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TITLE: None...new story

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8 April 2010, 08:14 PM   #1
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Well, this kind of just popped in my mind. I have no idea where I am going with this
story. I just made it up like in five minutes. I got it from after reading a book. It is
nothing like the book though. Also, it is kind of like what I was daydreaming about during
the most boring class of the school day. Yet, I changed up where she moved to and other
little things.

        “Tracy, are you okay?” asks my boyfriend Sam. I look in his blue eyes for
the first time since he picked me up earlier in the day. What was wrong with me? I have
the perfect boyfriend! He has blue eyes, blond hair, and plays on the football team. I
even am the perfect girlfriend. With my curly blond hair (always straighten), blue
sparkling eyes, my makeup perfect, my fit body, and me being a cheerleader. We are perfect
for each other. So why is there this nagging voice in the back of my head? It was like
telling me that my life isn’t perfect which it is.
	“Yeah, why?” I finally answer. 
	“You were just staring off in the distance, and now you won’t answer the waitress
what you want for dinner,” says Sam. Right then I noticed the waitress standing there
ready to write down my order. I blush.
	“Sorry, uh…I’ll have the salad for dinner,” I answer.
	“Just a salad?” asks the waitress. I nod and she writes it down and walk away
mumbling that the food will be ready shortly. I look back at Sam, but yet I couldn’t
just bring my eyes with his.
	“So coach wants to put in the second quarter back…” says Sam. I wasn’t listening.
How could I with the nagging voice? I try to think why there was this voice. Let’s see
my mom and dad are rich. My mom is an agent for special actors. My dad he works in a tall
building for a company. Plus, I was perfect. My friends were perfect. But then I remember
what happened early that day. “So you get my point right, Tracy?”
	“Huh? Oh, yeah coach shouldn’t do that to you,” I say, and then look around. The
restaurant was busy. No doubt someone would love to sit at this table in my spot. “Look,
sorry Sam, but I have something plan that I just totally forgot until now.” I got up and
start to walk out of there, and I turn around to see Sam’s reaction. It wasn’t the
reaction I wanted to get. He looks at me strange, but then just shrugs. He doesn’t even
run after me! Then again a boy’s stomach would make him stay. I ran out of there and
jump in a taxi. The taxi driver drove me home. I didn’t go inside though. Instead I
stand outside and heard yelling, which was very unusual for my parents. Then I heard it.
No, it wasn’t a gun shoot. No, it wasn’t my parents hitting each other. It wasn’t
anything like that. It was just…hard for me to take. I have always had a perfect family.
Now that perfect family was getting a divorce.
	“There I signed the piece of paper,” says my mom.
	“Good, what should we do about Tracey?” asks my dad.
	“Well, I am moving to Berlin, so I get her since you get all the stuff,” says my mom
raising her voice. Wait! Did she just say Berlin? Like Germany Berlin? How could she do
this to me?
	“Fine. Tracey can take whatever she wants from here. You only get your clothes,” says
my dad with a louder voice than my mom. 

So post a comment of what you think...and stuff.

I rarely ever get comments now.

9 April 2010, 01:46 AM   #2
Guest Poster
This was interesting and I would like it if you wrote up the next part.^^

10 April 2010, 09:22 PM   #3
The Founder
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This is good! There were alot of missing commas, but that was it. Please continue.
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1 May 2010, 10:33 PM   #4
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Well, I wrote a lot of this story, but didn't post anything. Go figure. I usually forget
to post more of a story. Which is totally weird of me, because usually I am on top of
those things. Anyways, enjoy!

	“Fine. Tracey can take whatever she wants from here. You only get your clothes,”
says my dad with a louder voice than my mom. My mom walked away. I opened the door and ran
up the stairs with tears foaming in my eyes. When I reached the top I took a right and
then a quick left to get to my room. I slammed the door and locked it. I fell on my bed
and let the tears out. 
	I woke up to a sunny Saturday. I got up and ran downstairs still in my date clothes. I
went in the kitchen and there was my dad and mom. They weren’t sitting next to reach
other like they usually do. I didn’t let it make me stop my big entrance. I sat down
between them and before I cold tell our chef what I wanted I yell.
	“What is wrong with you two?” I yell.
	“What do you mean sweetie?” asks my mom in her nice voice.
	“Don’t try to act like I don’t know anything around here,” I scream.
	“Honey, were you spying on us?” asks my dad raising his voice a little.
	“Howard, don’t use that tone on Tracy,” says my mom using her warning tone.
	“Stacy, don’t use that tone on me,” says my dad.
	“STOP IT!” I yell, and I think even the birds flew away. “I came home and I heard
you guys yelling. I listened. I heard that I am moving to Berlin with mom and that you
guys are splitting up. That’s all I heard I swear,” I say in my normal voice. My mom
rolled her eyes and went back to drinking her coffee and setting up appointments for her
clients. My dad sighs and went back to drinking his coffee and reading the newspaper. I
told the chef that I didn’t want anything and walked out of the room. I went upstairs
back to my bedroom. I got changed in dance pants and a graphic tee. I started packing
everything. My mom came in my room after an hour.
	“We are moving tomorrow,” says my mom. I nod and went back to my packing. She looked
at me and then went back downstairs. I finally finished packing at five. I called my best
friend, Amy. Amy is a great friend.
	“Tracey, what do you want?” asks Amy.
	“Amy? What is in the background?” I ask.
	“Oh, that’s just music. I am having a party!” she yells into the phone. She
didn’t invite me.
	“You didn’t invite me,” I say hurt.
	“Oh, that’s because someone knew your mom and dad are splitting. Have fun in
Berlin,” she says and then I heard a little beep. Nothing.

1 May 2010, 10:35 PM   #5
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Oh, and the hardest part of writing this story is to use the right verbs. Since I started
writing this story with present verbs I got to continue. Every time I write a sentence its
in past tense. Its like pissing me off, but whatever.

6 July 2010, 06:36 PM    #6
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I wrote more a while ago I just forgot to post some. Sorry! Anyways, comment...if you

	I throw the phone at the wall. It breaks. Go figure. I hear footsteps coming up the
stairs. I quickly get off my bed and lock the door. I sit back on my bed. That bitch. She
didn’t have any right to do that to me. Wait. Amy is throwing a party! All her parties
are at her house. I know where she lives! Still wearing what I have on I open the window
and jump on the tree branch. It cracks just a little, but I climb down safely. I wave a
taxi, and then went to Amy’s house.
	I open the door at her house. There was loud music playing. Blah, Blah, Blah by Kesha is
on. I look for Amy and I see her. I start walking to her. Then I stop. I stop dead in my
track. She was kissing a boy. Not just any boy, but my boyfriend! I walk toward her again.
I yank her away from him. I hear a pop sound. 
	“What the hell!” I yell.
	“You are moving to Berlin!” she yells back. Oh, is that how this game is going to be
	“Oh, I am so happy I am out of this place!” I yell and run out of there. I call a
taxi. I ride home in silence with tears streaming down my eyes. When I get home I just go
to sleep, but I have to cry myself to sleep.
	I wake up to a sunny Sunday. God, why is it always sunny? I get up and then I go
downstairs. My mom is in the hallway.
	“Honey, we got to get going,” she says. I nod my head and we walk out of the house. I
get into a car. We go to the airport and then we get on a plane. The plane ride takes
about eight hours. I just sit back and think how my life is so miserable. It can’t get
any worse though. 
	Of course when you say that it does. Which is what happened to me. After two days of me
leaving and entering Germany, I was in school. It really wasn’t a school to me though.
My mom sent me to an all girl’s private school for actresses or soon to be. That is what
it said on the piece of paper that they made me sign. Anyways, I was seating in my first
class of the day, wearing their blue plaid uniform. The class was about facial
expressions. When will I ever need to know this? Exactly.
	“Um, Miss Reed?” asks a girl in my class. Oh, and yeah the school is for people who
spoke English.
	“Yes, Abby?” says the teacher, Miss Reed.
	“Who is she? And what is she doing in the class,” the girl says while pointing at me.

	“Oh, she is a new student. She came from America,” says Miss Reed. The girl just sat
there and stared up at the teacher. The teacher moved on. The bell finally rang and I
jumped out of my seat. I walked to my next class and introduced myself to the teacher. I
did this all day long, until the last class of the day. It was acting. That’s what it
said. It also said it was in the auditorium. I walked there. When I got there, there was a
huge crowd. I heard girls screaming, if they looked okay, which was weird considering it
was an all girl’s school. I pushed through the crowd and opened the door and I stopped.
My mouth was wide opened, and inside were boys. Now, I knew why everyone was freaking out.
I closed the door and turned around. I walked back to the end of the crowd. Finally, the
teacher yelled at us to all come inside, but when I was about to pass him, he stopped me.
	“Miss Holmes, why don’t you go on the stage? It is your first day and everyone had to
do this before they go walking around my stage some more,” said the teacher. I looked at
him like he was weird. Then I nodded and walked toward the stage. I climbed the five steps
and stood in the middle of the stage. “Now, Miss Holmes, I am going to ask you a few
questions. Please answer them truthfully.” I took a deep breath. Here we go. “Where
did you leave before this? What were your extra activities both inside and outside of
school?” Everyone looked up at me.
	“I lived in New York. I did cheerleading and that is all,” I said. I swear
everyone’s mouth dropped.
	“Why are you here?” he asked.
	“My mom is an agent for actors and the people she worked for thought this would be a
wonderful school for me.” Again people’s mouth dropped. Then everyone laughed.
	“Very well then…please sit down,” he said. I walked off the stage and headed for
the back. I sat down next to this girl. Then the teacher talked for a little bit. Then he
called on some guy to pick out five actors. The guy looked around. 
	“Mike, Tom, Gabby, Abby, and the new girl,” said the guy. Did he just call on me? No
way was I going up there. 
	“Miss Holmes we are waiting for you,” said the teacher. I got up and walked down and
got on the stage again. “Now, this activity is easy for actors. You get to say one
sentence. It has to start with the letter that is next in ABC. For example, the person
just said, ‘An apple for the lady,’ and you have to start with the letter B. Plus, it
all has to make sense. If you get it wrong you will be out. Good luck! Tom you start!”
	Tom turned to me. “A dog that has a barking problem,” said Tom. Huh? This acting
school makes no sense.
	“Barking is the problem?” asked Gabby.
	“Can it be anything else?” said Abby in a very duh voice. Yet, they were all staring
at me. Wait. Am I the dog here?
	“Don’t you think, like that,” said Mike.
	“Ella is the dog’s name,” said the guy I didn’t know of the name.
	“Fiona should be the dog’s name…if you were smart,” said Abby.
	“None of those names are correct!” yelled Tom out really fast, before thinking. 
	“Tom please sit down,” said the teacher. He got off the stage. 
	“Gorge is a very nice dog’s name,” said Mike.
	“It’s a girl not a boy!” yelled Gabby. Opps, looks like she was out too. Even
thought I haven’t said a thing. Gabby walked off the stage. While the teacher went to
talk to Gabby, because she started crying, the guy who I don’t know the name of walked
by me.
	“You know you could at least act like a dog...not saying anything,” he whispered
while he was walking by. I froze. Is that what I am supposed to do? Why did he even picked
me if he knew I couldn’t act? Oh, that’s right, so everyone can make fun of me. Thanks
a lot, jerk. I needed to get off the stage, and fast.
	“Sorry, about that. Please continue,” said the teacher.
	“I quit,” I said and walked off the stage. 
	“Miss Holmes there are no quitters in my class.”
	“You have one now.” With that I kept walking and I walked out of the auditorium. 
	An hour later, and I was home. Well, if you call a hotel room, home. I laid on the bed
and turned on the TV. I flipped through the channels, realizing that everything was in
German. I cursed. I got up and went into the bathroom. I looked at myself. I looked
miserable. I could really go for a cup of coffee. With that I got changed and was in my
sneakers I used for cheerleading. They were the best for running…you know just in case.
I walked down the elevator. I pushed the button, and waited. Why didn’t this hotel have
two elevators? I have no idea. I waited for a very long time. Finally, I gave up and I
went to the stairs. I went down the stairs really fast, as usual. Back at home when we had
no gym to practice or outside we would run up and down the stairs to get us into same. The
teachers got pretty mad at us and would yell. It was a ball of giggles though. I ran out
of the front doors. Hm…now if I was a coffee shop where would I be? I took a left. I
pasted a chocolate shop that smelled wonderful. I made a mental note to stop there
sometime. I kept walking, and walking, and walking. There was no coffee shop at all. I
turned around and headed back. I stopped walking. In front of me was Abby coming out a
clothing store. Then a bunch of girls followed out. Abby turned toward me and I stopped in
my tracks. The group stopped when they noticed me.
	“Your name is Tracy, right?” asked Abby. I nodded. “My name is Abby. I know you
come from America and all…and oh, god this is so embarrassing...”
	“Abby wants to know if you will pick out an outfit for her date,” said one of her
	“On two conditions,” I said, realizing that I didn’t even think this through.
“Get rid of the big group, so we can just shop alone and tell me if there are any coffee
shops around here.” They looked up at my like I was crazy. Maybe I was. Amy said I was
crazy, because I would cheer on end. After a big, long game I was still hyper. Abby turned
around to face the group and told them something. Then she turned around to me. The group
walked off wherever they were ending to and it was just Abby and me.
	“There aren’t really any coffee shops around here. Maybe in other towns, but not
Berlin,” Abby said. That’s just great. 
	“Okay, what are you planning to do on your date?” I asked.
	“A fancy dinner,” she answered. Okay, so that means a dress. With Abby’s black hair
and green eyes, I am aiming for a green dress. I looked in the store that she just came
out of. It had a lot of dresses, but not any fancy ones.
	“I need a place with fancy dresses,” I said. “Oh, and of course in your price
	“Ha, if I had a price range,” she answered. “Um…there is a store a cross the
street that is just fancy things.” 
	“Show me,” I answered. We walked and Abby found the store. I walked it. The walls
were white and they had wood flooring. I looked around. The first circle thing had a
really nice green dress. It was a light green, but it got darker at the bottom. It was
strapless. “What’s your size?”
	“Two,” Abby answered. I looked at the tag. A size two. I took it off the rack and
handed it to Abby. 
	“Go try it on right now,” I said. She walked to the dressing rooms. I followed her.
She tired on the dress and it looked beautiful on her. She brought it and she thanked me.
I just nodded and went back to the hotel room. 

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