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6 April 2013, 02:58 PM    #1
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Just wondering if people who are currently rping with me have any questions for the role
play. I'm willing to answer anything. My mind is crazy and I'll have tons of ideas and
assume everyone knows what my idea is. xD

Oblivion- An organization full of assassins that work outside of the order of things. They
follow the Demon Courts laws as much as possible but also have their own laws. The Demon
Court doesn't mind them too much. They have a peace treaty that keeps them from utterly
destroying each other along with probably every race. They accept all races to join but
only those that can actually fight and kill without hesitation. They kill law breakers
that the Demon Court doesn't do anything about. Oblivion and the Demon Court are a lot
alike but instead of simply punishing the law breakers, they kill them. They are led by
Jasper and his second in command, Will. 

Add the Demon Court later. Too lazy ><

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