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Ascension From Ashes

The Phoenix, said to rise from its ashes. Burning brighter and being stronger then its former form before the ashes. The
Phoenix is never able to die, at least until its ashes are scattered to the wind, or it looses the will to rekindle its
life light.  Said to be the most pure piece of magic they are one part of the four pieces of Magic. The Phoenix is the
one animal that can be reborn through any flame from the smallest in a lighter, to that of lava. This magical bird is
said to be Loyal to the very end and will even give their life to protect their own or those they consider their own.

The Dragon, said to rise from the very depth of the sea. Able to see under water and into darker places then even
creatures of the deep sea dare not go. The Dragon is resistant to magic, and the only way to kill one is by taking its
heart, or by cutting off its head and removing the gem that is behind its eyes. Dragons are also however vary rare
outside of their water element, and that of peace grounds of the Rainbow Sea. Said to be the most Wise piece of magic
they are also one part of the four pieces of Magic. The Dragon is one animal that is reborn when its soul has found its
counter part and is born into a new egg. The Dragon is also Very Loyal and will to the very end defend its home, family,
and those they consider their own as well.

The Unicorn, said to rise from the clearest air. Brighter and more intelligent then any other magical Creature The
unicorn is only able to die by the creature itself killing itself. The touch of a Unicorn to any taint will ether
destroy the thing that is tainted, or make it once again pure. The Unicorn can cure any poison, heal any wound. And
destroy even the strongest of demons, with just one touch, of even one of its hairs. Said to be the most Pure piece of
magic out of the four pieces of Magic. The Unicorn is born again into the world from a pure thought and belief in magic.
The Unicorn is Loyal, however to an extent. It can only be touched by virgins, and get irritated quickly by non Celibate
and Chaste people. 

The Talbuk said to rise from the deepest pits of the earth. Smarter and faster then its former form of life. The talbuk
is a creature of the forest and is rarely found outside of its home unless threatened. The Talbuk is resistant to Nature
magic. Also said to be very powerful in charming animals the Talbuk can't die unless stabbed upon another Talbuk's
antlers. The Talbuk is reborn through the forest itself. Its made from when a creature dies and the forest itself
consumes it. The Talbuk is said to be the swiftest piece of magic out of the Four pieces of Magic. The talbuk is Loyal
to the forest it calls home, and the creatures that are around it. Along with those in its family.

The world of Magic is one of kill, be killed, or be in groups. The world of magic, witches, wizards they all absorb the
magic, the knowledge, and the power of those they kill, those their victim has killed, and so on and so forth. However
every one hundred years all magic is reset back to the families of witches and wizards. Kept hidden from the realm of
the regular Humanity the blood lines of Witches and Wizards are not filtered into regular humanity like that of
Vampires, Werewolves, Fae, and all the other magical beings as well.

With the four pieces of Magic born to the race of Humanity the hunt is on. The witches and wizards are on the hunt for
these four powerful beings said to be the essence of magic itself for the animal that they carry inside them. With the
death of one of these four powerful Wizards or witches the killer will become stronger in some sense then any of the
other witches or wizards of the world. If one got all four pieces they could indeed become the greatest magical being in
the world in generations. However the only way to tell who has these essences, these pieces of magic themselves is to
look at their bare skin. The people with these pieces are born with a mark on their body, it can be anywhere on their
body, and its in the shape of the known symbol of the four creatures.

The dragon was just the head, although the head can cover the entire back, or just a small place like a piercing on the
ear.  The Phoenix symbol is a feather, that can go from just a single feather into a flock of birds the feather itself
could be anywhere on the body as large as a feather in a set of wing tattoos, or as small as a feather on a ring finger.
The Unicorn is that of a a star. It can go from as complicated of an entire Design of the Unicorn in a night sky made of
the stars, or it can go to a single star tattoo on someone's eye. The Talbuk symbol is a set of Horns. It can go from
the horns on a dragon, to a simple set of crossed viking aid calling horns on someone's wrist.

Now the hunt begins. Are you one of the four pieces of Magic? Are you trying to find them? What happens when the hunt
finally ends? and to put more twist to it. The powers of the Four pieces are at their greatest with each other, and
their exact opposite piece makes them the strongest.
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