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Lost Castle

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Kitten strode out from a hard wood boat that was older than her grandparents and had been vacant to her eyes for so long as she peered out to a pathway of the lake, a place so distant and mysterious to her. Her honey blonde hair flew behind her as the wind seemed to be picked up, while she had only been wearing a certain amount of clothing on her body, she was okay with the weather. Her beet red eyes scanned the area vastly, caramel skin dark from the sun rays that were now blocked. It was dark out, but not too dark to notice what time it was. Dusk maybe, not bedtime for any child yet. Kitten looked down to her cat, Kat who was looking around and had followed her everywhere. Kat looked up at her and let out a meow, trailing up faster and disappearing into a tree where it appeared on a branch looking out. Kitten smiled and stopped in her tracks, gazing out to wherever she was. And wherever she was, seemed almost forgotten-- left behind. Just. For. Her. She grinned licking her soft light lips and walking up the way to the strange castle, examining everything before noticing it's strange appearance. "Kat, I think I like it here." She glanced up to Kat who appeared by her feet, nodding its head.
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