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The Artist's world.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if all the drawings in the world came to life, but in a different world? Magic
existed, All the worlds long eras and different time periods merged together to make one strange world?

It in fact does exists, It is known to the artists who know about it as the Paper Empire. Those who rule it are always
changing, being as drawings die quickly, or they are destroyed quickly, so the rulers are always changing with it. Split
based on the Eras that are drawn the Paper Empire are split into several areas for those who don't know of it to
explore. Right in the middle of the land is where everything meets, there is no mixing of the different types of the
world. You can tell right where the land ends and another starts due to the fact that two rivers run right into each
other and cross to cut the land into four large triangles.

To the Far northern reach is the coldest part of the world. It is some what like our own world, with its vast snow and
ice desert, however its dotted with frozen lakes that could break at any time if enough pressure is applies to them.
Cities dot the area for those who are adapt to the cold climate. The cities here are the farthest away from modern
things, however the climate is cold enough that no aircraft, or land vehicle will even run here, for even oil will
freeze here. among these lakes is an area that is thought to be way different then what the climate would permit,
however its still there. A never frozen lake is in the middle of the frozen desert, and its waters are a warm
temperature of 87 degrees, however there is other things in it, that many dare not touch even the ice surrounding the

To the far east is the enchanted forest that doesn't touch the ground, but once every tenth day of the tenth month of
the third year. This forest is as dark as a crow's wings, or the pupil of a person's eye. The sunlight doesn't even
break the top foliage of the trees. The forest is ever growing its borders and taking up more land, however with the
recent fire in it, its still regrowing from that. The creatures that live in here have learned to kill or be killed. The
larger you are the more likely you will become something's next meal. However in the middle of this dark forest is a
clearing with a very large tree, that is known as the Eternal tree. It wasn't touched by the fire, and its tall enough
that the forest is clouded by its branches and leaves, its leaves never fall even though it is a very large oak tree.

To the far west are Mountains high enough, that not even the modern world tec can get past them. In the middle of this
set of mountains however are tunnels built for trains to pass through to get to the other cities, which are the most
modern cities trains, vehicles, Air planes, etc. In this modern part of the world however war is happening, because of
the fact its leader has just died, so they need to find a new one, and a civil war broke out between several different
groups of people. In the middle of the mountains however is a tunnel system so vast, that it in fact covers the inside
of all the tunnels, and the trains pass right over it, there are several entrances and exits. This tunnel system however
is not used by the modern people, but by those who live in the dark world of the underside, or underworld, or what many
call the deep parts of the world.

To the far south is a vast plains, that seems to be an endless one, the cities of this area are big strong wall covered
ones, being as they are war torn being as they are from the different parts of the middles age Europe and Asia. Castle
riddle the land, and so do large estates, mixed with a modern age of the estates and castle now a days, ruins, entire
cities abandoned, and some other things as well. This is where your human drawing live. In this plains however close to
its northwestern border is a very large volcanic pool, being as the mountain that it stands closest too is actually a
volcano, but the lava has carved out a very deep bowl in the land itself, that it doesn't seem to move anymore accept
for the occasional solidifying and melting of the top layer when it rains. The pools temperatures are way to hot for
anything to handle, accept for the natives of the pool itself the Fire elementals, and the Ligarians who are heat

as new drawings come to life in each part of the world, and different races come to life, and as more artists join the
creation of this world, eventually the drawings get tired of their small little world, and eventually block the artists
ability to think of anything else to draw. No more creatures, no more Monsters, no more people, places, things anything
come into the world. The Paper Empire wants to just be left alone, or even grow just a little bit. With the death of all
the artists in our world. The paper Empire got its wish, to be left alone, however when several people start drawing
again, their drawings don’t go to the Paper Empire, they don’t come alive, or at least not like normal. In
fact these drawings become the bases of the next lands peoples.

The next lands besides the Paper Empire is known only to some in this strange world. This is where all the new drawings
come, and they don’t want to stay, they want to escape to the Paper Empire, but with it so full already, they have
to somehow convince their drawers, creators, makers to draw new additional lands to the Paper Empire world, that way
they can live. Will these new drawings be able to convince their makers, creators, and the sorts to draw more land to
this already vast world? Or will they all just disappear without a trace to not live a life in this mysterious land?
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PurpleCreatureofWeird writes:   6 May 2013   755445  
This all sounds pretty interesting! By chance, is this a story plot or roleplay?
Either way, I'm really really impressed by its originality *w* I doodle myself, and I
actually did think that they have their own little world. But this is just awesome~
‹<--Color Crazy-->› says :   16 May 2013   449865  

It was indeed an original Role play Plot, however It was for a different role play
sight, I just happen to use Kupika to keep all my Plots, however if you want to use
it go ahead, just please be sure to give me credit for it. 

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