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the story how emmafart got 2 far, love dragondog2

im quiting kupika because of a bitch named emmafart. her friends see her nice but i see her selfish, mean, lying to
people and i know her in real life. this on may/10/2007 she had a time out paper but we werent in trouble she took
TEACHER PROPERTY home to make something funny. i wanted to see the paper to make something funny too but she ran with it
and wouldnt let me see it so i called her selfish ill admit. what happened next? well, another bitch that eats nothing
but hot cheetos on snack time emmafart ate ALOT of hot cheetos and i only ate 1 of them. wen that asshole came and
figured it out emmafart lied that she ate one and said i ate alot of them. that asshole then blamed me!! i didnt do
anything so i  wanted to cry out loud but im not much as a crybaby in class like she is wen she hears someone say
something like this: tamacrachis, poor person and other stuff and i get over that easily. i THOUGTH she was my best
friend an SHE was the one who got on my account and emailed something mean.
thats a reason im quiting kupika. sorry..... im not deleting ma account ill be on once or twice a week.
sorry 4 bad lenguage too
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  dragondog2 — Page created: 10 May 2007  |  Last modified: 11 May 2007
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flower says:   10 May 2007   314741  
thats mean emmafart
kool072 cries:   10 May 2007   955193  
chill out im here 4 u (duh)
oaky says:   10 May 2007   113167  
wow thats what she feels like
blu_dad says:   10 May 2007   741124  
if she quits emmafart and purple_bluesage will be happy so dont let them be happy
tamatoy says:   10 May 2007   734838  
but but but
purfuma says:   10 May 2007   432381  
don't quit plz!
dragondog says:   10 May 2007   287328  
well im not really quiting ill  have to come once a week but still....... thanks,
yall mean alot to me thank yall
dragondog2 says:   10 May 2007   267685  
same as what i said on dragondog
purfuma says:   10 May 2007   292921  
y does purple_bluesage hate dragons so much?
dragondog says:   10 May 2007   935732  
i dont know
the_berry says:   10 May 2007   747495  
well you and emmafart are my friends so i have no choice right now
purfuma says:   10 May 2007   728594  
it is so weird i think dragons are cool i think she jealous maby or someone with
dragon in their name could have done something 2 her.....................
cute_monkey says:   10 May 2007   198181  
what it cant be emmafart is my friend and she is nice......oh no!I dont know who to
believe!!!!!!!!!she is nice to me but the way you described is making me think
emmafart is very mean! i dont know who to believe im srry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
purfuma says:   10 May 2007   771469  
look at their profiles and check
dragondog says:   10 May 2007   845125  
well thats same with the_berry
dragondog2 says:   10 May 2007   698655  
o and i dont know wat up with purple_bluesage
purfuma says:   10 May 2007   846643 u love anime?
dragondog2 says:   10 May 2007   155852  
yes i love anime especially sailor moon ones
fishbutt says:   10 May 2007   167194  
im against emmafart dont worry dragondog2 or dragondog which ever one you like
purple_bluesage says:   10 May 2007   956641  
ur right! i will be happy to lose dragon!
dragondog2 says:   10 May 2007   126445  
thats even meaner!
ChibiRini says:   10 May 2007   361891  
Don't quit just because some she witch caused you some trouble and pain! Take it
with your head held high and a smile on your face. Ignore them is all it takes.
dragondog2 says:   10 May 2007   796173  
well she has ALL the in the class girls exept 2 to go against me
small says:   10 May 2007   682585  
she better learn how to be nice gurl
purfuma says:   10 May 2007   543578  
hey cute monkey y does purple_bluesage hates dragons................
‹Punk_Wanna-Be_Thug_Perpetrator› says:   10 May 2007   612727  
dont quit that emmafart needs a life poeple like her should just dig a hole and jump
in it cause someday she is gana piss someone off so muh that they kill her hope
someone dose that would be good just one less @ss hole to put up with lol sorry i can
get pis off sometime but please dont quit 
purfuma says:   10 May 2007   125949  
purple_bluesage y u hate dragons
purfuma says:   10 May 2007   567578  
the_berry says:   11 May 2007   629281  
emmafart made an ugly oeaki bout dragondog so if you see it ull see how far emmafart
has gone
dragondog2 says :   11 May 2007   566324  
thank you the_berry
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