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Yeahhhhhhh my hospital visit.

sunday night i had to go to the ER because of severe contraction-like pains in my lower stomach and kidneys.o.O they took blood and such, made me take a pee test.. i had a 1500 white blood cell count normal is around 1000 then they said it was my appendix so i got a Demerol shot in my hip.ouch that shot felt like pouring alcohol on an open sore/wound. anways then, i had to go to a different hospital where they did a cat scan and i had to wait for a long time, then they came back and i was asleep but my mom told me they said i had to come back in the morning for more tests. so i went back monday morning and they took more blood and made me take 4 x-rays then i waited longer and it turns out i have gastrointestinalitis and leukocytosis so now i have to take 3 pills twice a day o.O and leukocytosis is like the VERY VERY VERY early/beginning stage of leukemia just thought i'd share this tidbit with you guys. so if you tried talking to me on sunday/monday, then this is why i didn't reply :] i slept all day monday and still dont feel well haha <3fefe
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  fefeFATALITY — Page created: 25 March 2009
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Silver_rain_246 cries:   25 March 2009   797686  
aaw i feel bad 4 u
fefeFATALITY says:   25 March 2009   633787  
thanks but i'll be okay ^_^
just gotta take my meds and 
the leukocytosis should go away :D
Motoko says:   25 March 2009   866141  
get better!
fefeFATALITY says :   25 March 2009   719794  
thanks :D
i will ^_^

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