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16 April 2013, 11:32 PM   #1
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18 June 2013, 08:17 AM   #2
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Veronica found herself floating towards a strange looking building. She didn't
know why she was headed towards it, but something about it just attracted her somehow. She
was bored and had nowhere to go, so she decided that checking out some old place wouldn't
be so bad. As her figure slowly drifted closer until she was inside, she realized that it
was some sort of library. "Huh.."

The ghost took in her surroundings, floating about and reading some of the clippings and
looking at the paintings that were placed on the walls. Gazing at the books that rested on
the shelves, she wondered if she should try to get one open for her to read. No use..
I've used up most of my energy already. Veronica held up her hand, sighing as her body
faded in and out. "This is what I get for planting illusions all over the place, I guess."
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18 June 2013, 10:11 AM   #3
Guest Poster
The first thing Aless saw was the huge library. A single word darted past her lips: Home. She walked up the impressive stairs, going through the large doors. It was some kind of an...arcane one, but a library indeed. She sat down at a table, waiting for a librarian...someone. She was looking for work, and didn't want to 'grab an axe and bring you all the wood you could chop'.

19 June 2013, 03:59 AM   #4
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Veronica hid herself once she saw somebody inside the very same library. She
closed her eyes, hiding her presence as much as possible. Tap. Tap. Tap. She
listened intently at the sound of the person's footsteps until it stopped and the
everything fell silent. Taking a peek at who entered, she smirked. She wanted to be alone,
but she didn't want to leave the library. Maybe it was time for her to use her abilities
as a ghost and scare yet another person.

Letting her hair cover almost half of her face, she cocked her head to the side and made a
few sounds that most people would find creepy. Creaking noises and the sound of bones
cracking filled the air of the library. Veronica smiled to herself, waiting for the
perfect moment to come out of her hiding place.
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19 June 2013, 11:44 AM   #5
Guest Poster
Aless freezed up, but then kept walking. Place is really old, she reassured herself. S'prolly just settling or something like that. She sighed, running her long fingers over the assorted titles. Some were in languages she didn't know, others were fantastical fiction, some were as boring as educational material. Probably were. She pulled a tome down, making sure there was a space where she last took it. She started to read up on this world.

20 June 2013, 04:35 AM   #6
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Veronica silently creeped up behind the girl and peered over her shoulder. She
opened her mouth, whispering the words from the book into her ear. Her voice was echoed,
creating a spooky effect that she used in most of her tricks. The words coming from her
mouth weren't very clear and just sounded like hushed murmuring, but one could [just
barely] make out that she was reading from the book. At that point her body was visible
enough to see, but anybody would still be able to see through her and what was directly
behind her.
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20 June 2013, 02:04 PM   #7
Guest Poster
She turned around at that nice. Although she was a very fearless person, she still screamed when she saw her. "Are you...a ghost?" She asked. Her already incredibly pale skin was almost white at the view of her. "Wait a minute. Ghosts don't look like're made of water."

21 June 2013, 12:19 AM   #8
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When her 'prey' screamed, Veronica struggled to stifle a laugh. "Water? I don't
know what I'm made of, darling.~" she purred, floating backwards. "I am a ghost,
though. I can tell you that. I wouldn't know what I'm made of, since I can't touch
anything. See?" she demonstrated her point by letting her hand pass through a wall. She
was a bit irritated at the fact that the girl didn't run away at the sight of her and it
was obvious by the look on her face.
Naida Fay // 18 // Water [Faerie/Sprite] Veronica Hall // 16 [in appearance] // Ghost/Spirit

21 June 2013, 12:22 AM   #9
Guest Poster
"Ghosts don't exist. But a lot of strange things have been happening to me lately." Her pinkish eyes stared at the creature, her long black nails tapping on her arm. She had stared at the water form, trying to find out exactly what it was. "Now, if you aren't a ghost, what would you be?

21 June 2013, 12:29 AM   #10
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Veronica leaned back, putting her arms over her head. It was if she was relaxing
on a bed, only she was just floating about in the air. She rolled her cat-like eyes,
flicking her bangs out of her face. "Oh, but I'm right here aren't I? I died and then I
came back as.. This." she said, gesturing to her own figure. She was wearing a light,
white dress that stopped at the top of her knees. Her feet were bare and had old scars
covering her legs.
Naida Fay // 18 // Water [Faerie/Sprite] Veronica Hall // 16 [in appearance] // Ghost/Spirit

21 June 2013, 12:33 AM   #11
Guest Poster
((Shit. I thought you were one when, in fact, you were the other. Shitpost of shame.)) Her eyes grew sad when she saw her true form. "Oh." She said. "So, I take it I'm not welcome here, then."

21 June 2013, 12:40 AM   #12
Joined: 17 Apr 2013
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(( It's fine, let's just go with the flow, yeah? ^^ I didn't know you mixed up my
characters.. I thought it was interesting, anyway. ))

She let out a laugh, bending over as she clutched her stomach. "So, ghosts don't exist,
huh?" she 'rubbed' her imaginary tears away, going back to her first position. "If it were
up to me, then no, you aren't." she told the girl, shrugging her shoulders as she twirled
around the air, spreading her arms out. "But this strange library isn't mine. I was hoping
you'd run off as soon as you saw me, but that didn't work out so well now, did it?" She
leaned forward, studying the girl's appearance with a smirk on her face. "I got a good
scream out of you, though. I'm glad."
Naida Fay // 18 // Water [Faerie/Sprite] Veronica Hall // 16 [in appearance] // Ghost/Spirit

21 June 2013, 12:43 AM   #13
Guest Poster
Alessia giggled, too, while her mind went back to that TV show she liked. Was there any salt here? She wondered. "Yeah, that was a good one." She said, scratching the back of her head.

21 June 2013, 12:48 AM   #14
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Veronica nodded, crossing her arms in satisfaction. "So, how did you get here?"
she asked, bringing her hand up to play with a lock of her own hair. "I figured you don't
really know this place.. Do you?" she turned her head from side to side, looking around
for anything she might use for her entertainment.
Naida Fay // 18 // Water [Faerie/Sprite] Veronica Hall // 16 [in appearance] // Ghost/Spirit

21 June 2013, 12:51 AM    #15
Guest Poster
"Nope." She shook her head. "Came here after an accident. Almost died. Decided to start anew." Her mind went to the scars on her stomach.

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