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Cizi knoweldge

The Cizi Elf

Once thought to be the youngest addition the the elven race the Cizi elf is an mix branch of dark elf, and the Wild elf.
They have their cruelty and their darker deities from their old Dark elf past, and their mystery and rarity from their
wild elf past. Breaking away from the Dark elf, because they worshiped the heretic goddess Loth the spider queen, and
breaking away from their wild elf ansestory for they worshiped an even worse heretic Goddess Anddruil, the Goddess of
the Forest. Believing that N'asr is the one true being who should rule over all they developed a sense for the
underdark, however not being able to find a place to settle down and build a city themselves the Cizi were for the first
few generations Nomadic in the underdark while being attacked by dark elves, the iron dwarves, and the black gnomes.
Eventually finding tunnels and caves that lead even deeper into the earth the Cizi followed these pathways to find that
nothing went down farther, it was a blank slate, a blank land that no one, and nothing would go near. Starting fresh in
this newly found place the Cizi quickly build an Empire in this new underground fortress. Building gates and towers as
the first thing to go up at each entrance and exit to their now one giant city. The Entire Cizanery level of the world
is one completely flat city world now, with over seven hundred noble houses all competing to rule the city and being
able to move into the house that is at the exact center of the city and their realm.

Official name
Dalharen del jiv'undus lueth streea, Children of pain and Death ---- Race name
Cizanery Tulamo, Second surface ----Realm name
Nol'tuli -----The city's name
Tul'tate ----- The capital fortress

The Cizi elves don't have any official allies besides their own race that is known to the rest of the world. However the
Cizi elf will use any race to its advantage and will come under the banner of friendship until its ally becomes no more
use, and will usually attack them right out even on the battle field.

The Cizi's enemies is all other races, including their own race. The Cizi elves biggest enemy is that of the Naga, or
those who followed the Elven queen even in death. The Cizi see their loyalty equal to their own and because of that its
a threat. The rest of their enemies aren't ranked, but are described as pathetic morsels who can't take even the
slightest of Cizi elf pain, and deserve nothing but pain and suffering after their body goes through several years of
torture, brusing and cuts.

Ruling Family
The Cizi have no actual ruling Family, however they do have people fighting over who will become the next leader of the
cizi elf, almost like the drow houses themselves fighting for a seat on their council, however the cizi aren't ruled by
a council, but by a single person who could easily be changed at any given hour, even within seconds of the ruler
getting the throne. However the longest family holding on the Throne was for seventeen generations in the GreenStone
family, who was smart enough to have their house guarded by family members, and traps set on every single door to their
home, and the only way to deactivate them was from a specific hand gesture and magical sign.

Traditions and culture
The Cizi teach even their young the art of war, starting very early. From turning fifty(four in human) the Cizi males
and females are separated and taken to different parts of the city and schooled in all the areas of knoweldge they will
need to know. Traditionally only males are allowed to be dark priests, however all other magic is forbidden to males.
Females are to learn only magic, and all blades are forbidden to them. Also the women run the houses, or the nobility,
however only a male can claim the throne of the entire race. Both genders are allowed in the army, however they must be
at least ten thousand years of age. 
Its also tradition for all cizi elves to know the art of war, and while learning the art of war they pick up at least
one other non-combat craft, such as weaving, sewing, pottery, music, etc. They however don't learn the art of war from
schooling, or fighting the other races, but their own.

The cizi know their own language, the Feliy, which is an ancient elven language only used now in history class to teach
the race its origins. They also know all elven, dark elf, and common. Along with several different Dialect of Dwarf.

The cizi believe in many deities, however the one major one that is worshiped as a whole in the race is N'asr. However
they also believe all other gods and goddesses while have some essence in shape in the realm of the gods, they are
however heretics or false gods, and because of this they hope that upon their passing they give the soul and body to
their God to help him build his immortal army to defend himself, and defeat his enemies in the other realms.

Cizanery Tulamo is one flat piece of land across the entire area sense its flattening, however its a warm, mild climate,
even with it being made purely of earth with no warming system for the stone. However being far enough below the surface
and such the rock stays a decent temperature of about mid seventies. with no sky, they have nothing coming out of the
ceiling, however they have several running rivers that divide the city into several parts(6 to be exact). Each river
holds its temperature at about mid sixties. And the Climate and soil is good enough to grow several different types of
plants that only grow certain areas on the surface.

The Cizi race doesn't have an actual flag or banner, however each noble house has their own, and while at war with the
other races use that house's flag as their banner in times of war. The Cizi also have flags to represent the six
districts of their city, the first two swords crossing is the Academy and schooling for the city. The second is a book
and hammer together, which represents the market and crafts region. The third is an eye which represents the armory and
training grounds. The fourth is a fish and a ship, representing the docks that lead into the black pools of the realm
and the fishing grounds. The fifth is a stack of coins, which represent the richest part of the city, The sixth is a
well. The temples and places of worship are represented.

Level of Peace
The cizi are always fighting, Usually within their own housing and nobles who are constantly fighting to gain control of
the Throne to rule the entire race, however they will also venture out and take slaves from the other races, including
the drows.

The cizi elves sepcualize in shadow arts, magic, and weaponry. Mostly known also to be advanced in keeping themselves
alive the cizi elves are rarely seen out of their home unless claiming slaves or declaring war on another race.

Extra info
The houses of the Cizi elves are ruled by females, however the entire race is ruled by the most powerful Male in the
ruling house, until both are defeated the crown, or the Throne are not passed onto another house. The cizi are allowed
only to attack another house during the night, anyone found fighting in public, or if anyone from an enemy house is left
the entire race will ban against that house, and no one will be spared including women and children. The armies from
each house can also trade houses, however their last names do not change, in fact their last name is given to them at
their birth as well, its from their bloodline, not the house they serve.

Other things
The Cizi elves have several Dieites taken from several elven and other cultures. They believe in Luna, Malgos, Lolth,
etc. However they still believer their god is the most powerful and deserves to be the one ruling over the realm in the
sky. They also believe that for each enemy killed on this planet is an enemy vanquished or turned in the realm of
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