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Chaos and its Tale.


Prophets foretell of its coming. Historians record its passing. But the only ones who can fully understand it are those
who have survived its reign… and they are often few and far between. The so-called Chaotic Era stemmed from the
erosion of royal power, that final vestige of the Telemain Empire. With each passing year, the king and his court saw
their sphere of control shrink further. They could still influence fashion, but ultimately little else. Nor could the
ecclesiastical rulers, no matter how full their temple treasuries. The world had simply become too large, too
fragmented, too diverse for any single group to dictate the course of events. That was the nature of the chaos that
permeated the age. It was the Battle for Birth Castle that finally showed the truth of a world turned upside down: even
an unknown adventurer of common birth could aspire to — and attain — the power hither to reserved for nobles.
Groups of adventurers, bound together as clans, demonstrated their ability to dominate local and regional affairs,
particularly when they harnessed the power of the castle. Protection Against Darkness The clans became numerous, but
most were politically naive. Shadowy cabals sought to manipulate them in order to advance their own agendas, sparking
widespread conflict and disorder. Like a shadow creeping across darkening room, chaos spread inexorably across the land.
Strange new monsters appeared to wreak destruction, and ancient terrors were reawakened. But as the clans grew stronger,
they also grew wiser. They threw off the controlling influence of the cabals and asserted, consciously and
intentionally, their own power to shape events. New Heroes and Noblesse gained positions of power and leadership within
the clans, imparting a higher moral standard.

Once the bane of villagers and townspeople, the clans gradually became their protectors against the forces of darkness.
As their power waxed, even foes like Antharas, the terror of Giran, and Valakas, the lord of Goddard, fled before them.
Once merely the hirelings of lords,the clans had eventually supplanted their masters. Authority was no longer an
accident of birth, but the result of merit. Power resided with those who could not only grasp it, but hold it. History
had pronounced its verdict... or had it?

The Telema people are the first set of people to rule, their empire fell to the Chaos and they could not stop it,
eventually being destroyed it left destruction in its path, with their palace in ruins, the people dead, it left a wake
for other people to come in and take control. The clans eventually bonding together to for kingdoms, and nations of
their own to not only combat the darkness and evil of the world, but to hopefully one day take on the other three as


the people of the Desert. The Hargosian people are known to be able to withstand the heat, and can even live off barely
anything, they fight with sheer determination not to loose, and it brings them usually to victory. Having the least
amount of men and women in their military Hargos is known for its strong tactics, and its profound loyalty to their
king. With their largest city in the middle of the desert the Hargoian people are thought to look like very dark tan
people, who are always covered with light cloth, so as to not get a sun burn, but also as to not get a heat stroke.
Hargos is mostly afflicted with strategy and knowledge.


The people of the Forest. The Leshean people are known to be able to hide themselves very well, along with disappear
from plain view. Known for their strong military defensive ability in their home territory many don't go against the
Leshean army if they can. Thick with game the Silver forest that surrounds the palace is a good place for hunting and
archery practice. While their military is medium size, their tactics is on the good side, but could improve. Its also
profound for its loyalty to the prince of the woods, but the kingdom's king. With their largest city built into the
trees themselves its hidden to untrained eyes. The people are thought to be light skinned, with clothing that can very
easily cover up their bodies so they can mix into the forest background. Leshea is mostly afflicted with magic, and


The people of the caves. The Parvians people are known to be able to dig and move quickly, and can climb up trees,
hills, mountains quickly. Known for their very large military, but their military is poorly knowledge, and only wins
with its sheer numbers. Loyal to their queen The Parvians don't show any loyalty to the king due to the fact that he has
had to many of them killed, and when the queen took him off his seat of power they were over joyed. With their largest
city build into the side of a mountain. The people are pale, mostly white, with white,blonde, or silver hair. The Parvi
people are known to be afflicted with their gods, and religion, most of the people are voices of the gods or


The people of Rivers. The Xefes people are known to be able to swim for hours without even breaking a sweat, and can out
swim anyone. It gives them great stamina and also an easy advantage in their home realm. Their military is medium like
Leshea's and are also good at tactics, but can do better as well. Their loyalty is also to their queen, being as they
have no king. Their largest city is found to be suspended over a river, with only one bridge to go in and out of it. The
people are a normal cream color, with hair ranging from a red to a brown in color. The Xefes people are known to be
afflicted with the water animals, the myths of the world, most of the people are known as €œkeepers of the sea or
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