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Sacridge Chapter 1

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They say a mother should never have to outlive her children. That may be true, but a
child should never have to see their mother get murdered. Worse part of all, those
murderers… they were looking for ME. It was my fault. My fault she dies. That man had
come in to take me away, but she hid me. She protected me and made sure those men
wouldn’t have me, so they killed her while I was watching behind the trapped door. Tears
fell like a waterfall, and they wouldn’t stop. I wanted to run out and jump in front of
mother. Tell that man to leave us alone, but I was young. I was 10, and I knew mother was
trying to protect me. I bit back my cries and kept quiet. It took everything to not run
out and heal her while the people searched the house, but her eyes constantly told me to
stay back. Her gaze held me in place, and paralyzed my body. 
 	Dad wasn’t even home, but once he had arrived he saw the house as a mess. The windows
all shattered, some walls punched out, doors kicked down, broken frames and furniture, and
lastly mom lying on the floor blood surrounding her beautiful frame. 
	“Serena!” he gasped leaning mother against him. His eyes were pitiful and watery, his
expression a contortion of pain, and I witnessed it all. She was already gone, and he knew
that. Father looked from mom to the trapped door, and he knew I was there. His shoulders
hunched and he opened it to see me curled up on the floor staring up at him with big eyes
filled with tears. 
	“Asha, are you alright?” he asked me solemnly stooping down to my level. Father had
always had warm brown eyes, but I took after my mother’s blue ones. At that time, his
warm brown eyes penetrated into mine, and I knew what he was telling me. 
	“Mother’s gone, sweetie.” 
 	I couldn’t keep quiet anymore and burst into a fit of tears and sobs. Father held me
and we stayed by mother where I flung myself over her and cried. My dear mother, the one
who gave birth to me, the one who took care of me, the one who made me laugh, the one who
brushed my hair every night, the one who changed me… gone. Father stroke her soft brown
hair over and over whispering things like “Why?” “Who did this to you?” “I’m
going to miss you so much.” “I love you.” 
	Father and I planned a funeral the way we knew she’d like it. I washed her and got rid
of her blood, so much blood covered her body, dress her in her most beautiful gown, and
placed flowers in her pale hands. Mother had always been so pretty. Soft fair skin, the
perfect nose, thin lips that loved to smile, long lashes, perfect cheekbones. She was like
Cinderella marrying the perfect prince… my father who was also great looking. They were
so happy, but that happiness ended that year. All because of me. 
	The funeral went well, but all around me I could hear the whispers. “Poor girl. At
least she still has her father.” “I heard it was a break in.” “But they didn’t
steal anything.” 
Of course at that time, I didn’t know what really happened. I didn’t understand why
those people came. I didn’t understand how mother knew I was the one in danger. 
	After the funeral, father and I buried the event deep within us and moved on with our
lives. Father did his best to make me forget and live on merrily, but right when things
were getting better, when my nightmares were skipping days, father got ill and 7 years
after the incident, he died leaving me everything that I didn’t want. I needed to get
away so I did, and that’s I ended up here. Father died 6 months ago, and after he did I
sold the house and packed away my parent’s items in the attic. It felt a pity to sell
them or throw them away. I used the money to fly from Rhode Island to Sacridge, Florida.
So here I am, Asha Fierce, unpacking my items in an old abandoned shack by the beach. Tons
of people were out in their bikinis and swim trunks in the ocean and on towels. I had to
pick between dealing with being around people or sleeping on my luggage in the middle of
the road. 
	I spent my childhood alone in Rhode Island. Being quiet and sometimes a little too tough,
people tended to avoid me. When a guy had tried to slap my butt I almost broke his wrist.
This isn’t purposeful. Despite my sometimes unnecessary violence, animals and I were
close. They were the closest to friends I ever got. The last time I rescued an injured
bird, I’d spent the night stroking its feathers and the next day his wounds had fully
healed. That’s what I spent my spare time doing, finding hurt animals and nursing them
back to health. After one of my classmates saw me sitting on the curb petting a hurt
raccoon, she laughed, took a picture, then left saying I was too lonely without friends so
I had to turn to poor animals. 
	The shack was small, very small, just enough room for a bed, a bathroom, and a kitchen
which was really a corner of the bedroom. The floor had floorboards but it shifted with
the sand beneath it. There weren’t any lights, so I kept the doors open during the day
to let sun rays in. There weren’t any windows either. To sum it up, this was the
crappiest place ever with dust and bugs and all sorts of creatures everywhere, but it was
a roof over my head no matter how low… a few inches above my head if I stood straight.
I’m pretty sure the place was made of concrete and mud. I dusted things off as best I
could, and I went out and bought insecticides to get rid of snakes and bugs. The shack
wasn’t so bad once gotten used to. The bed was already included, but it didn’t have
sheets. Who needs sheets during spring anyways? 
	Sighing, I plopped down on the bed hearing the screech of the springs with my weight. I
moved here for two reasons: to start over, and to hide. It was to obey father’s rules
and to satisfy myself. “Asha, honey listen to me. You’re special. You know you are,
and so do those men.” I knew who he was referring to. “They’re after you, and I
can’t protect you any longer. I’m so sorry. Understand that none of this is your
fault, but your future depends on you. Just remember who you really are, even when others
don’t see it. Trust your heart, and don’t let anyone else tell you what you need to
do. Alright? You’re my strong Asha, and you must remain alive.” He reached up and
stroked my hair. I wrapped my hand around his. “Leave this place. Sell this house. Go
far away and start a new life. So those men can’t find you. Leave and find reality. Find
love. Find happiness. It’s okay to forget.”
	I’d remained quiet the whole time letting the tears from my eyes speak for me. Never
could I forget. The occasional nightmare still haunts me, and I was okay with me. After
changing my identity, I couldn’t loose myself. I couldn’t just shake off my past. No
because my family was in that past, and they protected me. Kept me safe. I’d never
forget them even if it meant waking up in the middle of the night screaming and sweating
in terror.  
	My new name would be Shay Renolds. My new age would be 18 so I wouldn’t need a parent
or guardian. I’d steal my dad’s social security number. Everything was set and ready
to take action. 
	The day was still young, and some people were still out by the beach. It was kind of like
my beach too now, so I walked out and sat right by the waves to where it would just cover
my feet. There I sat in my jeans and t-shirt too tired to change. Some people laughed as
they walked by, and like back home I ignored them. 
	Suddenly I heard a volleyball fly towards me, and I caught it just in time. 
	“Yo! Watch it!” I called out. 
	A guy ran and met me halfway. I tossed the ball into his hands which he caught. 
	“Nice catch. Sorry bout that, Tony can get carried away. You ok?” 
	I nodded. 
	“You want to join us? We’re on uneven teams anyways.” 
	“No thanks. I should head back.” 
	“Suit yourself. I’m Maddox by the way.” 
	“So you go to Sacridge High? I’ve never seen you before.” 
	“Yeah I just moved here. I’ll be there next Monday. Wait what day is it?” 
	“Friday. Why? Now you want to party?” 
	I couldn’t help but laugh. “Um. No. That means I have two days to catch up and settle
	“Then you’re lucky this is a small town. If you need help with anything just let me
know. My dad’s the mayor and my mom owns most of the businesses around.” 
	“Oh so you’re the rich guy here. I’m going to go ahead and guess the spoiled brat
that all the girls chase around for that hair, that tan skin, and that 8 pack. And
you’re that guy that gets the girls, spoils them with roses and chocolate, and then goes
off to stalk more prey.”
	Ok truthfully, I was maybe a little jealous that he had all that. Mainly because lately
I’d sold my mansion to buy a plan ticket to a town in Florida to live in a shack and
change my identity. 
	“Whoa now wait a second. Where did that come from? Did you walk down that road?” No
but I wasn’t about to. 
	“Nope, I’m just judging you by first impression.” 
	“Really? Cuz I can do the same. You’re that girl that ignores everyone and tries to
be strong and kick ass but really you just want a friend even though you think
everyone’s against you.” 
	At that point, it didn’t occur to me how accurate our thoughts on each other was
especially for the first few minutes that we met. Now, when I think about it, we
completely changed. 
	Before anyone could say anything, one of the girls in a bikini top and jean shorts ran up
and hung onto Maddox’s arm. 
	“Come on Maddox! What is taking so long?” she whined. “And who’s she?” 
	“Oh, Brit. This is Shay.” 
	“Thought so, I was about to say why it would take so long for you to fetch a ball.
Let’s go back, they’re all waiting for us.” 
	“I was going to help Shay get to know the town.” 
	“You know what?” I interrupted. “I think I’ll survive by myself until Monday. See
ya. Nice to meet you Brit.” 
	She was a natural blonde with sunglasses and tan skin. She smirked and dragged Maddox
away. I turned around to give a small smile and then I returned back to my shack. He
looked behind him as well and smiled back.

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