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WRITING: Poetry:What's Worse?

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17 June 2009, 02:06 PM   #1
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What's worse is that, at the end of it all,
When you've sent me to the torture chamber,
I have to say sorry to you,
For making it hard for you.
I have no-where to hide, so,
If i tell you the truth, 
Will you send me away?

  What's the point of trying?
Do you expect me to thank you,
When you send me off crying?
I ask you,

   Why then do you weep?

17 June 2009, 02:46 PM   #2
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good. but i don't get it

17 June 2009, 02:54 PM   #3
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You are not supposed to get it. The subject and scene is a secret so interpret it

20 June 2009, 05:15 AM   #4
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It is gr8 really. i like your shadow one better though 
your gr8 at writing poetry. XD XP
Ps, kupichat me when you come online I have to talk to you!!!!!!!!

20 June 2009, 07:58 AM   #5
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Lost in Shadows:

Shadows in dreams,
Memories flown,
Forgotten people,
Places you knew,
But not anymore,
Now theyre just shadows,
Whispers on the wind.
Strangled by darkness.
Just shadows.
Shadows in dreams of life.

20 June 2009, 09:27 PM   #6
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thats the one XD

26 June 2009, 05:49 PM    #7
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This is an extract from my book, its not very good, its very sad (or, the whole lot
together is), but here goes... i guess...:
It is about a boy and his relationship with an angel.
Extract from: Hand On My Shoulder
Ella is the angel, and this is from her point of view:

I turned to face my aunt, with all her powerful, glorious beauty.  She smiled.
"Yes niece?"
"I'll need all the information you have on the conduct, and members of the
sisterhood passed on to Joseph within the next hour, the sooner we strike, the
Madeline nodded sharply, turned on her heel, and strode towards the door.
  "Oh, and...   bring your daughter, will you? I havent seen my cousin since the
ancient spirits changed her, she may need me"
Spirits! I sounded like some gypsy! Jeesh, with me as a leader, who knows where
we're headed?
 " Right!"
I clapped my hands joyfully, if somewhat irationally.
"Lets get to it!"
But as usual, they were already gone. Just like that. I thought i was the only one
with freakish abilities? And joyfully???  I clapped my hands joyfully??? What
on earth got into me? Great! I'm finally going mad. About time too really. Oh, who am
i kidding?
   Now my whole family can practically teleport away from me. Are they scared of me?
I dont think so. I mean, Madiline is soooo strong in herself so she is fine... but
Dad... sure, he's really confused and Steve... Steve's more terrified of
himself than anything else, or me.
   He has some strange, unfounded phobia of hurting me. The other night...  he was
so sad, convinced he was a monster, that he is a monster. But he is
not a monster. He may have been dismayed when his composure slipped the other
night, but I didnt mind.  He freaked, but I loved it. Loved having his hands
all over my body...
He seems to believe that my status as 'The Ghost Child', or 'Spirit Daughter' and
all that 'savior of the world stuff' means that we cant have any kind of physical
relationship. Any little slip of desire and its abuse rather than the mutual love
that it is. And I dont blame him either. I'm an angel. Thats a fact. So he is going
to desire me.  Not a compliment to myself. Not self gratification. Just a fact.

Copyright blah blah not thatIneedtoworryaboutcopyrightcausethisissobad...

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