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Boy Dorms

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24 December 2013, 10:49 AM   #1
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This is where the boys will sleep and sometimes hang out when they don't have classes.
The girls can come in and hang out with the boys, but they cannot after hours. Once lights
are out, everybody is expected to go to sleep. Every dorm is checked by the dorm father(I
guess? xD) Oh and there are two to a room like the girl dorm.

Basically the same as girl dorm.

Curfew: 9 am
Lights out: 10 am

#264 Erik Night and Kyungsoo

26 December 2013, 06:08 PM   #2
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(( Kyungsoo can be his roommate, if you'd like. )) 7 O' Clock AM Even after hours of daydreaming and non-existent measures of pleasure forming at the tip of his thick plush lips, Kyungsoo was beckoning himself to remove himself from his neatly set bed. He then lay comfortably and vertically up and down on his bed with his head pressed against his striped pillow; which he knew would be changed to a sheet of black after he was done with the vibrant, sickening room in his eyes. Dorm life... something that never fit his mind nor his habitat, so as he tried to settle into the school, he felt it was much more close to home than where he was before. But he wouldn't admit it. Kyungsoo's eyes shut tight against his skull while his dark, feverish eyes rolled back to the back of his head and his thin, pale arms rolled out beside him as they touched the edges of both sides of the neat bed. His fingers twitched at the soft fabric and he let out a sigh, his legs weak from nothing but numbness after walking around timidly, wandering towards the area they called a Boys Dorm. His thick lips made a popping sound as his hot muscle ran along the edges of his lips, teeth chattering and a shaky breath escaping. Too exhausted, too bored, but he couldn't even go to sleep. Kyungsoo sat in complete silence for what seemed to be hours, his mind raced but came up empty when he tried to think of something. It was childish to think he almost wanted to play a song or do a dance, but because his mind told him he was tired, he didn't move an inch from his bed and he swore to himself that he'd get up sometime... maybe a few more days till he regained motivation. His eyes flicked open and he wiped the light from his eyes that peaked darkly from the lit room from the window, the curtains that drooped clearly weren't doing their job, and Kyungsoo couldn't digress. After a moment of uncomfortably silence after so long, Kyungsoo flipped onto his stomach, ignoring the fact that his stomach twitched against the fabric when his shirt was tugged up from his body, causing friction. Kyungsoo cursed a bit at the small breeze that formed and hit his cool skin, but with his head rested into the pillow of suffocation, he couldn't move, and he closed his eyes tight. He silently wondered where his roommate was, though he hoped it was a room of his own instead. But he highly doubted it. As long as the roommate didn't bother him, there was no blood involved. With a crooked tint of a smirk on his lips, he silently hummed against the pillow.

27 December 2013, 04:00 PM   #3
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Levi walked in slowly, carrying only a bookbag slung around his shoulders. He had
to leave quickly, so he only had a few pairs of clothes, a few books, his toothbrush, and
his cell phone and charger. His laptop was also in it. He was six foot five, so tall that
he almost had to duck while walking through the door to the common room. He set off to
find his dorm, but then he remembered he dropped that paper on the way in. He sat down in
the middle of the floor, all legs and arms.

27 December 2013, 04:43 PM   #4
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7:06 AM Kyungsoo couldn't just sit there. Six minutes. Six minutes he was outstretched on his bed and almost falling into a deep sleep. But he had a hunch. A small little hunch in the back of his throat that made him roll onto his back and throw back his head while eyeing the ceiling. He could not just sit there. It ached him, bad. Kyungsoo stood up from the bed with such ignorant strides that he almost believed he was surely going to pop all the nerves in his body. His muscles tensed and he walked from room two-sixty four to the common room with such grace, something not most could actually learn to do. Kyungsoo couldn't notice for the life of him for the empty room, and while he wandered his short body towards a seat his eyes caught something new. Long arms, long legs, slender body, dark hair. His deep dark brown eyes darted towards the man who sat in the middle, something sparked. Something bad. The boy was lanky, too tall even, and it made him angry at the sight. That he was so tall, and he himself was too small. He cursed the other to kingdom come, making him realize the height difference. Kyungsoo glared at him from across the room, his eyes clearly not moving but settling on the oblivious figure. There was a storm in his stomach, but he couldn't tear away for any second. A hiss escaped his lips, but he didn't say anything, only staring.

27 December 2013, 04:51 PM   #5
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After a few seconds, Levi looked up and stared back, his pale grey eyes matching
the dark brown's of the other person's. They were seriously pale, almost as if pure
moonlight had attached itself into the irises of this boy. He cocked his head to the side,
almost as if goading the other boy to talk.

27 December 2013, 05:08 PM   #6
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Kyungsoo's breath hitched as pale eyes met his and the lanky boy began to stare back and cock his head, somehow it triggered something inside his head. His thick, beat red lips twitched and moved as he tried to form not-so angry words at the tip of his tongue that poked out from the inside of his mouth. Words were dripping in slow tones and the look he received back wasn't exactly what he was prepared for- or expected. Usually, they were surprised or scared or intimidated. No.. this boy. This tall pale boy in the middle of the room seemed curious. Kyungsoo disliked that. Kyungsoo highly disliked the fact that he almost stuttered out the harsh words on the tip of his tongue that somehow rolled quickly of his muscle like silk. "W-What are you staring at?!" Kyungsoo almost snapped at the other, his eyes slightly darker.

27 December 2013, 05:12 PM   #7
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"You were staring at me first." said Levi. He had a thick French accent, albeit
watered down by television and contact with foreigners. He also looked away. "I...I was
not trying to be creepy." He was scrambling for words.

ooc: crappy post, sorry. my mom may need help soon.

27 December 2013, 05:20 PM   #8
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It was merely pathetic, Kyunsoo thought as he watched the other. He bit down on his plush muscle, holding back uncertainty. He couldn't admit that he was indeed staring first, but the thought that the male blatantly told him, it hit some nerves. It's not creepy,.. I don't know what it is. He looks... innocent, it's annoying. "Forget it," Kyungsoo breathed out an exhale and sat square in his seat and leaning back, his eyes began to wander, but slowly found their away back to the boy. It irked him, being so curious, he cursed himself to Hell. It was fairly strange, for him. And still, he had to bite back a growl at the thought. It was still too quiet. ooc: It's fine!

27 December 2013, 05:59 PM   #9
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Levi stood up to his full height and sat down in a comfy chair, and put his bag to
the side. He fished his laptop out, to see there were no browsers on it anymore. He
shrugged, typing something on it.

27 December 2013, 06:08 PM   #10
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Kyungsoo poured his lips, though he hardly tried to imagine himself in a comfortable manner, no matter how many times he wished he was asleep it was a false dream. His eyes shut for a minute and then opened intensely, his eyelashes battered on his pale skin. His thoughts rested on how quiet the room was, though he wasn't necessarily complaining when he realized his bedroom was no better. Kyungsoo furrowed a brow towards the mysterious other, but his thoughts remained clouded and insecure. He knew better not to break his own rules. Kyungsoo was half asleep by the time his whimpering kicked in and he was fidgeting, sweating in his spot while his skin was as hot as coal on a stack of burning wood, his lips twitching as grunting escaped. Another nightmare, close to a terrible daydream, his mind was stuck.

29 December 2013, 11:31 AM   #11
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A few minutes later, Levi spoke again, in that same almost too formal voice, warmed by
that heavy French accent. "I never quite learned your name. I am Levi Racine."

29 December 2013, 12:10 PM   #12
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Somehow, between the blur of white streaks and Hell, Kyungsoo turned back to the male and said male's rich voice that woke him up. It was formal, something he wasn't used to still after moving to the states. "My... name?" His brows scrunched up, red alarms and ringing, alerts telling him that he shouldn't continue speaking to the other. "My name... is Do Kyungsoo."

1 January 2014, 01:33 PM   #13
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A few minutes later, Levi shifted again, loudly. He was considering just going and
finding the head of the school and asking him again, but then he decided against it. There
were so little people here that he could probably pick his own room, but he just decided
to wait, settling down in his seat and waiting for someone else to enter the room.

1 January 2014, 02:03 PM   #14
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Soon the silence was unbearable and Kyungsoo shot Levi another hard and grimaced. "What are you waiting for?" His eyes locked onto the lanky figure and shifted in his seat and frowning. He doubted any one would just walk through the door so he imagined there wasn't anything else interesting.

1 January 2014, 02:34 PM    #15
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"I...I never received my room number." said he, looking up. He drew his long legs
to his chest, bringing his laptop almost to his head. He didn't mind, it was easier for
him to type. He paused to fix the collar on his buttoned-down shirt.

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