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The Moments Between Sleep

 Do you remember those moments where sleep was unbroken accept by dreams and the sound of alarm clocks in the
morning? Well the Story about to be told to you is of the moments between your dreams, those moments that are forgotten
upon waking up, Those moments you wish you remembered because they made your body really react and were the reason you
woke up in sweat, or in tears.
 Prince Ari Silver

The Moments between sleep is the world where a human's mind is transported into a world of Imagination. Eventually this
World became so large that the people inside this world has gone and created itself to become real. Its denizens became
real people, however the humans were starting to become trapped. The human mind has become trapped and the only way out
is to have their imagination killed, to never again be able to come to this land. To never again think of any grand
ideas, but to only become logic based. However a prince of the earth kingdom has found a way to have a person leave this
world without the death of their imagination, however he has a prince. Will you pay that price? or will you have the
death of your Imagination be your salvation? Will you have the Corrupt take the world? or will you serve your own idea
and find your own way out of this world?

Kemen, The kingdom of the element Earth.

The Kingdom of Kemen is the most unknown of the four Kingdoms. The Kemen nation is run by five noble families, who all
have a seat on what people call the election council. Its this council who actually rules the nation not the king
himself. Instead the Royal Family has a seat on the election council. This council is balanced with three males and
three females at all times. Occasionally have a seventh member who the earth people call Paragons, or the still living
heroes of the time. Usually generals or common folk paragons are people who do the unthinkable and come back alive. The
council makes all the laws and decisions for the nation.

As of recently however The Royal family have taken utter control with marshal law and never claiming it to be over. The
Royal family has made sure that the kingdom of Kemen has once again become a Monarchy and the Council is still intact,
but has no power accept in their own eyes. The Royal line is passed down between the first child to have the king and
queen become grandparents, but the grandchild must live to be ten years of age.]
[center Each of the five noble houses have their own private armies, which they can use to defend their own home, defend
their lands, etc. However they do not have to use their private armies to defend the property of other nobles. Then
there is the Royal army which is the nation's army and is controlled by the Grand Commander or the King. Then there is
the People Guard, which is the policing force of the nation, they are like the police force for the common people.
However if someone in the People Guard mess up they must answer to the Royal army.

Each noble house in the Kemen kingdom gathers a certain type of material for the crafters of the kingdom to use to keep
intact the armies or the riches of the Kingdom.

Alu, The Empire of the element Water.

The Empire of Alu is the Most culturally advanced nation. Their Capital city is thought to be a single temple in itself
with its set up and how they have a temple in the center of the capital and One temple in each cardinal direction, all
of them pointing East to praise the rising sun and moon. The Empire of water is run by the Empress and her husband. The
Empress is usually the high priestess of the moon and sun, however it occasionally falls to her oldest female child. The
Alu Empire is the largest nation out of all four of them, but also the most peaceful. The priestesses for Alu are the
highest ranking official and are also usually the adviser's to the Empress herself, however also like the Earth the
Empire of Alu may also have a hero from its nation be on the adviser's council.

As of recently the Empire of Alu has gained even more land to the flooding of the Naur's Northern border and its
farmland. With this most recent expansion of their land Alu is trying to figure out a way to have their own food
produced underwater, yet with their advancements they still have yet to find a way. They had however developed such a
high way of diplomacy that everyone is scared that they will use it to bring all three nations down upon the enemy. The
nation has one army, Its known as Alu's Summoning. The group is a set of Elite warriors that are called upon to defend
the nation and all it encompasses. The warriors are required to have twenty years of training before even allowing to be
thought of to join the army, and there are no acceptations. The soldiers who are still being trained are the police to
the nation, they are required to take care of any and all criminal activity and anyone found not doing their job are put
back to the common people.

Each temple has its Deity that it represents to the Alu Empire, however each of the temples also have something very
special at the very top,, They all have a Gem at the very top of each temple that produces a sort of beacon light that
mass produces a sort of Bubble around the nation that allows its people to breath. It produces a sort of nation under
water with these beacons active.

Naur, The nation of the element Fire.

The nation of Naur is the most Magically advanced, and with that is ruled by a council of seven people. The seven people
on this council are mages of high orders, and all Male. The Nation is magically balanced, however there are rules to
these. Only the males with magical powers can join the council upon their birth right day. The common folk are allowed
to have magical male children. However any female found having magical powers they are taken from them and their minds
erased so that they don't even remember having them. The noble families have to keep the magic within the nobilities,
however the females are the ones that will be getting married. The members of the council however must give up their
seat for their children to have it. Each noble mage house however has their own agenda to become the High Archmage of
the city.

The Naur people have lost quite a bit of their land recently to the Alu nation, and with it are trying to claim war with
them over land destruction. They however will try and are trying to get the nations of Air and Earth to join in their
war on Water. However its not working out as well as they had wished for it. Naur people have long trained their male
children sense a young age to be mage, none of them were allowed to think of girls until after their training be done.
The army is called The Centurions, consisting of no more then seven hundred active mages, The army size however can
reach up to every mage in the city including those on the council. The Centurions keep the ruins around the walls active
and strength them all during their rounds of inspection. However there is also their inquisitor team which they use to
keep in touch the common people.

With their most recent loss of Land the Naur nation is the smallest of the four nations, however they hope to grow to be
the largest of them all one day.

center Vilya, The Realm of the element Air.

The nation of air Vilya is the most technology advanced kingdom. The realm is ruled by an elected set of official
council members. The elected council members go and make the laws of the realm, Every official has a single vote, and
upon their vote being casted the law ether passes or it does not. Majority rules in this case. The people will then have
to follow them. The only way an official can get unelected is by an impeachment of office. The realm then goes through
another voting session for its impeached councilor. The way a person can get impeached is if he or she has gone against
the law. They then answer to the secret Force, who is Vilya's police people.

[center Vilya's police is done in three groups of people. You have the Secret Force, who are the police of Vilya. Its
the army that enforces the laws the councilors. Everyone answers to them, including the regular army, however they have
to answer to the council when the people themselves break the law. The second is the Realm Guard, they are the main
defense for the realm. They don't leave the country or any of the normal stuff, however They are the main defense for
Vilya. Then you have the Grand System, which is the invading force of Vilya and the reason they do not loose any land to
any other nation unless land dries up and the sea pushes the barrier down.

Each of the councilors have a title upon which their duties are preformed. Each one has duties that they must have done
each day, and then they have duties to the realm and to the army themselves. Several of the council members can become
apart of the army.
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