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Viedo Game Challenge!

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9 July 2011, 02:30 PM    #1
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Hello people!I'mmmmm baaaccckkk!!I am doing a challenge I made myself. So here it is:
This is a video game challenge.You choose the video game you're playing right now or your
favorite video game.You have to do AT LEAST 10 chapters.The more the better.Here is what
you have to do for each chapter:
1:Introductions and prologue!You can't make a story without people knowing the
characters(well you can but then it wouldn't be the best story in the world!)Try to be
descriptive don't just say 'she's so gorgeous.She has pretty eyes.'see what I mean.Try it
like mine.Also add their favorite colors and what they would wear!Under that do his/her
personality.Also say if they have a disability or a another one your characters does.Like
my OC,Mira.She's based off my sister so I made her hard of hearing just like my
sister.Also,at the top make a summary of the story.Since I chose Dragon Age:Origins I
stuck with the theme it had,the whole good life the it all crumbles thing.Don't make a
Gary Stu/Mary Sue(s) and don't give them the best past possible where everything is
perfect!Maybe even model their life after yours.Think about this too,if they were abused
make them act like they were abused!You also must right a tiny bit of the story.Your
character needs a love interest!They search but don't find them until chapter two!Also you
must have a great loss.My OC lost her sister.
This is the chapter I did check it out here:

2.Love interest finding time!So your OC finds the love interest yay....My girl is somewhat
sadistic so it's not gonna be mushy.At all..Have fun with this chapter.No love at first
sight.Make them get to know each other or make them get re-acquainted.Simple and easy

3.Reunification!(sounds like a DBZ get into trouble with bandits and they
take the things you love most.your best friend,animal something from a dead
friend/family.Stuff like that.Your friends try to help you but you get knocked out and
they take you to a dungeon.Fun for you!Not.

4.Oh noes!You noes gets happies endings srry,srs.Sorry had to do LOLspeak once!So wah wah
waaahhh.You and your lover are falling for each other (maybe even again :3) .But the
bandit leader just had to be,a noble.Or in my case an arl.FYL(f**** your life).The guards
take you and your lover away into cells!Your group comes and kicks ass and you get
out.Make a cliff hanger right before you find out who were your saviors!

5..People from your old group/team are there!(If it's a game like dragon age where you can
choose a team of people.Go with who you played most!)and your love sees them again after a
long time.You get him/her re-acquainted with the group.Now the quest begins!

6.Quest begins!Your quest begins(or continues)you go after your cause in this chapter,You
are traveling a lot in this chapter and it's more or less a filler chapter.You go through
a tiny town do some quests and do good.filler chapter!

7.Camp time >:3.This chapter can be a lemon or lime.I suggest for a lemon you lock it and
put the password in a journal or in another story.Also don't be like over descriptive but
don't be under descriptive.If your story has.."lovey" scenes make it like those
scenes!DA:O does..0///lll///O nosebleed blush face FTW!

8.The night after!After "the deed" is done your relationship reaches new levels!(or it
regains levels it lost ;D)you talk for awhile some apologies are said if you used to be in
love.You talk for a bit and you realize s/he us the one(me:good for you 7.7....)you talk
to others members and they talk for a bit.

9.After awhile you finish your quest.This HAS to be a 2 part chapter.Half the big showdown
here.Lot's of action!

10.First comes love(check).Then comes marriage.Marriage time!So make a lovely ending and
make the wedding a good one!No people try to end the marriage good old fashion *sorta*

Try to update weekly.You don't have to if your not done with the game(like me) but try to
get it done!

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