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Okay, so this is a contest on (well duh) the best poetry. It doesn't necessarily have to rhyme. Um... o.k. so first,
you have to write the poem, and then you have to give it a title, and label it (what type of poem? Ex. Rhyme, haiku,

1st prize: 3 items

2nd prize: 2 items

third prize: 1 item XD

(the items are all plushies)

I'll make some just to show you:

My Favorite Colors My first favorite color is blue I think of the sky the wind the waves the truth. Blue stands for loyalty hope and freedom to me
My second favorite color is purple I think of flowers beauty friendship sight. Purple stands for love feeling and warmth to me
My third favorite color is white I think of flight light clouds simplicity. White stands for purity happiness and eternity to me.
Another poem, a shorter one.
Believe~ that the sun will shine after rain that if you don't try you never gain that the clouds will make way that you will achieve your dream one day Believe that you can fly if you really wanted to that you can live with that hideous hairdo that you can live however you please that you can undertake any of your hobbies.
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cute_monkey says:   28 May 2007   533376  
A normal poem
                   Kupika,Kupika, how I found you
                        Kupika,Kupika you so cool
                          Like the the summer pool
                         Kupika your the best,with me,love_me_or_die,and more
                              with amazing artist like naive,nirrum, and kloxboy!
                           My profile is pimped out and others are too
                               Luv kupika or else!
Hope ya like!^-^
1hotty789 says:   28 May 2007   954557  
alligater pie alligater pie if i don't get some i think i'm gonna die give away the
green grass give away the sky but don't giuve away my alligator pie

alligater bread aligater bread if i don't get some i think i am going to be dead
give away a wagon give away my head but don't give away my alligator bread

alligator ice cream alligator ice cream if i don't get some i won't be nice
give away the bannanas give away the ice but don't give away my alligator ice cream

alligator cake alligator cake if i don't get some i think i'm going to faint 
give away the green grass give away the sky but don't give away my alligator pie
‹Punk_Wanna-Be_Thug_Perpetrator› says:   28 May 2007   268383  

A Dasiy give's me hope
A Rose take's my pain
A Tulip shares it's joy
A Iris fills no shame
Daffodils are mellow 
and SunFlower's are so bright
put them all together and you'll
have such a delight
dream_cloud shouts:   29 May 2007   181748  
thx for all ur poems! I think once there are at least five entries, I'll pick the
winners! :D
Cutie_with_a_banging_botty says:   29 May 2007   892182  
roses are red violets are blue how are u?
Kairon says :   12 November 2011   882326  
this is the poem i wrote on friend's bday card :p
                Today is your birthday,
               So stand up and cheer
           Because everything will go your way
               But stay away from that beer!

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