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Music Shop;

8 December 2010, 10:27 PM   #1
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A small shop full of instruments and accessories.

19 December 2010, 02:25 PM   #2
Guest Poster
The store was much too quiet for something directly associated with music. Aside
from faint elevator music being pumped in with Bromden fog and the occasional noisy
footstep, the cramped shop was completely silent. What heresy. The owner should be

After a few moments of standing and breathing this disgraceful noiselessness, Robbie
strode right to the wall of guitars that all music shops seemed to have, smashing his
heavy-heeled boots into the light hardwood floor as loudly as possible. He snatched a
black acoustic guitar from the lineup, and screwed the tuning knobs randomly. Then he
started playing, again, as loudly as possible. He couldn't remember the name of the song
immediately, but it was something old and something stupidly simple: about three chords,
repeated several times. Robbie knew that it was probably meant to be a cheery
over-sentimental thing, but he rather butchered it. Notes flew mad around the store, their
original music-box quality replaced by something jangling, harsh and obnoxious. But even
the ruined song was infinitely better than the loud, dead silence.

19 December 2010, 03:54 PM   #3
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The strings and wood and metal made James feel much more comfortable than he would
anywhere else. The small music shop was incredibly quiet, though, unnervingly so. He
sighed, picking up a mandolin, and strumming out a few chords, when he was interrupted by
a raw blasting of accoustic notes. It came from up front, and he was immediately
surrounded in notes and music. He recognised it as a song his sister has played many times
on the piano. But never like this. He had never heard it like this. 
There was emotion in it, and he liked it. James hefted the mandolin, and strummed out a
few of the chords along with the other, mystery player. It sounded eerie, he decided, the
calm soft strums of the mandolin, and the loud, savage strums of the guitar coupled caused
several of the other customers to look up in surprise. He continued playing, a small smile
on his face.

19 December 2010, 04:54 PM   #4
Guest Poster
Robbie had been quite happy to save the store from the quiet on his own; When he
heard the other instrument chime in, he was almost angry, but intrigued nonetheless. Over
his own awful playing, he could hardly hear it, but he knew it was being played the right
way. Pretty, clean notes with a properly tuned instrument. He decided to seek out his
fellow silence-rebel, not bothering to put the guitar down or even stop playing, because
Robbie knew if he stopped playing, the other might stop as well, and the whole ordeal
would probably turn into a game of guitarco-polo. And besides, someone with a name tag was
coming right at him looking mad as hell.

It took Robbie a couple minutes several minutes to find the other player. Acoustics were a
hell of a thing, especially in a crowded place, especially if the sound was quiet anyway.
The whole shop sounded bizzarre, with the high, almost banjo-like mystery-player and the
jagged unprofessional notes from the borrowed man-in-black guitar, and a flurry of
footsteps, presumably from people that were looking for Robbie. He was beginning to think
he was moving away from the other player when he stumbled into a pocket of ethnic
instruments, almost stepping straight into a ravishingly beautiful creature. After a
several seconds of staring stupidly into the stranger's face, he had to take a step back
to get a better look and at least attempt to identify them as male or female. They did
seem to be male, and playing something that Robbie couldn't quite identify. He immediately
took to staring at his own shoes beyond the guitar, because otherwise, he knew he would
continue to stare at the boy.

19 December 2010, 05:33 PM   #5
The Founder
Joined: 7 Dec 2010
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James liked playing, and he had begun leaning against the side, softly humming
along and playing louder. He knew Sam was going to be angry for disrupting the shop's
peace. All the other customers were staring at him, and he shrugged them off, looking down
at the instrument he held, emitting eccentric sounds, which he loved. Mandolin, violin,
and cello were his favourites, with both styles of guitar coming behind. 
James had just started to sing along, forgetting a few words, but still singing
nonetheless, when he noticed the guitar getting noticeably louder. He sang louder, now at
a normal, if somewhat soft level. On the last few verses, he was bumped into by a rather
attractive, baby-faced boy. 
So this was the mystery guitar player? His immediate thought was of vanilla and brown
sugar, which filled his nostrils in a pleasant cloud. Sometimes his disease was lovely,
other times, though, not so much.
He stopped playing, the notes tapering down once more into silence. He saw Sam, the owner,
coming, and he grabbed the boy's hand, before putting the mandolin back. "Let's go, Sam's
gonna freak!" he pulled the boy along, not even bothering for a name. There was a small
closet, which seemed the best option, so he pulled them in there and shut the door. "If we
hide out in here for a while, he won't find us." he smiled shyly. "Sorry."

19 December 2010, 08:03 PM   #6
Guest Poster
Robbie was slightly shocked by the sudden, violent change of scenery as the lovely
boy half-dragged him into the closet. He didn't so much the cramped, dark surroundings;
but the closeness of the other was faintly unsettling. Robbie didn't normally mind being
crowded next to people, but to be shut in with a stranger in a dark closet was unnerving.
"Um," He said, looking up from his shoes up to the other boy. Despite the dimness of the
closet, it was plain to Robbie that he was much taller, with a gentle grin spread across
his face. "It's alright." He tried to shift his arms to put the guitar down without
banging the neck on anything. He knew that there was no way in hell he could pay to
replace it. He only had seventy dollars to his name, but that had to go to that shit-box
of an apartment and more generic cornflakes. Maybe Robbie would steal it.

Once he was sure that the instrument was safe, he looked up again the other boy. Offering
a small smile, he said "Thanks, man." And looked back down at his shoes for the millionth
time. He mentally scolded himself for being bashful, and forced himself to look back up.
"For getting my ass out of that, I mean." He kind of chuckled, not sure why he did such.
"I guess I'm sorry for sorta getting you into this."

19 December 2010, 08:35 PM    #7
The Founder
Joined: 7 Dec 2010
Posts: 200
James laughed, rather loudly, then quickly quieted down with a paranoid look
towards the door. "You were really good with that guitar," he mumbled, smiling still, even
though it was rather dark. The closet smelled like linseed oil and wood. He loved it.
James just then realised how cramped this closet was. "I-I'm sorry! I didn't think- I
just- Oh god." he ran his hands through his hair, groaning. "I'm so sorry. This is
awkward." he furrowed his brows, leaning back against the wall to give the smaller boy
"I just- oh god. Sorry." he stammered, as if saying it again would make it better.
-You stupid twit. See what you've done? Now he's going to hate you. I hope he hits
There she went again, screaming at him. The lioness-girl in James' head. She had been
there as long as he could remember, ruining his self confidence, making him hate himself
and never trust anyone. And the second he did, he'd cling to them like they were the very
air he needed. And she always ruined it, making him leave or them. Whichever came first.
He sighed, running his hand through his hair once more, a nervous habit. Not necessarily a
good one in this cramped space, anyway. His tall, lanky frame was smushed in this small
closet, making the two boys brush every so often, making James shiver subconsciously.

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