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Fairies in the Woods

fairies are dropping dead everywhere, people now a days are loosing their faith in fairies. Its up to one of them their
prince to save his people. He has to convince at least one human that his people do exist, however he ca't disobey the
law of magic, he can't be seen in his true form, so it puts a complication on things as to how exactly he is going to do
that. However to be sure he doesn't break the rule of Magic his older brother_______. They have choosen a human to try
and convince, however there is a complication even more sever, is that this human tells his best friend everything. The
realm of Magic slowly decaying needs its savor, but will the prince of Fairies be able to save it before its to late? or
will he and his brother be the last of all magical creatures in the entire world?

Fairies aren't exactly what you think they are. They are not the happy, tinkerbell kind of thing most think of when
fairy comes to mind. No in fact they are the malificious creatures of the magic world. They play tricks, they lie and
cheat when they can to gain anything. They are born not from each other but from the dead souls of humans. In fact if a
human dies with some sort of sorrow, hatred, or bad thing in their heart that they never let go of or let out a Fairy is
born. They are born of Strife, pain, and even agony. Fairies even try to create more of their kind by using their magic
to trick humans into thinking the worst possible, however sometimes it doesn't always work. Fairies are easy to find if
you know where to look. Most humans confuse them for fire flies, however the fairies of this story in fact don't glow
like fire flies, but they glow. They range in color from a dark purple to a very bright red. Most Fairies are attracted
to shinny objects like lights, jewelry, etc.

Humans clueless to the realm of Magic have been destroying the forests and the only way into the realm of magic.
Eventually stopping because of the fact they needed air was what keeps the realm of Magic and the realm of the humans
connected anymore. They can't know about the world of magic, and so have been blocked from it. If one does end up in the
world of magic they are held there as a prisoner until they die. Either that or they find a way out themselves.
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