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Road to TarTarus

Camp Half blood, Once thought to be the only halfblood camp around, Demi-Gods or also known as halfbloods went to this
camp from all over the world. However upon hearing of more camps opening up all over, several of these camps have indeed
their own gods they follow. Roman, Chinese, Celtic, Norse, Egyptian, etc. Several of these camps, including Camp
halfblood itself had to move to protect themselves, for all their shields have failed one time to many for the gods to
take comfort. All the Gods agreed to make another uncharted island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, so no one would
find it they had the island constantly moving. To also make it much easier on the campers, the gates into their camps
became gateways, Protected still by the fact only halfbloods, or full gods can active the gateways The island is a lot
harder now to get to and a lot safer. Or so the Gods and the protectors hoped and thought. To add to its protection
however Dragons have been in-crested into the valley entry that leads to the rest of the island from where the gates of
the old camps lead. These dragons are living animals who eat anything but half gods, and their protectors.(satyrs,
Centaurs, Gods)

However with meeting new people come complications, and even risks of things. Will this new Camp Island work out with
all the Old religions meeting each other? or will the island be to small for them all? And what happens when they must
go on quests. Or even better question what happens when the Gods themselves leave the camp in the hands of its campers
to do with what they please?
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