovered after being
unshrouded in a mist while the war between the horde and alliance escolated. Both fighting over the land's resources and
over their old hatreds the Sha had been released upon Pandaria. Eventually The fighting on Pandaria was stopped only due
to the four August Celestials, with that the sha were retrapped in their prisons. The mantid were freed from the sha and
returned to their natural order of things. The Lightning King was destroyed upon his reawaking. Now with bones, bodies
from the dead on battle fields, graveyards, anywhere that the dead are found seemed to be disappearing the people learn
why. They fear that the scourge is once again active and the New lich king has awakened, However not from Northrend but
the threat is from the Newly discovered realm of Aton which is the farthest south land. 

Aton- Cont name
- Split into 5 regions. 
* Region 1. Serpents Duchy- Mostly covered in flat plains its also mostly farm land Its in the middle of the contient
and is the only region to touch all four others.
* Region 2. Dragon's rune- Land full of Mountians with hills mixed in as well. Its home of the Spine dragon which runs
the entire area and terrorizes Aton It is only touching Serpents Duchy on its sothern border, but water on all the other
* Region 3. Tigers Axe- The Forest area of Aton ruled by the Attams. The trees are clear and its currently the only
region of peace. It holds both Horde and Alliance bases, but on opposite ends. Its only connection to Aton is through
Serpents Duchy on its Northeastern border, which is covered by Mountians accept for a slim pass, which is blocked by a
*region 4 Hippogriths fief- Mostly coastly region covered in sand, beachs, rivers, lakes, deltas, etc. Its the most
uninhabited area of Aton. Its ran along the Western side of Serpent's Duchy and is ran mostly from the waring tribes of
the Naga, Tebati, and feapli.
*region 5 Phoenixs Anvil - A region of deep underground tunnels and mines. its the largest battlefield of Aton, because
all the countries ubtainable resources are here. The mines don't hold just gems and metal, but also wood, plenty of
fresh water, food, and war resources. Both the Horde and Alliance have forgotten bases here, and all the races accept
the Attams have bases here to try and gain the region. Its connected to the Serpents duchy on the east side by a several
holes in the ground to go under the very old wall that still stands. 

*playable Races- Orcs, forsaken, trolls, goblins, turien, blood elves, Pandarian, Human, Night elves, draenie, gnomes,
dwarves, worgen.
Non-playable, but mentioned
Centaurs, harpies, animals, jinyu, murlock, Naga, Burning legion, Arakkoa, Dryads/Keepers of the grove. Dragons,
Drakonid, Dragonspawn, Ethereal, Furbolg, Gnolls, Kobolds, Mo'arg/felguards. Nerubian, Ogre, Quilboar, Satyr, Sporeling,
* Attams-The are black-skinned elves, that are hard to tell their gender apart, their laws forbid any magic besides
earth magic. They live in the old high elf lands of Aton before the high elves become naga. They are lead by Alsehal
Venial the oldest 
*forgotten - undead that turned against the Litch king and is lead by a dreadlord who left before he was killed by his
brother and the forsaken leader
*Naga- Scally Serpent like people. They are cursed High elves who went into sleeping and was woken up by Illidan at
first, then again by Deathwing when he tore the world apart.
* Tebati- A Red skinned gnomes who were thought to have been lost. They were once apart of the lepord gnomes trying to
take over Gnomergadion, but once the take over was complete they were turned into slaves and killed off for
entertainment. Those who survived took an alliance ship and sailed on the waters until they came to Aton and started
building their own bases on the contenient.
* Feapli- A scale and pale skin race, that seems to never have been seen before. They are a race of mixed heritage
between Dragons and the other races, elves, humans, orcs, etc. They look exactly like their non-dragon counterpart,
accept they have tails, a spiked back bone, and they don't serve the dragon flights. They are an experimental race from
the black prince before he was destroyed.

Dragon races
*Original flights. Red, blue, bronze, black, green
*Other Original Dragons
Proto-dragon, undead, infinite, chromatic, plagued, netherwing, twilight
*The dragonflights of Aton
- The skeleton dragonflight- They are a break off from the Undead dragons of the tundra of Northrend, however they do
not have any skin on them, and they only flight because of their wings.
- The moon dragonflight - A silver in color for their scales the Moon dragonflight are said to be blessed by the moon
goddess Eluna and they did not wish to partake in any of the wars of dragons anylonger for they had lost many of their
kind, and where almost wipped out. They now have their numbers back in Sky rocketing numbers and could easily take on
all five great flights by themselves.
- The Sun dragonflight - A gold in color for their scales the Sun dragonflight is said to be blessed by the sun god of
the elves. They wished to see the Moon dragonflight destroyed, so they followed them to the new land, but by the time
they had gotten there they were to tired to do anything, and when they were fully rested and ready to go to war the Moon
dragonflight had already new eggs hatching. So to keep up with their biggest enemy they started breeding as well.
- The Star dragonflight - A black in color for their scales with a white or silver one here or there the Star
dragonflight where the only dragonflight originally on Aton and so they are the strongest flight on the Continent. They
are said to look exactly like the night sky, and so they are only in their dragon forms outside of their brood's layer
at night. They watch over the other races of Aton, but do not interfier in their affairs.
* The Dragon of Dragons rune 
- Is a proto-drake
The oldest dragon alive next to the five aspects themsleves the Spine Dragon is a banished leader of the Skeleton
dragonflight. See was almost destroyed by the three other dragonflights, but her own turned on her before they could be
completely destroyed and their eggs as well. She then took over the dragons rune and claimed its oldest and highest
built castle as her home. Taking hostages from any race including the other dragonflights she twisted them to her own
purpose of revenge, however they never lasted. She is much larger then even Tyranastrasz. Her scale armor are made out
of bones from other dragons that are carved by her servents that she later eats. Her true scales are a purple in color
and seem to change hue in the sun if they are to be actually shown.
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