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25 Ways To Annoy People (Or at least get stupid reactions.) Guarantee on good results.

1. Go up to random people and ask, "Are you my mommy?" (Continue in ten minute intervals.)
2. Put white powder on your lips from Hostess donuts and announce, "I'm on crack!"
3. When the lights are going out in the movie theater begin to scream loudly for your mother.
4. (This only works with Nokia phones) Know that annoying cell-phone sound you always hear before a movie starts, and
then they tell you to keep your cell-phones off? Play that same ring town repeatedly through out the movie.
5. Run up to a man that works at a near by store and scream, "I NEED A TAMPON!"
6. In a bathroom make horrible sounds and claim you're constapated.
7. Bring a sleeping bag in the elavator and hide inside. Then whenever someone comes in say, "Want to sing a campfire
8. Parade through the store with underwear on your head.
9. Loosen the cap on a cheese/pepper/salt shaker and then hand it to whoever needs it. (Great reactions.  )
10. Start eating ice cream and scream, "Ahh! It burns!"
11. (Only works if you work at a resteraunt.) Come up to the table with your drinks, and say, "So, which of you wanted
the clean cup?"
12. Call someone and tell them that their order for a perriwinkle padded room in Joe's Mental Asylum is ready.
13. Go to McDonalds/Burger King in a swimsuit in the middle of winter. (Preferably on days that it snowed.)
14. Superglue a quarter to the side walk.
15. Stick straws up your nose and announce the table next to you while eating, that you are, in fact a walrus.
16. Run up to some random person in a mall and say, "Hey Jennifer. Oh how I've missed you!" (Even though it's a guy.)
17. When someone asks if they can sit next to you scream, "No you'll squish imaginary Bob!"
18. Bike through the children's toy aisles on little-tyke bikes.
19. (Must have 2 people) Dress up in tench coats and have one say, "Got the goods?" And then the other reply with,
"Yeah." And then have the person who said yes hand them a box of candy.
20. Lean over to someone and ask, "Can you hear the voices too?"
21. Begin to sob hysterically at the happy endings of movies.
22. Have a tea party in the elevator and invite others to join.
23. Tell everyone that they're only jealous because the voices only talk to you. (They'll understand.)
24. Order to go to the bathroom through the drive through.
25. Pay with all pennies for any item over 5 dollars. Begin to lose track, and see well I guess I'll have to start over,
even though you only have one more penny left.

Personaly I think this list is funny, but I've been able to find better. I'll make another one maybe if i feel like
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  emo_girl24 — Page created: 11 January 2008
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AmyFromSonic101 says :   11 January 2008   193976  
WOW! I laughed, when I read ALL them!

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