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accidentally in
love Pictures, Images and Photos So yea..I got inspired by the song "Accidentally In Love" By Counting Crows. It will, in fact, be called Accidentally in love. But seeing as I have no time, I need YOU to come up with characters. Yes, any type of character it could be you, or a friend, or just someone you make up! There are no themes, so just let your mind flow. :] Name: Age: Personality: Picture: Theme (Main character, sideline character etc.) Basically it. ALSO. Don't be mad if I don't chooe your character. I only get 2 main characters, a boy and girl. So lets GO! Contestants: NothingButMe
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‹Jȃȥ› says:   13 February 2009   127145  
Name: Joshua
Age: 19
Personality: Has a good sense of humor and a large vocabulary. Kind and gently, he
has deeply hidden emotional sensitivities but tells nobody (except the girl in the
story after he gets closer to her). 
Theme: Main male character.

I would love to give you a much more detailed description of the character. But it
would be easier if you just messaged me.
‹I_WILL_EAT_YOU_NO_MATTER_WHAT› says:   13 February 2009   295777  
Name: Saralyn May Kreaka
Age: 14
Personality: Shy and friendly. Like meeting people sometimes, but can't show her
feelings to anyone. Doesn't hang out with much people. Smart. Not really popular.
Gets embarassed a lot. Does the right thing to do, A LOT! But sometimes she doesn't.


Theme: Any
sakura_nemorie says:   13 February 2009   517563  
name: Sakura ^^
age: 17
personality: weird weirrrddd girl, more specifically me, haha 7th grade. a parttime
manag artist, her family doesnt know about it, and so as her friends, she has a scary
love for candy XD she has a short memory, and she's nothing but happiness, and if she
ever gets mad, its as if she's happier. XD
theme:main female character ^^ XD
‹-I-Rape-pie-› says:   14 February 2009   649842  
Good job guys :3.
aquagirl7 says:   14 February 2009   153168  
Name:Katie Melon.
Personality:Katie, simple girl with an amazing mind.She doesn't consider people as
friends or enemies instead one of the same.She doesn't talk much but when she does,
its straight and to the point.She is always kind to guys but, only fancies one of
them,the guy she'll never get.
Picture:cute quiet anime girl winter Pictures, Images and Photos
Theme:The quiet nice girl of the evil gang.
‹-I-Rape-pie-› says:   14 February 2009   523113  
Nice character :D
aquagirl7 says:   15 February 2009   538332  
Oh thankyou!
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   15 February 2009   488865  
There should be more mains, if not. This is going to to go down hill. .-.
Name: Luka Inoue.
Age: 14-15
Personality: Luka is a very hyper active girl, that loves to help. She always smiles,
but not all ways the smiles means she is always happy all the time. She is lonely,
beacuse she lost her parents at a young age, so she is living alone. 
Theme The hyperactive gir but, feels lonely all the time?
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   15 February 2009   985181  
Here is the picture. Dx
‹-I-Rape-pie-› says:   15 February 2009   819419  
Kay xDD
‹adorkablemaknae› says:   15 February 2009   819754  
Name: Yuki Higurashi.
Age: 14
Personality: hyper, random, but serious and calm.
Theme (Main character, sideline character etc.): main-side person thingy. Like a sort
of sidekick.
‹-I-Rape-pie-› says:   16 February 2009   552263  
lol xP
‹adorkablemaknae› says:   17 February 2009   655223  
I get confuzled.
‹-I-Rape-pie-› says :   18 February 2009   451182  
wel ood job. End of judging will be...March 7th :3
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