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Dawn of Days

 Aul Wanwie, lye manke ero opin i' palurin, lye manke ero gorg. leha sii' lye naa n'. Ero i' noldo, vanya, ent
palu gwaith en' i' palurin, lye naa neh ner san, lye naa neh ner san asto en' i' sul, Asto aul i' anoron, ent ere leha
sarash en' mani nae ero. Los en' lye ya naa sal' kuila, rimmi i' quenta en' lye gwaith, i' awr, i' gurtha. Lye cael
tendi dolen noarun nae an. I' palurin taute itlea lye, mani lye epnis, lye sluta, lye letoa piemn uum. lye naa i' don
kesir, gisir en' lath, ent poldor en' ilya i' vaarn.

"In the past, we were once across the world, We were once fear. but now We are not.  Once the wisest, fairest, and most
expanded people of the world, we are nothing more then ashes in the wind, Dust in the dawn, and only a minor fraction of
what was once. Those of us who remain, remember the past, the agony, the destruction. We have stayed hidden far to long.
The world has forgotten us, forgotten what our powers, our armies, our might can do. We are the cizi elf, Guardians of
Chaos, and Destroyer of the light. 
-Famous words of General Izat HighArrow, Cizi Elf

 The world, as we Cizi elves have known it has changed. Time has passed. Not in months, or years, or decades, but
eons. They had killed my father, Izar HighArrow, However I am now leading our armies, I am now leading our people. To
rule this land like no other I must be like no other ruler before me. I will not take time and wait for the underdark
and surface races to destroy one another, so we may once again take our armies upon the lands without fear of loss. No I
shall mark the men and women of the Cizi elf upon them and learn of the glory of battle. I will learn of the ringing of
steel against steel and hear the call of the dying in my ears and with it rejoice. For we shall take slaves like no one
has seen. Our own kind even fight one another to lead the race, however they have learned not to test my strength, for I
have yet to loose in combat. The world will once again know of the Cizi elves, and with that knowledge they shall learn
the true meaning of agony and pain.

Izat HighArrow

Once Long ago, before even the elves of this time were born can recall being told the Cizi elves had built an empire of
the world. Below where they call home now, along with the underdark or realm of tunnels and caves that all connect to
one another. And very large parts of the surface. Thinking they were unstoppable the Cizi elves kept going until no one
could stand in their way. all the armies swept aside and the crowns of every land taken the army thought they were
unbeatable. However Revolts, uprisings, and even out right desertion happened to the empire before it even hit its
complete world control. With the army spreed to thin, the cizi empire had fallen. the surface, and underdark had been
reclaimed by the races that call those places home. The cizi had been pushed to the brink of destruction.

The world has changed. Its denizens ripping it apart with war and bloodshed. However there are times of peace between
the races when everything is not lost. When lives, crops, and the land are sown a new. However it does not last long.
For in a constant state of battle the races and kingdoms are always expanding their borders, forcing their hierarchy
onto other people, however no one can seem to be able to completely claim the world. The Cizi elves are not even close
to the numbers their empire once was, however all their soldiers have taken several elven life times to perfect their
art of war. and with now the drums of war sounding again the Cizi elves are ready to claim what was once theirs.

Will the Cizi elves be unstoppable this time? or will they fall? Will all the races ban together to finally destroy a
common enemy? or will history be doomed to repeat itself?

 Here is a history of the Cizi
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