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Get The Goth Look

Basically, this is for all those who wanna go Goth just don't know how. This page will help with the look, name, type etc. Each different colour box is on a different subject. Hey, i hate to ramble on but still... look below for utter transformation...
This is about the LOOK!
All you need really, is some black lippy, black nail polish, dark eyeliner and black clothes. But there's alot more to being Goth than black. There is nothing stopping you from teaming up a black top with pink skinny jeans. Or a purple or red top with jeans. It's about the look you want to have as a Goth. Personally, I like to wear the black lippy and dark clothes, but occasionally, i wear white. Why not. My hair isn't died (coz of my school rules) but that doesn't matter. Try put in wash out dyes, from Boots. They have a whole range of cool colours. Experiment with how you put on the make-up. Smudge the eye liner for dark smouldering eyes, or have a thick line on top, or bottom. Wackify your hair. Try different styles, or just put it up in an unusual way. You decide how YOU want to look.
This is the NAME!
My Goth name is Pixie Corpse. Pleasant, isn't it? Don't choose a random name. Get the computer to do it for you. On Google, or any search engine, they will come up with Goth name generators. A faveourite of mine is Both me and my cousin have used it to get our Goth names. Luckily, my Goth name coinsides with my Goth type (See below). Find out what yours is, and use it for usernames etc.
Whats your Type?
There are loads of different types of Goths that you can be. Again, look on any search engine. I am a Fairy Goth as that's the sort of thing i like and believe in. However, you can create your own Type, or find one off the internet. A fairly common type is Cyber Goth, as well as Vampyre Goth. Try for 175 different types of Goth.
Is there a Religion!?!
There isn't a Goth religion. Not at all. People say we slit our wrists because Goths are all mopey, dark and think about death and stuff but it isn't true. We are not to be confused with emo's!It doesn't matter what religion you are part of, you can still be a Goth. Not all Goths think about death etc. That is what people think of as a stereotypical Goth, which isn't true. Just because you want to look a certain way, doesn't mean you have to do those sort of things. You are still your own person. Remember that. Goth is a label, and labels aren't good. But for Goths it shows a unity of those who are similar, like cheerleaders, or smart people.
Be your own Goth!! Remember the look, the name, the type, and you're on a roll!!!
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  faeriegothgirl — Page created: 29 August 2007
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