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Dear Pain

Dear Pain, oh its been a long time remember when you were holding me tight, I would stay awake with you all night. 

Dear shame, I was safe in your arms, You were there when it all fell apart, I would get so lost in your beautiful lies.

Dear Hate, I know your not far, You would wait at the door of my heart, I was amazed at the passion in your cries.

Dear Anger, you made me so high, You were faithful to show up on time, Such a flame that was burning in your eyes.

Four emotions said to be the downfall of everyone, however they are also names, no not names for humans, angels, demons,
or any race that is suppose to be alive today. Its the four horsemen's new names. With their new names the four Nephilim
must establish their own home world. Not on earth, not in High heaven, or the pits of hell, but in on the Creator's
planet. They build themselves their own world to live on with no tree of life, no gateway from other realms, only one
way to leave and enter, and that is with one of the four.

Their new planetary system Alti is devided into four planets, one for each horsemen to rule. 

Pain, Also known as strife brings agony to anyone who trifles with this horsemen. The second youngest Pain took up the
name as to convince everyone they could still cause strife without killing. very skilled at torture and figuring out
ways to make people talk. Pain has the largest Dominion on their new planet. from the farthest eastern border of Pain's
Kingdom is desert until about a little past the middle. It becomes a savanna with few trees in it until the border line.
from the northern border of the desert the country becomes Tundra, One solid piece of Ice said to be even more merciless
then the desert itself. 

Shame, Also known as Death has decided to stop reaping souls and take up causing people to feel shame and self dough and
wish for death to come and take them. The Oldest of the Horsemen took up the name to prove to his breathern he can do
more then kill and betray. Very skilled at putting anyone down Shame believes he has the right to rule all. Shame has
the smallest Dominion that is on the verge of a civil war between Shame and a general who claims to be death. Said to be
the most advance in technology Shame's kingdom has become so populated the natural land can't be seen. Streets,
buildings, and walls cover every part of the Kingdom now so its one giant city. The Capital is a walled off part of the
city right in the center of this massive one with one way in and out a bridge that spans 30 feet across a lake.

Hate, Also know as War has decided to stop killing and also build up stronger feelings to go to war. Being excellent at
getting people to despise one another Hate took up the promise upon being banished from the council that he would cause
both angels and demons to go to war with them. Hate's Realm is said to be the most powerful of the four, while middle in
size they have the largest and most skilled fighting force. The realm of Hate is hidden inside the forest that claims
the realm. Build into the trees themselves the only slight give away that any city is in a place is the lights that are
seen through windows at night. 

Anger, Also known as Fury has become even closer with Hate then any of their syblings. Also taking up the path of
getting people to hate each other Fury has taken on the name change, but she never changed her views of people. She
loves causing war, and people to become angry with each other. The youngest of the Horsemen Anger is the quickest to
make decisions on things. Also medium in size Anger's kingdom is all Tundra and Ice. Placed ontop of frozen lakes that
could crack at any moment Anger has become wary and a strategist of winning battles on her home terrain. While her
military isn't at its full strength she believes if she can kill any other she could win.

But a new war is coming, a Nephilim that was once called leader, one that had been taken into the tree of life and death
itself. This new Nephilim has created their own planet, and built it up quickly. Putting slaves from the raids on the
other four planets as this new ones population, however seeing who it was they become loyal to this new leader.

The four horsemen now split into kingdoms are wagging war on each other, not with demons, angels, but Nephilim their own
kind. The human race Gone, earth shattered the souls had no where to go. The creators decided to put the souls back in
their nephilim bodies and give them some strength like their breather had been given by the council, however might it
have been to much? What horsemen will come out on top of the other three? Or will the four come to an agreement because
of it? Or will each planet fall to a nephilim no one saw coming?
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