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Anime You!

This is what happens when I'm bored. I'll find an anime picture of you. Just fill out this form-

Hair color and style-
Eye color-
A theme you want me to incorperate-
Anything else? (optional)-

Me- Firefly09
Maknia Mari Pictures, Images and Photos

Violin Pictures, Images and

headphones girl Pictures, Images and Photos

ScarletBlood (Felt like this one had a vampire-ish air of mystery)-
Red hair, blue eyes, simple
anime Pictures, Images and Photos

‹(~•ω•)~› (Sorry if it's not what you wanted. This one threw me for a loop.)-
brown hair Pictures, Images and Photos

Ali Pictures,
Images and Photos

Brown Hair Green Eyes Anime
Girl Pictures, Images and Photos

‹romantic gentleman›-
anime glasses Pictures,
Images and Photos

anime girl Pictures,
Images and Photos
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Snail says:   25 October 2011   960345  
Hair color and style- blonde (and brown highlights) layered and long
Eye color-dark blue
Else-a snail if you can!
zombie_jesus says:   25 October 2011   787227  
Hair color and style- white and just past my shoulders
Eye color- blue
A theme you want me to incorperate- gratuitous awesoness
TheyCallMePan says:   30 October 2011   189157  
Gender - Female
Age - 16
Hair Color and Style - Short and Auburn Brown
Eye Color - Brown 
Theme - Happy 

Please and thank you?
‹<Promises made in your blood>› says:   30 October 2011   231095  
Can you make one of me please?

Gender- Female
Hair color and style-Black hair red highlights length can be anywhere from mid back
to shoulder length
Eye color- Green
A theme you want me to incorperate- Theme hmmm something dark and gory, or mystical
like a forest
Anything else? (optional)- Can I have a wolf acompany me or maybe a gun?

Pretty please and thank you.
‹SuicidalCyanide› says:   30 October 2011   716294  
Gender- Female
Age- 18
Hair color and style- long, black and red
Eye color- blue
A theme you want me to incorperate- gothic 
Anything else? (optional)- headphones possibly?
‹~WildBerri~› says:   31 October 2011   618595  
Gender- Female
Age- sixteen-ish
Hair color and style- Short, wavy/curly, about shoulder-length, blonde
Eye color- Blue
A theme you want me to incorperate- Sort of modern maybe in her bedroom or something
Anything else? (optional)- Could she have a saxophone?

Please and thanks :D
‹_+Ninja<3Kitty~+_› says:   3 November 2011   695099  
Gender- female
Age- 14
Hair color and style- short black hair 
Eye color- dark blue
A theme you want me to incorperate- wintery
Anything else? (optional)- glasses
siatwin says:   23 November 2011   291175  
Thank you!
‹Loki-Laufeyson› says:   21 November 2012   184664  
Gender- female
Age- 14
Hair color and style- light brown hair (with red and blonde highlights), wavy, and
Eye color: topaz colored
A theme you want me to incorperate: a dark kind of feeling
Anything else?- a punk rock kind of style
starryeyes12 says :   15 August 2013   235781  
gender- female
age- 13
hair color- dark brown
hair style- wavy. top layer shorter than bottom.
eye color- medium brown
theme- autumn night
other- something musical maybe

thank u ^^
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