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Sinister Angel

The seven archangels, the leaders of the Host had not only lost one of their own, but have now turned on each other.
With the downfall of the seven demon lords the angels have to decide what to do with the realm of hell and the realm of
Falish. Turning on each other the archangels have set up their own sections of High heaven, hell, and Falish. Each one
wanting more then what they have, however none dare to start a war, for the fact that if any of them attack each other,
they have to kill them, for once they attack they are considered a traitor and will be dealt with by the entity of the

 However while meeting to decide what shall hapen to Falish the Archangels all looked at Fate for his decision, however
Fate craked. He went insane, and so he left Everything accept his scroll of fate. Now no one knows where he is, at least
not until two being come into High heaven claming to be two halves of fate. One a calm and collective, along like fate
himself was, however she had no wings, which confused most. She also had no face, like angels when they have their wings
on. She could also call the scroll of fate. The other an insane and twisted, almost like Fate before he left. This
figure did have wings, and they were exactly like Fates A purple in color to show that  he was Royal.

How will the Arcangels react, when this new finding is placed on them? How will they treat each other? And what will
happen to the realm?


The angel of love is one of the females on the council. She gave the gift of Love to angels, demons, and Humans alike.
She is said to have Cupid as a worker of hers. Her area of High heaven is known as the Pleasure Garden. Its a very large
garden full of Gold and silver gazibos, and plants of all kinds from simple Ivy to the Cherry blossoms, and even blue
bells. There is not an inch of her part of High heaven that isn't covered in some form of plant or pathway to take in
the pleasure of the sights, smells, sounds, and all.

The angel of Love's realm in Falish is Essos, The largest in the Falish realm. She was given Essos to make up the fact
her share in the realm of Hell is the smallest, and her realm in High heaven is small as well. Essos is filled with
rivers, forest, islands, and some desert parts as well. Essos has the highest economy in Falish, with this money they
florish and build their cities high to please the Archangel of Love. Praising her people only see her in her human form,
usually her human form takes on a light chocolate color.

The angel of love's realm in Hell is known as the Imprisonment. It use to be called the Lust tower, for the fact that
the maiden of Lust had her armies and prisoners kept here, along with herself as well. The Imprisonment is a jail for
the demons who surrendered, or the angels that turned against the archangels or their own breathern during the Final

male open, Female open
The angel of fate had ruled over the Library of Fate. Said to hold all the records in the world of everything, and grows
in hight as more records are put into it. It 'records' all life spans. Angels, demons, humans etc. The library is the
largest area of High Heaven, and it contrains books, scrolls, and all the knowledge in all three realms there. The angel
of fate however is the only one allowed into the Library, for his powers is what keeps him alive.  Inside the Librrary
is the Scroll of Fate, witch is said to have the life line of every being on it, however it can only be ready by the
angel of fate. The library has from floor to ceiling bookshelves full of all the things in there.

The realm the angel of fate had on Falish is Protea. Filled with Mountains, Caves, and some plains the People of Protea
have large library to try and keep up with that of the Angel of Fate's, however they never can. Praised by the people
The angel of fate shows himself in the form of a never written in book or a Hermaphrodite. The Realm is also said to be
a very powerful place of magic.

The angel of fate's Realm in hell is known as the Twisted abyss. Originally it was known as the creation of nothing, for
demons really come from nothing but choas, disorder, and Black nothingness. The angel of fate has decided to take this
and twist it so that if another demon was to come into the world's making that it would  instantly ether go into Falish
and become a mortal human or it would die.

The Angel of Wisdom Is one of the Few males in the Archangel collection. He rules over the Pearl Tower. The tower is the
largest building in the city, and even goes past the gate's hight itself, While cloaked from the outside of the city it
serves as a becon to those inside the city that the city still stands. The Angelic magic is learned in this tower, and
under the careful watch of the Archangel of Wisdom. If mistreated of magic happens the Angel of Wisdom will strip any
other angel of their powers, and their wings then send them to justice.

The Angel of Wisdom rules over Actpe on Falish. Florished with Forest, lakes, and rivers The people of the Actpe lands
are known to be very good farmers and fead all of Falish, for food is needed everywhere. In turn They get Timer from
Essos, Gems from Protea, and Silk from Petimz. The people build Ivory Towers to teach mages in their lands, and across
Falish how to control their powers, or get rid of the magic of those who didn't want it. The Angel of Wisdom comes to
His people in the shape of a Medium built Brown haired male.

The Angel of Wisdom's realm in Hell is known as the jailers tower. Actually an old prison converted into a mage tower.
The tower is used to destroy the powers that demons have, so they can not kill another angel even on earth. And they
also take it away, so that the demons can not go into high heaven or summon more of their kind from the pits of hell and
take control of Falish.

The Angel of Justice is a thin, but tall male angel. The angel of justice rules over the Courts in all three realms. In
High heaven it is known as the Imprerium. The Imprerium is a very large circular room, as to be sure all the Archangels
can see the accused from different angles, as if Analyzing them from different angles. The Imprerium holds a row of
Benches for the Archangels or the Judges in the room. The Benches can go from seating only three to seating as many as
ten thousand.

The Angel of Justice rules over Osapic. In this realm the Courts are known as Trial of Knives. The accused have to go
through at least seven knife wonds on their armor, and stay standing, and also not scream out in pain, if they do then
they are done and they are either banished or killed depending on how far they had gone. The people in Osapic dedicate
their lives to keeping the lives of other's over their own. They also dedicate all the blood lost in the Trial of Knives
to the Angel of justice. Who will come to his people in the shape of a male with blonde hair.

The realm in hell in which the Angel of Justice keeps is called the Pit. Usually known as the blood pile, the demons
would fight out their problems by killing each other here. The victor obviously won his life, or what ever it was he
wanted from the other demon. From wife, to land.  Now used to keep Demons in Check in hell Those who go above their
permision end up just dead here.

The angel of Darkness rules over the pits of Heaven. Its the lowest part of Heaven, It also holds the Portal from Falish
into the High heaven, Without wings demons, angels, and humans still have a difficult time getting into High heaven form
Falish. From the Pits The Angel of Darkness can use spirits to talk to anyone, Seen in the sun the Angel of Darkness is
covered in black most of the time like an impentrable vail.

The Angel of Darkness Holds the land of Petmiz  on Falish. The people of Canti harvest Silk from Spiders,worms, and such
in dark caves. Known to be the 'daring' people the Petmiz people are a pale white from working in the dark of caves or
by candle light for several hours a day. The Angel of Darkness is actually hated by the people of Canti, for its said he
damed them to work in the dark holes of the world. The Angel of Darkness Comes to his people as a male with black hair.

The Angel's realm in hell is known as the bottom. The lowest part of hell as well, and rumored to have the rebel demons
in them still. The Angel of Darkness can go anywhere, for in the Bottom is a system of Tunnels that link together like a
maze, and without a map a person could go around in circle and not know it.

The angel of hope the other Female Angel on the council. The angel of hope rules over the Rim of Hope in High heaven.
Its said that if anyone comes into the Rim they gain the Hope that anything is possible, and that they may just find
someone for themselves, or what ever they thought may be impossible they hope that it will happen.

The Angel of Hope's Domain on Falish is Talte. Known for being a fishing country Talte Trades fish across Falish for
grain, Gems, Gold, etc. The people of Talte Honor the Angel of Hope, by building a statue of her Angelical form in the
middle of all of their towns ether in Gold or silver. The angel goes to her people in the form of a women with flame red
The angel of Hope rules the center. Using to be known as the Controler The center is the exact middle of the realm of
Hell, Able to touch all around in all four direction from here the angel of Hope is able to give all Angels and demons
here hope, but as she can give hope she can also take it away.

The Angel of Patience is a homosexual male, and Him and the Angel of Fate had a thing going on. The Angel of Patience
rules over the High Heaven Pearl. The pearl is the second highest building in High Heaven besides the Tower that the
other Archangel holds. Used to as a barracks for the Host army, and training grounds. The Pearl is the largest Wide
building in High Heaven, and takes up half the city.  It is also used to keep the angels in shape.

The Angel of Patience rules over Caltes on Falish. This realm is full of precious metal mines, It also holds the Portal
between Falish and Hell. There is also a very well built Fort in Caltes right outside the portal into Hell to be sure
that no Demon army came into Falish without a fight, and that the rest of the realm, along with the angels would get a

Ruling over the Doorway The angel of Patience rules over the smallest part of Hell. The Doorway's name didn't change. It
literally is the doorway from Hell into Falish as well. On this side Angels hold a fort, so that way no human can come
into Hell without being sent back, and that no demon should escape without a fight from hell. Once built the Fort the
angels hold now spans and makes a very thick wall for demons to get through, along with a maze as well.


High Heaven

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