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Eternal Dark city of Balsha

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Feona sat crying her tears flow down her face like a swollen river. All that was close
to her had died, taken from this world by a cold hands of death. “Your tears for the
dead?” A voice came from behind her. Feona's mind race as to the sound of this man's
voice. “I know you?” She replied. The dark figure walked in front of her. His face
cold and pale as a ghost, that frighten her to the core. “Its..its you. But you are
dead.” her voice tremble with fear. He smiled at her, “Dead. No, not so. Tormented,
tortured and damned but not dead.” Drying her tears, Feona looked more closely at him.
“Xander, I...” before she could finished he smiled. “Why so sad? Could it be that
all around you are dead and you are left alone?” Feona's eyes open widely, “It was
you?” With a grin on  his face showing her his fangs, “Oh how cruel the world has
became to you. I see that he is no longer with you. Did he betray you as you did me?”
Xander scrap the walls with his fingers nails. Feona breath quicken and her blood slowly
began to boil with hate. “You did this? Why?” 
In a flash he was upon her, his hand at her throat, “WHY? Oh the madness have surely
taken you. It was you who made me like this. When I find him, I will drain the very life
from his body.” Gasping for air she looked at him, “why not kill me, why everyone
else?” Letting her go, he smiled. “To torment you.” He said in a cold voice. Getting
up from the floor, Feona raised her eyes toward him and took a breath. “Its me you want
to kill. Don't hurt anyone else. If I'm the cause of your pain then I will pay for it.”
Turning around he looked at her, “Oh but I missed some one. Ah your sister and her
family; yes perhaps if I torture them a bit...” Running toward him, “NO! Do with you
want with me. But please don't hurt them.” Xander just smiled at her, “Oh your little
baby cousin. Mmm, the taste of sweet innocent blood.” Feona grabbed his arm, but only to
be toss to the ground. “Yes...Hit me, hurt me. Please leave them out of this.” He knee
down to her, taking her face in his hand, “You would let me torture you? Abuse you? Hurt
you?” She looked at him with her warm eyes, “Yesss, anything you want.” Xander
looked deep into her eyes, those same eyes that once loved him. Leaning into her he
whispered, “I will torture you, use you and make you beg for death. But I will keep you
alive for my shear pleasure.” As he moved away from her, she blinked and lowered her
head. “I will not cry or beg for death. I will endure what ever you do to me. I love you
Master.”  Stepping back he looked at her, Feona eyes looked at him as if some twisted
sense of remorse has fallen upon her; That she had given herself to him body and soul. 
A voice came from the darkness, “twisted faith has bound you to this mortal child. For
now love is in reach.” 

I'm Marcus Alexander, I walk through these worlds, alone to find the one

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