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Quotes that may not make sense unless you know me...


"Super-where??"-TW "S.W.A.T: Stupid Wankers Around Tennessee"-CS "It's, like, freezing hot."-CS "It looks like a spider wearing a dunce hat."-SB "Oh, I didn't know I had a pickle!"-CS "Pomegranite, pomegranite" "Becky!"-CS & BS "I like stools."-GM "PEEL ME!" "Ah sh- you set the alarm off."-EmoBOYTOY "Go-go-action Ben Stiller!"-TG "It's something about French Fries."-AT "Put that in your French Fry box and shove it!"-AT "Cause I'm awesome!" "Yeah, awesomelly retarded!"-At & Cs "You suck ravioli, straight out of the can!"-CS "I thought there was a pole here..."-CS "I drool for emo boys!!"-CS "I'm on crack, lalala!!"-CS "Ow, my arm!"-AT "Ah! It's bumpy!"-CS "The lion is my bf!"-CS "I want the stick!"-CS "Yay! I got the stick!"-CS "I'm gonna put that on there! That to!"-CS "Berries! Wow..."-CS "Ah! Get away from me! The mosquito's gonna rape me!"-CS "We were flashing people! With a flashlight.."-CS "We'd shined them with the flashlight people."-CS "Make Ice People!"-CS "Oh, it's a cat. I thought it was a person."-CS "I'm gonna swing above Trevors stick."-CS "How do you do that?" "I don't know how you do Trevors."-CS & AT "Here, smell this, it smells like chocolate."-CS "It's my Assorted Glow Spiral Ruled Index Cards!!"-CS "Ahh! An ant!"-CS "Ah! I dropped it in my shirt!"-CS "Look, it's changing time!"-CS "Where's your ball?"-AT "Oh my god, I screamed!"-ES "Look! It's an emo guy! ... Never mind, it's an ugly guy."-CS "[Gasp] I'm going to the cake store!!"-CS "My knee keeps popping every time I move my leg." "Well, don't move your leg then."-CS & AT "Tim was looking for me!"-CS "Rawr." "Grrr." "Achoo!"-CS & AT "Eww, Look where it landed."-CS "They eat nuts!"-AT "Ew another ant!"-CS "Her dog looks anorexic."-CS "Look it's a car!"-CS "Look it's yellow!"-AT "Look I'm sniffing coke!"-CS [it was chapstick] "Wait, I need to use you as a pole."-CS "Stop dying or I'll kill you!"-CS "The thing! See the thing?"-CS "I'm being Sarcastic-ic-ic. That's going on my myspace-ace-ace."-CS "Let's go get some food..umm..soda."-CS "They got candy bars."-AT "Ah, it's stuck!"-CS "OMG, like we're in a store!" "Where's your shirt?"-CS & AT "Oh my freaking frick!"-CS "I have too many things in my pockets."-AT "bob is stupidestest"-CS "I don't have a flashlight, it's a piece of stick!"-CS "I only play at night." "Yeah, we're vampiric!"-AT & CS "That's the guy you wanted me to talk to. He does videos."-CS "We're gonna make you stuff."-CS "Jonas Brothers Suck Jamaican Romping Men Three Nights."-CS improvising a CAPTCHA "It's meat." "No it's not, it's steak."-AT & CS "I'm gonna use a plastic bag as a peanut butter."-CS "I use lots of jelly" [squirt]-AT "Ew, it's squishy."-AT "He was funnier without his beard."-AT "I'm smoking pen." "You're smoking pen?"-CS & NR "There's four days so it's 1, 2, 3, 4...6. So where'd the other money come from?"-CS "How's my pickle? Big and juicy."-AB "AB? CDEFG!!!"-CS "I was being farcastic."-CS "Blanket, blanket, you!"-CS "These are my favorite sunglasses ever!"-CS "Woah, I spelled ever wrong..."-CS "That one's kinda squishy, but the other one's hard."-CS "Hey, I want the hard one." "I blew it up! My hard one!"-TW & CS "I wore this to bed and my wrist turned green."-CS "Sugar loaf? What kind of stuffed animal is that?." "It's not, it's a brand."-TW & CS "In a se- woah!"-CS "It was so funny it wasn't even funny."-CS "My friend's not gonna be a freaking transexual thing!"-TW "Did you just say Judge Damon?"-CS "I can't get it out, it's stuck!" "So just leave it."-TW & CS "Popping lessons!"-CS "But he's your boyfriend!" "Well your the one who wants him!"-TW & CS "It's coldish."-CS "Fish aren't food. A monkey stole my wallet."-KH
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