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Creature Creation!! =P

2 May 2011, 08:42 PM   #1
Founder!! =P... Dahlia (Lia), Nell
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Haha so I put that name cause I thought it sounded cool XD but here's where you create
your character. I DO NOT ACCEPT CHARACTERS!! I know how frustrating it can be to wait to
be accepted =P just fill out the requirements and you can RP! =P


In the Extras section you can be creative and write whatever you want! =P Special
powers, strengths, weaknesses, weapons carried, pets they have, etc. Just be sure that if
you put Strength, you also have a Weakness.
PS: If you want to just leave it blank, you can. =P


2 May 2011, 08:46 PM   #2
Founder!! =P... Dahlia (Lia), Nell
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Name: Dahlia (Lia)
Age: 17... seriously, just got turned a year back when she was 16
Species: Vampire
Personality: She's proud of what she is and will jump at anyone who doesn't like
it. She's laid-back and pretty lazy, hates work. She's fun but when she gets thirsty...
well, she's young, she hasn't learned to control her bloodlust yet...
Past: She doesn't really remember anything before she became a vampire (except,
weirdly, her name). One day she just woke up with fangs and an inmense thirst. She went on
a killing spree that day, and things happened that she wishes she could forget.
Extras: Skill: Her vampiric compulsion is really powerful, though she hasn't really
learned to control it yet.


3 May 2011, 01:11 AM   #3
Guest Poster
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Name: Race Ferrin
Age: 19
Species: Fire Werewolf
Personality: Race is incredibly quiet, like the strong silent type. He is
mysterious and doesn't talk much, usually keeps to himself. He rarely makes friends and
barely ever smiles. He loses his temper extremely easily and is always getting in fights.
Past: Race grew up with his human parents, but when mythical creatures broke out
into the world, exposing themselves, his family was attacked by a group of werewolves. He
was only six at the time, so they changed him so they could raise him to fight humans with
him. Once he was strong enough, he killed the small group, even though they were his own
kind, and ran off. He hates humans after seeing how weak his parents were against
creatures, but he couldn't stand being in the group that murdered his parents, whether
they were human or not. Now, he hates humans and seems to always gets in fight with them.
Extras: When he isn't in his werewolf form, he fights with two guns. When he is in
his werewolf form, he is completely black, blending in with the shadows of the night. He
also has the ability to control a bit of fire.


Name: Aaron Kyn Leritar
Age: 18, killed when he was 17.
Species: Healing Ghost
Personality: Aaron is always cheerful and smiling, even when he is depressed. He is
always trying to make everyone around him happy as well and is often very flirtatious. 
Past: When Aaron was alive, he was a 17 year old teenager with the power to heal
others. He was killed by demons when they thought he was an angel before the mythical
creatures came out last year. His body attempted to heal him just before death, but it
only healed his heart and brain, bringing him back as an eternal ghost.
Extras: Aaron fights with small throwing knives and stars, but most of the time he
heals others who are fighting.

Is this okay?

3 May 2011, 02:58 AM   #4
Guest Poster
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Picture: Name: Miyu Tanaka Age: 17 Species: Yaka (Like a ghost. I'll explain in extras) Personality: When she gets embarrassed or shy, she starts having a tsundere-like personality. She tries to show that she's tough and all, but she's actually really sweet most of the times, and loves helping out people. Even if people might be afraid of her or think she's strange, she'll find any way to help, even if she's not doing much. Most people think that she's a harmless girl, but she can easily change their minds once she gets angry or loses her temper. Past: Miyu's mom has some Filipino and American blood, while her dad is pure Japanese. They were a happy family, a family of humans, until Miyu had a severe fever. Her parents called doctors and they treated her, and she was fine. But years later, she caught another fever, and her skin was burning hot. Literally. Anyone who tried to touch her felt pain, as if their hand or skin were burning and on fire. Nobody was able to cure Miyu. Everybody knew that with the insane fever she had, she was going to die. Her parents knew this and lost all hope, abandoning Miyu not wanting to deal with her death. Miyu was so confused, a lot of questions ran through her mind, and she was asking herself why the hearts of her parents went cold. She was left alone with nobody to be with, and then she closed her eyes, slowly dying... But after what felt like a few days, she opened her eyes to find herself in an abandoned building, with ball the curtains of the windows closed. the word 'Yaka' was written all over the walls. From then on, she lived her life as a Yaka, a creature that is supposed to live its life lonely forever. Extras: A Yaka is a creature that someone can turn into after they die, instead of turning into a ghost. Miyu turned into a Yaka because before she died, she felt extreme sadness, anger and loneliness, so she was chosen to turn into a Yaka, so she could live again. But she couldn't live normally. A Yaka has powers, most of them having extreme strength or speed, with a unique power of their own, depending on how they lived their lives. Miyu's power is to control fire, and based on her death, everytime a living being touches her, that person will feel pain. And, a Yaka cannot roam around in the sunlight, because their skin will burn, and they will get weak. Miyu though, has an 'enchanted' umbrella with a blue sky with clouds design on the inside. If she uses it, she won't be affected by the sunlight that much, but it still makes her feel weaker than usual. Miyu's pretty cute(sort of), so some guys have fallen inlove with her, but after figuring out what she is, they get freaked out or bully her, then walk away. so yeah. I got the idea of the Yaka and the design of the umbrella from an anime. xD I just think it's interesting. (: I hope that's okay.

3 May 2011, 06:49 AM   #5
Founder!! =P... Dahlia (Lia), Nell
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Great Characters!! I really like all of them! ^.^ and about the Yaka anime, its fine, i
like it! XD
ooh welcome and thanks for joining!! ^.^


3 May 2011, 07:06 PM   #6
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Name: Penelope (Pennylane)
Age: 14
Species: Demon.
Personality: Pennylane is childish, psyhotic, and playfull but can turn dangerous when
Past: Penelope Gál was born of transylvanian descent, daughter to a gypsie named Adea and
a demon. She was born and raised in Hungary. Although she looks human she can posses great
strenght and power, when provoked she goes in to a deep state of rage which others
referred to as "dark phases" ever since she was a child these dark phases have brought a
great deal of trouble to her due to the fact that she looses all self control. Most of her
life has been spent traveling with gypsies and straying away from other humans to avoid
her dark phases.
Extras: during dark phases her appearence alters a bit (her eyes darken and her skin
becomes pale). She loves sweets and sings to calm herself down. She prefers to be called
Pennylane and she sometimes feels like most humans will never understand the truth.

I hope its good :D

3 May 2011, 08:14 PM   #7
Founder!! =P... Dahlia (Lia), Nell
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Yeah, I like it =)


4 May 2011, 12:37 AM   #8
Guest Poster

Name: Cassidy Pierce
Age: Recently turned 16
Species: Half faerie

Personality: At first glance, the 16 year old seems to be a loner. Always keeping
to herself at school and any other social event you can think of. She never was the type
to make the first move in a conversation...and others never really bothered to try. Once
someone got close to her (which was rare, even for family members) you would start to
notice a happier, bubbly girl, who would say the most random things. Be careful though.
Being close to her means she wont be scared to tell you exactly what's on her mind. She
may come off as rude or even hot tempered, but she wont care.

Past: Even during her childhood, Cassidy wasn't the type of person to interact with
others volentarily. Recently discovering that she was part faerie, she spent most of her
time indoors with her father learning how to control the timing of when her wings would
take form. She probably went outside at least once a week just to get some fresh air and
nothing more. Never talked to her neighboors or played around in the grass. Her father
would take her to the neighborhood park and they would both sit on a bench together
without sharing a word for a couple of minutes. Now to some it may see like a sad and
boring life, but to the Pierce family it was perfect. They did not mind the silence, the
time to think and etc. On one of their weekly visits to the park, something out of the
ordinary happened. A little red headed girl walked up to the bench where Cassidy and her
father was sitting and introduced herself. She did not know what to say to her. Not only
because someone was actually talking to her, but because she had no idea what to say. Up
until that time, Cassidy spent 9 years of her life talking to her father about the history
of mythical creatures and what not. The only thing that came to mind was hi and after
that, the red head (who she later found was was Penelope) took care of most of the
talking. They kept in touch after that, and Cassidy found herself leaving the house more
and more often than she normally would.  She was beginning to be really happy with her
life until a couple of months later, her new friend annouced that she had to leave town.
It was to be expected but the news still hit Cassidy with a big blow. After that, she went
back into her same old routine.

Extras: She does not know who her mother is at this point. Her father doesn't like
talking about her and the only thing she knows about her is that she was a pure blood
faerie (and a powerful one at that). Cassidy is a water faerie and can now control when
her faerie form shows and control her powers, though it took a lot of practice. She is
able to control the urges unless she is deeply overwhelmed with emotion. Cassidy ends up
losing control of herself and is basically forced to change. 

This was kind of rushed so sorry for any spelling mistakes or confusion. x] 

4 May 2011, 12:41 AM   #9
Founder!! =P... Dahlia (Lia), Nell
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XD no prob, that happens to me! lol
haha can you believe i almost used that same pic for my character? XD
ooh and part faerie! i like it! =P


4 May 2011, 01:23 AM    #10
Founder!! =P... Dahlia (Lia), Nell
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Name: Nell
Age: 16
Species: Witch
Personality: She's carefree and fun, she makes friends fast but really trusts only
a few. She's pretty silly, and will sometimes say the weirdest and most random things. Her
mind's always flying, and it's hard for her to focus sometimes. That affects her
Past: Nell found out she was a witch when she accidentally burned her house in an
anger fit, when she was about 10 years old. Her father, a warlock, saved her, and told her
what she was. Her father trained her and thought Nell everything he knew, which was a lot.
Her mom, who knew about her husband's and daughter's powers, died when Nell was 14. Her
death hit Nell hard, and Nell had difficulty controlling her powers for a while,
accidentally causing some trouble in her school and neighborhood. That was the first time
Nell had a premonition, and she saw herself standing with tears on her face and blood on
her hands. This scared her, and so Nell ran away to keep from hurting anyone she loved,
especially her father.
Extras: Apart from the regular spell-casting powers of a witch, Nell can see
premonitions. She dyed her hair violet when she ran away.


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