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Shadows In The Dark

Once, Thought to be the most horrifying thing in the world were Demons, Not regular what mortals think demons, but
those of stories, fairy-tales, myths, and Legends. Now take those and make them much much worse. Mortals, humans,
mundanes, muggles, what ever you wish to call those who can't see the realm of Magic, mystics, and creatures only
thought to be unreal have only rarely seen glimpses of the most friendly of the world. Why do you ask? Its because of
Us. No not the demons, or the creatures of Myths and Legends, but those who are known as Nephilim, Shadow-hunters, Realm
walkers, however you wish to title us, we are a group of half mythical being -half human. We are what keep the humans
protected from the dark creatures, and keep them also in check.

 Once, long ago we were the most feared group, even just saying the name of the group would make people look around
to make sure we weren't around. Everything in the world, in both actually was running very smoothly, almost no crime,
however that was before one of our own turned on us. The one, thought to be the strongest of us all turned on us all to
become an immortal being and "purify our ranks of those more human, or more creature then all the others. He thought our
ranks should be fulled with only pure people like us. However no one thought the same as him, so he was banished from
our ranks, however he made his own version. Twisted them to be dark and hunt Us, to kill us. That is when the worlds
started bumping back in the night, we thought we could bump them and not get the consequences but we did, we're down to
but a few because of this Dark hunters. We thought we were untouchable, but that has been proven wrong now.

 The war, however has just began

The World of Shadows, or Myths and Legends now threatens to brink into mortal eyes, Vampires becoming careless with
their killings, werewolves shifting in the middle of cities. Fae not hiding their natural colors. Witches,wizards,
sorcerers are showing magic. Demons and angels aren't even trying to hide themselves anymore from mortals. With that
however came the most dangerous of them all the group of half human half mythical being known as the Sun hunters. With
the powers of those who keep the balance between the worlds, and being able to jump between the two realms they are bred
for war, trained in how to kill their most hated enemy and their own kind. The Sun hunters were one party of the war,
the other side was the Shadow walkers. Those who learned quickly that their powers were based not upon their strength or
skills, but their will. The two sides now bent on hunting and kill each other to the end a war has started that no race
could escape from accept for the humans who can't see them, and for those few who can see them, they get sucked in and
quickly before they are taken off the streets and forced into a side.
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