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student log

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this is where you make your character please keep it to a limit of two characters per
powers (these are pyschic powers, please rerfain from adding vampires or werewolves or
anything like that)

*there are 10 classes. Class 1 is the highest and 10 is the lowest. everyone should start
in class 10 until you are notified otherwise.

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name: Astrid Kafieri


gender: female


personality: quiet, keeps to herself most of the time, can be bossy and bitchy.

past: As an orphan, Astrid has always felt out of place. she knew things about people that
even they about themselves. she discovered that she can make people do what she wants at a
young age but then they avoid her at all cost. when the staff of the orphanage figured out
that she was a psychic, they didnt hesitate to send her away to this school when it first
opened. Astrid was one of the first students at this school, but she didnt mind it because
she had a sense of acceptance at this school. she has been at this school for 8 years, and
with all the work she had put into developing the school, she earned herself her position
as a student monitor as well as being in class 1.

powers: mind control, mind reading, elemental control 

class: 1
 ~Ms. Elodie

27 April 2010, 05:21 PM    #3
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name: Kaylie Mays
age: 14
gender: Girl

personality: outgoing, romantic, fun, sweet, gentle, funny
past: She's lived at a beach resort her parents own all her life. Every week she goes to
beach parties. She has tons of friends and is in love with her best guy friend, Austin,
but he doesn't like her anymore becuase he kind of shunned her when he found out she has
powers(he was mad she never told him). Her best friend is a girl named Ahnna. When Kaylie
was sent to this school, all her friends hated her and Ahnna disapeared. kaylie is afraid
that the people who made this school have hurt her becuase Ahnna was friends with
Kaylie,who has powers. Now,Kaylie lives her life in grief, guilt, and love for Austin. 
powers: She can see the future in her dreams (only when she's sad or depressed), and can
create a force field around her. This sometimes happenes when she's not trying to, as
she's only discovered her powers at age 13.
class: 10

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