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4 December 2010, 07:58 PM   #1
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I honestly should not be doing this, but.....

Proportionally Me


I hate it when people tell me what to do.

Like, don't start a story with a question. Or always get eight hours of sleep. Or don't
tilt the television, it might fall off the table. Those are stupid things that shouldn't
matter. It makes me mad that people tell me to not get mad since I can't do them, so then
I become even more mad, you see? And then there are those mean people, who say things
like, "You're not good enough" and "You'll never be the best". They shouldn't be able to
tell me what to do, either, so I don't let them. I have developed a secret weapon; I
ignore the insults, and if the person just stands there, I look, blink a few times for
effect, and say, "Sorry, you say something?" It really ticks them off. It makes me
different from everyone else.

And I love that.


Before I was born, my mother wanted to name me Bertha Dolores Riddle. Riddle isn't even my
last name, so that was pretty dumb. I guess my mom just liked how it sounded. My dad
agreed it was a bad name, and he said that his baby would never have a name like that, not
as long as he was alive. Now I'm called Rylie Marilyn Darrington, which is better.
Everyone just calls me Rye. I always write Rye D. on my school papers. There's no reason
for the 'e' to be there, I just like it. It has a nice ring to it, I think. 

Now you're probably wondering who I am and what I do. I'm thirteen, which I think is a
pretty terrible age. You're too old to play with toys and go to the movies with your
parents, but you're just old enough to screw up you're life. I told this to my best
friend, Eric, and he laughed in my face. Eric does that a lot; he laughs at things that
aren't meant to be laughed at. But it's just a gut reaction-he doesn't mean to be mean.
Most people don't understand that, so he doesn't have many friends. But anyway, Eric said
that at thirteen, you're still young enough to get your life back on track if you screw it
up. So I guess it's okay.


Eric and I have been best friends since we were babies. Our moms met in the hospital
cafeteria. My mom was arguing with the cashier lady who said you couldn't pay with twenty
dollar bills, and my mom said that was ridiculous, and the cashier was asking her to
leave, please, and then Eric's mom calmly stepped in and payed for my mom. They've been
best friends ever since, so naturally, Eric and I became friends as well.

Eric is the kind of boy who's just awkwardly nerdy. He doesn't have glasses, and his black
hair is just a tad too thick and puffy. He's really tall and skinny, but terrible at
sports. He's socially awkward, but does well in school. He's just....Eric. We hang
together all the time. I've always been the adventurous one, and he's the quiet, held-back
type. Kids at school always tease us for being friends, but I don't care. it's always Eric
and Rye, Rye and Eric, nobody can split us apart, and that's that.
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4 December 2010, 10:17 PM    #2
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 This is written in a lovely style.

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