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KUPIKA: Article: What Your Kupi-Character Says About You Pt. 2

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Due to the size of the Kupika Character, the choice of color may be even more important in
revealing one�s personality than the choices of clothing. Two general types of color
patterns may be seen. A monochromatic scheme where one color and similar tones dominates
or a mixed color scheme of several colors.

A monochromatic scheme is a stronger indication of the person�s personality than a mixed
scheme. Mixed schemes which parallel the person�s national colors (e.g. red, white and
blue for Americans, French, English, Australian, etc.) may indicate a strong sense of
national pride.

The following color breakdown delineates the insights which may be drawn from use of that

White. White symbolizes purity and perfection. It is the color most associated with
sacredness and virginity. In Asia, however it is associated with mourning. White also
symbolizes peace. A person with white as their dominant color is reflecting these

Black. Black is the color of death, mourning and the underworld. It also has associations
with evil magic, destruction, the north and winter. Black is also a color of formality and
special occassions. A person who wears black is not afraid of attention, and may even
crave it. But black is also the color of occult and things which are hidden, so a person
that wears black is also giving the impression that there is much more to be revealed and
there is some mystery about them to be uncovered.

Red. Red is the color of life � of blood, fire, passion and war. In some Asian lands it
is the color of fertility and good luck and in Western lands it may signify something
sacred or holy. Red is the color of revolution and change and it is also the color of lust
and passion. A person with a dominant red color is not a shy person and may be sexual,
bold and passionate.

Orange. Orange like red symbolizes fire but also richness, luxury and splendor. In China
and Japan it is equated with love and happiness and in some lands Buddhist monks where
saffron (orange) colored robes indicating humility and renunciation.

Brown. Brown symbolizes the earth and fall. It is a color of humility and temperance. A
person wearing brown may also indicate peaceableness and withdrawal from society.

Yellow. Yellow is gold, light and the sun. Yellow is among the most complex colors
psychologically and its implication for personality may depend upon the specific culture
of the person along with the specific hue of yellow. In Islam, golden yellow represents
wisdom and good advice but pale yellow signifies deceit and betrayal. In Egypt, yellow is
a color of envy and disgrace and in Europe it is associated with cowardice. But in China
it is the color of royalty. Yellow is the most visible color and is the color of
international warning signs. A person who wears yellow is wanting to be seen and
acknowledged but they may also be warning that they are not a simple personality.

Green. Green is the color of life, spring and youth. Green symbolizes eco-friendly persons
and those concerned about the environment and with larger world-issues. Such persons tend
to be interested in politics, animal-loving, and vegetarian sympathetic if not outright
vegetarian or vegan. Green also represents hope and joy and such persons tend to be
friendly and fun-loving. They may especially love outdoor activities. But green also
signifies jealousy and decay so maintaining solid friendships with green-dominant persons
means giving them a lot of attention.

Blue. Blue is the color of sky and water and it therefore signifies calmness,
spirituality, reflection and intellect. Blue represents the vastness of heaven as well as
the void from which life has sprung. Thus blue-dominant personalities often have a strong
spiritual dimension (but not necessarily religious) one that wonders about the mysteries
of life. Such persons are questioners, contemplators and spend a lot of time in quiet
thought and meditation. They may also be dreamers with vivid imaginations. They tend to be
pacifists, prefering to withdraw from conflict and argument.

Purple. Purple represents majesty, royalty and richness since ancient times.
Purple-dominant persons are prideful, believe in justice and are inspired by grandeur.
They are often impressed by the skills of others but also have a tendency to get bored and
seek out new sources of stimulation and interest. Such persons may also be somewhat
materialistic and concerned with money, work and enjoy luxury.

Pink. Pink is the color of flesh and hence sensuality. A softer tone of red, it is
primarily associated with the feminine. It is less aggressive than red but still evocative
of love, romance and pleasure. A person who is pink-dominant is comfortable with their
feminine side and open to old-fashioned courtship. They are romantic by nature, with sweet
gentle personalities.

Gray. Gray symbolizes a mixture of black and white. It is associated with gloom and
depression. It may also indicate a person who is uncommitted in viewpoint, a thinker, one
who weighs both sides of an issue. Gray is the color of mediation, judgement, and things
which are uncertain. A Character with gray as dominant indicates someone of this


I hope you have enjoyed the foregoing. It would be interesting to see how more variety in
choice in Character creation would provide even better insights into the creator�s
personalities. There is a more that could be said in any of the areas above and for sake
of brevity I did not explore each factor to its final nuance and left out discussing a few
possible options (like the cape/scarf/shawl). If you would like me to attempt a
�reading� of your particular Character just message me and perhaps I may have time to
do so eventually.

14 May 2010, 04:56 PM    #2
Guest Poster
though i didnt read most of this....
i dont think the kupi-character does anything. for instance -- all of my avatars are what
i think would look cool at the moment... actually my avi now is from an anime picture from
when i was bored.

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