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A Fairy Tale In Reality

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4 August 2009, 10:16 PM   #1
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hey well i'm already writing that one story, True Love Amongst Horror but i got kind
bored w/ it so i decided to do something different. Ive never written this kind of story
b4 so hope ya like it! oh and sorry 'bout all the puntuation and stuff but im typing fast.
tell me if its too hard to read!

updated: HERE ARE THE CHARACTERS http://kupika.com/diarypage.php?id=b4a8723fe6868esziw2h
Chapter 1: the essay

"Okay everyone, here is the topic for the new essay!" said the teacher, Mrs. Linker.
"Family! Write about your family memebers! parents, siblings, grandpartents, pets, etc.
etc. Write aboout your feelings for your family, what makes it special. Jocie?"

"Um, can we write about soeone who is really close to us but ther not related to us? like,
not a blood relative but maybe like a friend or something?" asked jocie.

"Of course! family is not just blood related! go ahead, write about a friend, or
something! be creative!" answered mrs Linker. Jocie turned around to look at Macy Lynn,
her best friend. They gave each other a smile, happy they could write about each other.

"Mrs. Linker, do we HAVE to write this essay?" I asked. Sometimes we didn't have to do
what she assigned us. Sometimes it was just extra credit.

"Yes, the essay is mandatory." Darn, i thought. 

"when's it due?" Josh blurted out. Mrs. linker gave him a 'look'. He raised his hand.
"When is it due, Mrs. Linker?" he asked politely. 

"It is due next thurday. And it must be at least 2 pages llong." said Mrs. Linker. "Aww,
why can't it be due on friday?" whined Josh.

"Well, Josh, you could hand it in on frieday, but then you would have to wake up early ti
try to cath me beofore i leave for my teacher's meeting. or you could come in at 2:00 to
give it to me." she raised an eye brow. "There is no school on Friday, Josh."

"Oh, uh, yeah. Right. Okay, Thursday is good," mumbled Josh. Suddenly the bell rang. "Okay
class, you are dissmissed! Dont forget your assigne ment! don't wait till the last

Kristy met me at the door. "You OK?" she asked, seeing my pale face.

"Yeah. Well, no. kristy what am I gnna do? I can't write about Mom! And Momma!" I said, as
we walked down the hallway.

"Yeah, but do you think you could ask mrs. Linker if you can do a different assignment
instead? Or you could just ask her to not read your essay in front of the class. or tell
anyone about it. Or-" I cut her off. "I just don't know Kristy. I guess I could...."

"Or you could just not mention your momma, and say your mom is single," suggested Kristy.

"Yeah, but you know I don't like lying to teachers," I said. "they're just like moms. They
find out everything eventually." Suddenly Marie came up to us.

GREAT IS IT TO WRITE ABOUT YOUR FAMILY! RIGHT?" marie can be really hyper....

"Uh, yeah, like, um, totally!" said kristy. Then some other kids who wal home instead of
taking the bus came over. 

"Hey, I heard you tell awesome jokes, Thunder," Mike said to me. "Wanna tell us one?" 

"Okay!" I said and started talking. It felt good to be a part of somthing, and it made me
feel like I belonged, especially when they all luaghed. Not like they were luaghing at me,
but with me. But then my breath cought in my throat as Jake joined us. 

'He looks so cute in that blue shirt!' i thought. I had a crush on Jake Williams.

Then just as I was telling my Aardvark and chick joke, a small blue car pulled over to the
side of the road. Oh no, i thought. 'Oh no, no, no, no, no!' this can't be happening!

"hey, sweetie!" said my Mom. "Momma  and I were on our way home from the beauty parlor,
thought we'de stop by and give you a ride home! So how 'bout it? jump in!" I just stood
there. made no move to get in that stinkin' car.

"Weel, whaddya waitn' fer? Hop on een! Mom and I are waitn'!" said Momma in her fake
country accent. I looked at the other kids. They were staring at me. 

"Um. is that your mom?" asked David, pointing to Mom. "Or....is that your mom..."
said Mike, referring to Momma.

"Yeah, um, thats my mom alright! In the drivers seat! and that's uh, my, um, aunt! yeah,
she's got this thing, uh, this, this, this thing, and it, uh, well....well it makes
her think I'm her daughter, too, so just play along, 'k?" I finished in a hurry.

"hey! I dont have a "thing"!" protested Momma. I glaned at kristy. She smiled a little and
gave me a little wave.

"Okay, guys, nothing to see here, let's keep waling! See ya later thunder!" said kristy.
Everyone walked away, a couple of them casting looks at us over their shoulder. I got into
the car.

"honey, when are you gonna tell those kids that I'm-" I cut her off.

"Don't EVER say that word mom! I hate it! And you know I can't tell the other people, cuz
they'll make fun of me! It's not fair! I didn't ask for this..." Momma turned around and
patted my leg. 

"I know, Sweetie, I know," she said comfortingly. Then we went home.

Well, If you haven't figured it out by now, my mom is lesbian. Mom is my birthmom, and
Momma is the woman she married. Nobody except Kristy, my best friend in the world, knows.

And I don't plan on telling them any tiime soon.
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4 August 2009, 10:51 PM   #2
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This is quite interesting. I like it. Keep on.

4 August 2009, 11:06 PM   #3
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I can actually read it, but maybe in your past time you should edit this.

Anyways, I like this story, because there is a twist, and yeah...I guess I like twists in
a story. Plus, you get right into the problem, and I kind of like that, too. LOL Anyways,
I kind of like this story better than the other one. Keep writing!

5 August 2009, 12:13 PM   #4
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thanks guys!

Chapter 2: About me, Thunder

Ok, so now that you know my 'big secret" I'm gonna tell you my other "big secret".

I come from a place called Plater Sourcea (plate-er sor-sa). It's a whole other world that
nobody is supposed to know about. That is why my name is Thunder; it's not a nickname. In
Plater Sourcea, or Sourcea for short, there are magcal things. I had a pet unicorn named
Dream (I named her when I was 3), My best friend was part Cloud (I'll explain later), and
I went to the same school that fairies attended. I lived in Magic Grove, which was
basically a HUGE clearing in the middle of the Darke Woode. You had to have a lot of coins
to live in the Magic Grove (coins are the currency). And boy, did I have currency. My
father was the leader for our army when we were at war with another country in Sourcea (we
have about 5 countries). I live in the country of Bay Middle West, and we were fighting
with Bay Middle. They wanted to take our county so that it could be bigger. They thought
it was stupid to have a Bay Middle and a Bay Middle West.

I beg to differ.

Anyway, that's about where I come from. The main part is about how I came to live on
earth, so i'll get to that now.

As I said before, my father was the leader, which was why we had to many coins and why we
lived in a rich part of the country. But the Father was killed in the war. My mother, Mom,
who was a Head Weaver(a person who makes clothes for people; they tend to get a LOT of
coins), was devastated. She wanted to go back to her home, Earth. that's right, Mom was
born on earth, in a nice little place called California. When my father was stil an
explorer, he somehow made it to Earth. He fell in love with her and took her back to
Sourcea. So mom and I packed our things, And I said good bye to Rane, my best friend. I
told her to take good care of Dream, and that I would be back to see her again someday.

Well, that was about 4 years ago. I'm 13 now, and, well, whatddya know, Mom fell in love
with someone else, a woman named Denise who became my Momma.  And since Denise doesn't
know about Sorcea, we can't go back or at least vist beacuase she would want to know where
we were going and if she could come too. So we're pretyty much stuck here, Mom being
lesbian, Momma, well, just kinda there, and me with two problems. One, I have to
hide the fact that my mom is lesbian, and two, I have to figure out a way to get back to
plater Sourcea without Momma knowing.

See my problem? It's like a fairy tale stuck in reality; back in Plater Sourcea, I had the
perfect life, the perfect friends, the perfect pet, the perfect home. I danced with
fairies, i flew with unicorns, and I had the power to make thunder. That's right, i can
make thunder. Thayt's why my name is Thunder. And rane can make rain, but she can make
clouds too, because her mom is a cloud and her dad was Rain. And since my father was
Thunder, and mom was human, I can only make thunder when its raining. Whick totally sucks,
let me tell you.

but, hey, that was pretty much the only bad part of my life. One minute, I'm practicing
for the unicorn Olympics, the next, I have arrived in Earth, a crazy place where there are
no unicorns, fairies, people with powers, just power. A place where, obviously,
it's not cool for two women to love each other. I remember what my mother told me when she
anounced the news that she was gettig married.

"Thunder, I know it's not what your used to. your used to living in what people here would
call a fairy tale. Well, Darlin', I suggest your get that out of your head, beacuase you
have just arrived in reality."

I will never forget those words, and I will always hate them.
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5 August 2009, 04:52 PM   #5
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Now I get why the title is called, "A Fairy Tale In Reality". I love the title. It goes
with the story really well. Anyways...keep going on the story!

8 August 2009, 01:29 PM   #6
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Chapter 3: Thinking

I got bored doing my homework, so i picked up my cell phone and texted kristy.

me: hey watz up. so mad
kristy: nothin much. y u mad?
me: bout the lez thing
k: they will just 4 get bout it soon
me: wat if they dont?
k: it b ok!
me: guess so... anyway wat u get 4 # 7 on math homework?
k: lol u WOULD ask that. 17
me: oh thx
k: no prob
me: gtt u sumthing 
k: what?
me: umm rather tell u in person
k: k will talk/ see u l8ter?
me: yep bye
k: bye 

I sat back in my chair, thinking. Did I REALLY want to tell Kristy about Plater Sourcea?
But then again, she IS my best friend. I'm sure she'd understand. I mean, she understood
about the whole lesbian thing. but I wonder if that was beacuase she liked me before mom
got married. I came here when I was 9 years old, and Mom got married when I was 10. Back
then, I didn't know it was weird to have a lesbian Mom. I told this one kid, Fred, about
it. He screamed and said that it was gross. I realized i couldn't tell anyone else,
beacase I didn't want anyone to tease me. I was really scared that Fred would tell other
people, so one night I wished on a start that something would happen t Fred, like he would
move to China or go live underwater or something. As it turned out, he died in a car
crash, and I couldn't help but feel like it was my fault.

Anyway, I suddenly realized something. If kristy was anything like Rane(which she was),
she should understand about Sourcea. Heck, she would probably understand if I told her i'm
a mermaid! Sh'ed probably buy a scuba diving outfit and swim with me. So I texted Kristy
again to make plans for the next day after school.

me: can i c u after school?
k: y wat u need
me: talk 2 u, member?
k: o right umm not sure if free
me: wat else u b doing?
k: shopping > 
me: y? u hate shopping
k: duh. dad making me go. says need new clothes
me: oh wat time u going? me wont take long
k: rite after school. we talk at bout 4?
me: guess so. c u then & dont b late!
k: have i ever been l8? lol c u!
me: yes u have and bye

So it's settled. there's no going back now. I have to tell Kristy. And hopefully, she
won't scream and freak out like she did when Marcus Jones showed her a dead toad.

but come on, would I ever do that? 

*Note: gtt means got to tell. also, sorry its such a short chapter!
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8 August 2009, 08:22 PM   #7
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I don't like how short the chapter is, but it keeps the reader reading, so I like that.
Anyways, got to keep writing! I am about to die.

8 August 2009, 09:47 PM   #8
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I LOVE this. The title rocks and everything rocks!

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Chapter 4: Telling Kristy

I pace back and forth in my room at home. I had a horrible school day, and Kristy was
absent. I was afraid she was sick and wouldn't come. I don't think I could stand not
telling her for another day; I might explode!

Suddenly, I get a text.

Kristy: hey srry i wasnt at skool sumthin came up
me: r u still coming 2day?
k: yea on my way rite now
me: k c u in a few

Well, at least she's coming.

I hear a tap at my door. "Come in!" I say. Mom sticks her head in the door.

"Honey, shouldn't you be doing your homework? You told me you have a lot today."

"I'm waiting for Kristy to come over. I'm going to tell her about," I lower my voice, "
Plater Sourcea."  Mom closes her eyes for a moment. I cringe inwardly. Whenever Mom closes
her eyes like that, she's either really really mad, or in alot of pain. Right now I'm
guessing she's mad. But to my surprise, when Mom opens her eyes she forces a smile and

"Ok, let me know if you need anything." Then she leaves. A Little shocked that she didn't
give me the "We can't tell anyone about Plater Sourcea beacuase people might think we are
crazy and before you know it the whole town knows and people keep coming over to give us
plates of tortellini beacuase they feel sorry for us" lecture.

Yeah, I know. But that's what she calls it, I swear!

Anyway, a couple agonizing minutes later, Kristy comes in wearing clothes I have never
seen before. Correction, clothes I have never seen before on kristy, but I've seen
them on the Stars, who are the popular girls at my school.

"um hey Kristy, what's with the clothes?" I say. I just can't believe it. She's wearing a
pink tank top, the kind with spaghetti straps, and over it is a jean jacket but it's not
actually on her shoulders. It's kinda sliding down but she holds it up but using her
elbows. The jacket has alot of pins and stuff on it, the kinds with the sayings like
"Brat", "Princess", and "I'm too beautiful to talk to you". She's also got on a black
short skirt with pink leggings and pink high-tops with sequins and rinestones on them.
She's wearing a ton of beaded necklaces, all different lengths, and her short hair is
pulled into to pony tails topped with a cute black beret. Well, I'd think it was cute if
the Stars didn't wear them....

Kristy turns around slowly. "Like 'em?" She asks, clearly sounding pleased with herself.
"I got them today at the mall. Well, I have more clothes like these. The Stars and I went
together. Kaileigh called me yesterday and asked if I wanted to go shopping with her. I
said well my dad's taking me after school. She said Why would you want to go with your
dad? The Stars and I can take you during the day, we'll just skip school. So I said well
sure and we went today, Dad was away for the day so he doesn't know-Iplan on keeping it
that way- and he found me at home at like 3 o clock and I told him I already went shopping
so you don't have to take me. And he was fin with it! Oh, Thunder, Isn't it wonderful!?"
She's out of breath by now from giving such a long speech.

I just stare at her, her words slowly sinking int my brain. She hung out with the
Stars? She ditched school? She bought clothes like the ones the Star's wear? Why
would she do that? Doesn't she know that the Stars are my lie long enimeies? I know that
Kristy doesn't hate them like I do, But how could she do this to me?

"Oh Kristy!" I say. "W-why? Whay w-would y-you d-do that? I-i mean, it's t-the Stars! You
know I h-hate them!" my voice wobbles. 

"Oh come on, thunder! You might hate them but I don't! they're actually pretyy nice! I had
such a good time, too. Look, can we just forget about this for a moment and you can tell
me what you wanted to tell me?" Kristy sounds annoyed. That surprised me, too! kristy
never gets annoyed with me! And I don't know if I can just "forget about it". But if I
want to tell her about Sorcea, I have to. So I take a deep breath.

"Kristy, I'm going to tell you wear I came from. I don't...really come from Rome," I say.
I told Kristy that I was born in rome but my mom and I moved back to Mom's home state,

"I'm actually from this other world called Plater Sourcea. T-that's why my name is
Thunder. I-it's not like anickname or anything. Sourcea is like a fairy tale world, and my
dad was part of this army, and then he got killed. My mom was really sad, and she actually
did come from here, California, so she wanted to come back, beacause she was sad, so we
had to find the Hole, which is how you travel from Sourcea to eartna dnto other worlds,
but I don't actually know what other worlds they are, and so we cam her. But in Sourcea,
ther are unicorns and fairies and people with powers. I have the power to make Thunder. I
used to have a friend named rain, and she could make it rain but her mom was a cloud so
she could make clouds, too. And since my dad was thunder and my mom was Human I could only
make Thunder when it's raining, and that's actually how I met Rane. but it's all true, and
ever since I cam here, I've wanted to go back, and, and, and...." I stopped. Whew! That
took a long time to say. kristy had this weird look on her face. She just stared at me for
a minute, then said,

"Thunder, I cannot believe you would make up something as crazy and idiodit like that. I
won't tell anyone, I know what you're thinking and you don't want me to tell anyone. but
seriously, I, I, I just don't know! Look, I gotta go now. maybe you should, like, rest or
something 'cuz you are like totally messed up girl." and with that, she left the
room, left the house, and left me with the feeling that Kristy and I might actually be
falling apart from each other.
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OMG! That can not happen! They can't fade away!

Keep writing!

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Chapter 4: Texting

The next day was Saturday, and I was happy about that. I don't think I could have survived
looking at Kristy for another day!

In the morning, I went dowstairs and saw a note on the kitchen table.

Dearest Thunder,
Momma and I are out shopping. 
We should be back by about 1:00. Call if you need me!
Love, Mom

I thought that was a little strange, as Mom and Momma usually slept in on Saturday untill
about 10 in the morning, but right now it was almost 9:00. I also thought it was weird
that they wouldn't be back untill pretty late, but that was OK. I didn't want to be
bothered today. I was not in a very good mood.

I poured myself a bowl of Wheaties, and went into the living room to watch some T.V. while
I ate. I was watching some woman on the food chanel make a breakfst smoothie or something
when my cell phone starting ringing bells. That's the sound I made it make when I get a
text. To lazy to answer it, I waited untill I finished eating and put my bowl in the
kitchen sink before answering. The text was from my cousin, Rikki, the doughter of my Aunt
Lori, my Mom's sister.

Rikki: Hey what's up 'cuz! (she always writes and types perfectly like that)
me: um nothin much u?
r: Well, I was just thinking about what kind of
birthday present I should get a certain someone...
me: well that depends on wat they lyk, u shud ask them
r: Okay, so what do you like? 
(I paused. What is she talking about? I thought. Then I remembered.)
me: oh yea! my b-day is coming up! i totally 4got till now
r: Wow, how could you forget that your 14th birthday is in a week from today?
me: lot on my mind, i gess
r: Well, I've got something else for you to think about.
me: wat would that b
r: What do you think about my family moving to live just 3 houses down from you!?
me: omg no rlly?
r: Yes! Mom wants to be closer to your mom, she says she wants to make sure she 
doesn't  run off again with her new spouse.
me: mom would never 'run off' w/ momma. we r staying rite here
r: Okay, well, we'll coming in about 2 weeks. but i'll see you before then.
me: u will?
r: Yes, duh! Remember? Birthday? We, like, just went over this!
me: o yea, i'll c u at my b-day party! if i have 1
r: Why wouldn't you?
me; i dont no, not rlly up 2 it i gess
r: Well either way I'm coming. 
me: yea...can't wait!
r: I have to go now. Got to walk the dog! Talk to you later!
me: k, bye!

I sat back and smiled. Ah, I'll be seeing Rikki in just a week! And she's moving close to
me! I couldn't wait. Having Rikki around is always SO much fun. She can make you smile
just by texting to her! (well, you kind of already know that...) I was so Excited! I mean,
how great could this be? Me, Rikki, and Kristy, just hangin' put, talking, going places-
but then I remembered. No Kristy. Or will we make up? Will Kristy start hanging out with
the Stars? Or does she just like to dress like them? Ugh, I'm so confused.

Suddenly, my phone rang again. I picked it up to see a text message from kristy. Should i
answer it? I thought. I started at the phone untill my eyes startes to water. Finally i
flipped it open. What's the worst that can happe? I mean, kristy is horrible at yelling
threw a text message.....

Kristy: thunder? u there?
k: cum on thunder, i just want 2 talk!
k: thunder?
me; yea i'm here
k: oh good. look thunder we need 2 talk 
me: in a text message?
k: sure. look, i'm srry bout the whole star's outfit thing
(I didn't text back)
k: i gess i wasnt thinkin & im srry
k: can u 4give me?
me: i dont know...u called me messed up
k: o yea..look i'm sry bout that 2 i was just kind in 
a bad mood
me; meaning?
k: look i got my first period ok?
me: enough with the "looks' and...rlly?
k: yes. thats actually y the stars asked me to go shopping
w/ them. k.leigh saw that i got "it" and said she wanted
to cheer me up
me: oh, well u could hve still said no
k: i know but i thought it was nice she wanted to help me
me: i gess
me: ok im srry i was mad at u
K: im srry i was mad at u!
me: friends again?
k: totally! *snaps fingers*
me: totally! *snaps fingers*
(that's a thing me and Kristy have. One of us says "Totally' and snaps our fingers, then
the other on says "Totally" and snaps our fingers.)
me: o hey gess wat
k; wat
me: rikkie is moving near me in 2 weeks!
k: omg so awesome we can all hang out!
me; i know isnt it? & shes coming for my 14 b-day
k: niiiiice. cant wait!
me: yea i know
k; anyway, i gtg. mom yelling at me
me: k, c u at school on monday!
k: bye
me: bye!

I put down the phone. Well then! kristy got her first period? I guess that kind of does
expain why she was acting the way she did. I know for a fact that you can get pretty moody
when you have your period. I mean, I got mine 2 days before my 13 birthday. I was
beginning to wonder whne kristy would get her's! But i didn't really want to think about
that right now beaucase, hey, guess what? I got another text!

Mom: Hey honey. Sorry taking so long shopping.
We'll be home later then planned. Back by around 2, 2:30.
me: ok mom yea that fine
mom: Then see you in couple of hours. Bye.

Geez, what is with all the texts? s today, like, Everyone send Thunder Texts Day? I
wouldn't be surprised If Jake sent me a text now! That would be totally awesome, I

So then I spent the rest of the day daydreaming about Jake asking me out. But I didn't get
anymore texts that day.
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OMG!!! I love this story, and I hope Jake asks her out.

11 August 2009, 09:11 PM   #14
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hey i dont have time right now to write more but do you guys think i should make the
characters on eLouai so you can get a better idea of what they look like? just curious
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12 August 2009, 08:22 PM    #15
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Sure, I'd like that.

This book is awesome, yeah..

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