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"It's far more beautiful than it's beginning image, but it's so damn quiet!" Caden let out a struggled grunt as he stretched his arms behind his head with his fingers entwined and pointing outward and away from his body. His eyes remained closed and kept tightly shut while his body shook and aching muscles cracked and relaxed after a wonderful yet painful feeling came through his throat to his lips in a pleasurable sound and not just a grunt. His body ignored his tired attempts in staying up but he finally crumbled under the silence and pressure and his body rested flatly against a rock nearest to the water below his dangling, skinny legs. His eyes immediately shot up towards the dark clouds and puffy black sky and his arms lifted over his head and gently keeping the nape of his neck up, much more comfortable without rock and grass and vines poking at his head. Caden let the quietness seep in and he drew out another sigh and poured his lips in a cute schoolgirl way, expressing how much he was in a bored state. His eyelids closed momentarily when his gentle thumbs caressed his temples and he eased his mind into a dreamlike state, in which everything around him was a blur and he could only feel the warmth surrounding him and comfort he couldn't feel before. "That's more like it," he murmured to himself and cooed softly to himself with persed lips. Now, he was happy.

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In the sight where the Effiel Tower lay is ash and dust. No longer does it stand tall and
bright. For it has been taken by nature and destroyed. The City of Lights is now dark.
Elaine scours the city for food. All the grocery stores have been ravaged by the hungry..

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