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The Fifth age.

The Middle earth has found peace once again, After the defeat of the dark lord Sauron has been beaten and
destroyed. His armies scattered to the wind, and Mordor fell to the vally it once was The one ring and gollum destroyed
and melted in mount doom itself. The people of middle earth Free once again to rule their races as they see fit. The
elves, most of them had left for the lands across the sea. to leave middle earth in the hands of men. To the undersides
of mountains are the dwarves as well.

What if I tell you, there is a new evil arising from Mordor. not the Dark Lord Sauron, but one of his children he
had before becoming so. The elves have returned to the world of Middle earth, They are flooding Mithlond or to the
common tongue Gray Havens. They seem to come all to  Taur-nu-Fuin, or Mirkwood, Some have even returned to Rivendell,
Lothlorien, and we have even had to set up a third City now called celebtal or Silver City. We even had Fangorn Forest
become part of the new kingdom its now called Silverwoods. With Dul'Guldor gone the middle elven Kingdom can once again
become whole, if the two houses were to ever combine themselves into one.

Senthis Druidwood

The Evil in Mordor has once again come back. Peace is now shattered. the Goblins have once again regained their groups
and hunt down sorts of people and are themselves hunted. The Harradrim are gathering their forces once again answering
the call for this new master of the dark forces. However with this new evil comes the return of old heros. Dwarves have
once again resurfaced. Elves have returned from the Undying lands, and men join both sides for their beliefs. A new
Master Ring was forged.

New Kingdom's have came up and old ones have resurfaced, however some Old kingdoms have also fallen.

Erabor has been retaken for the dwarves, however  their Iron hills have fallen. Moria is still in the control of
Goblins. Dul'Guldor is no longer there. Its building was destroyed by the ents to make sure its "evil" never came back.
The tower fortress of Isengard is once again in control of a dark wizard who had joined the dark Lord. Helms deep is no
longer there. However Rohan's Edoras has become Rohan's fortress and capital. Amon'Sul has been repaired and is in
control by the Dark Lord. and the Gray Mountains is being controlled by dragons.

The world is once again ready for war, and the dark forces are on the march, however The light Forces are ready to fight
back. The ring now lost. Will it be found by the light? if so will it be destroyed or kept? Or will the Dark find it?
and use it to once again bring Middle earth under the Dark Lord's rule?
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