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19 January 2009, 12:42 PM   #1
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i just started writing 1 day and this came out.  But it needs a name.  Could you all help
me? ideas, a name, anything you could think of.  I know it isn't as good as all of yours,
but hey, I tried. : )

Dedicated to: My best friends, Myranda and Mikayla and Andrew.

Chapter #1 
What was that anyway?

I was sitting in my mom’s orthodontist office when she had just been called in.  There
was really nobody around me except for a 7 year old, her parents, a 30 year old man, and
the people that worked there.  I was listening to music on my MP3 player.  Then I felt
someone or something breathing on  my shoulder.  I looked back cautiously but saw nothing.
 Then I looked around and saw nothing either.
  After a few minutes of more people coming in ( a man, a woman, 3 little girls, and a
little boy) I heard the voice of the thing I thought I  had felt.  It sounded like a young
girl.  This time I didn’t cautiously look back.  I jerked back like a tiger that had
just heard something that sounded good for lunch.  Still nothing.  At this moment I was
starting to think WOAH!  
A few minutes later of people walking in and out I heard it screaming.  This time jumping
out of my seat in fear and anger,  I saw a little greenish yellow light above my chair. 
In somewhat I could make out what the creature like thing was saying.  “ Alex go
away.”  I could tell it was screaming because of the tone in the voice.  It was pretty
loud, but the voices were faint.  I went up to the man sitting next to me and asked
sweetly “Did you hear anything weird just right now?”  He didn’t look up at all from
his “People” magazine and just replied a simple “No”.  Just like he didn’t care
about what I had just seen.  I knew it was something and I wanted to find out what.

Chapter #2
The next day at school

I couldn’t imagine what the next day at school would be like.  If anybody found out
about me seeing a ghost, the headline of the school news paper would be, “5th grade
student claims to see a ghost”.  And I can’t forget the laughing. 
 It actually didn’t turn out that bad.  The first person I told was my best friend from
school, Myranda.  She was the only person besides my other best friend Mikayla (who
didn’t go to my school.)  I could still trust her though.  Myranda came from a family of
strong Christians so she would believe me when I said “Myranda, I think I just saw a
ghost.”  But how would she take it?
“ Hey Myranda!  I haven’t seen you at all today.”
“Oh.  Well my bus was late.  Sorry.  I think I should blame it on the bus driver
“Ok.  Well I am not sure how you are going to take this, but I think I might have seen a
“Your kidding, right?”
That was my answer.  I guess.  School humiliation, here I come!
“No I’m not”
“Really that’s so cool-”
Then Myranda got caught off by the lunch bell.

Chapter #3
Somebody new

When I was at my locker a boy who I had never really talked to before came up and said,
“ Before we get off on the wrong start, I’m Blake.  I don’t think we have met before
but I am only a few lockers down from you.  If we do become friends, I just wanted to tell
you how much I have wanted to meet you. Just don’t tell any of my friends.  They would
get me wrong.”
I replied sweetly and in shock. “Sure Blake.  I’m Alex.”
He took a quick look at the pictures of Mikayla hanging up in my locker.  Then he asked
who it was as I was gathering my things for the next class. 
“Who is that?”
“That is my best friend Mikayla”
“She looks very nice”
“Thanks we have known each other since pre-k.”  I took a small pause and then said, 
“You know what, the bell is going to ring we should get to class.”
We started walking down the hall talking.
“What is your next class?” he asked.
“Social Studies with Mrs. Crowson.” I replied
“That is so cool, me too!  Do you want to sit together?”
This friendship was starting off to go great.

Chapter #4
Social Studies class

During Social studies he started talking to me.  
“Alex, if we get to chose partners do you want to be partners?”
We were sitting desk to desk by each other.  There was no separation.
“Yeah sure.  But if we want to get an A we should probably pay attention.”
I still haven’t forgotten about the ghost.  Just sort of side tracked by Blake.  Did he
mean to cut me off about that?  Did he know?  Was I really supposed to talk to him, or was
it his plan to side track me?
This started reminding me about Andrew.  My former friend that I would talk to during all
of our classes.  Most of the time Andrew and I passed notes.  Only sometimes did we
whisper.  I really didn’t start paying attention until Mrs. Crowson called on me and I
completely humiliated myself in front of the whole class.  Blake stood up for me and that
is how a real friendship should be.  Just like Andrew.  He always stood up for me.
I still wasn’t really paying attention.  I had my mind set on the ghost.  The questions
that went throughout my mind were, what is her name, where is she from, how old was she
really, was she here to haunt me about this, did I actually see her, or was it my
imagination?  The most likely one seemed to be the one about my imagination. So, I went
with that for the day.

Chapter #5
Going home

Worst thing ever.  Blake came up to me again and asked me all kinds of random questions.
“Have you lived here all of your life?”
“No Blake I haven’t”
This was starting to bother me a bit.  You know how Blake just sort of came up to me and
started talking.  It was so weird.  I was getting my books ready and I really needed to go
home.  I asked him why he wasn’t in a hurry to get home.
“It’s because my mom is a teacher and I have to stay here until she goes home.”
That made me think oh great! In a sarcastic kind of way.   To get on a subject I would
enjoy I started talking about the ghost.  I thought I could trust him.  I’ll just see
how that goes tomorrow.  
“Sorry Blake I have to get home!  Can you just think about that?” I said “Do me a
favor and don’t tell anyone about that okay!” I said waving good bye rushing down the
hall and looking back at him.
“What favor?”  The principle said as I bumped into him.  
Oh great I thought.  Now I’ve got myself in real trouble.
“Well ummmmmm, Blake and I were just sort of talking and I uhhhh just wanted him to
uhhhh tell me how his French class was going.  I was thinking about joining and I wanted
to know how it was.”  I said with complete hesitation.  He gave me his, I know your
lying look then walked away.
I could see Blake down the hall with his mouth wide open in obvious shock

Chapter #6

As it was mentioned in this book earlier Mikayla is my best friend.  I see her almost
every weekend.  She helps me a lot with problems.  Maybe like seeing a ghost?  No idea. 
How about we find out!
I walked into Mikayla’s house.  (Whenever I see her we always just walk right in.  We
have known each other long enough they will know it is me.)  “Mikayla!”  I heard
 “Hello?!  Is anyone home?!  It’s Alex.  Dan dropped me off.  Hello!!!”
Nobody seemed to of heard me.  All of the lights were on.  Wow.  This just keeps getting
creepier and creepier, I thought to myself.
“Do the neighbors think they’re home?”  I whispered.
I walked outside knowing I was getting into more trouble doing that.  “HELLO!!”  I
screamed so loud I could hear the echo loud and clear.  Time seemed to freeze.  Was there
someone or something behind me?  I looked back in fear.  Then I screamed.  I saw a ghostly
figure.  It was a little girl in an old tattered up dress.  I closed my eyes so tight it
seemed like they were gone.  Still standing in Mikayla’s driveway, I opened my eyes
slowly.  Still the girl was right there floating in front of me.  She looked as sad as a
dog on the street.  Black hair, pale skin, blue eyes, gray dress, black feet, and
scratches all over her.  
“What are you doing?”  I seemed to get out a whisper.
“I am the ghost of Isabella Landhoff.  I was born in the 1990’s.  My mommy and daddy
left me on the street, and I was forced to work for a rich family.  They did it illegally.
   After 6 years I died.  My mommy and daddy were only 20 when I was born.  I come back
every year in this month, February.  When I died.  Today is my death date.  The same day I
was born too.”
I was starting to feel dizzy.  Like I was about to faint right then and there.  
“Were you the ghost I saw at the orthodontists office?”
“Yes, you are the only one that can see me.”  Isabella said.
“But why?” I asked anxiously. 
“I chose you because you were my favorite human.  You were a listening person.  I love
that about people.”
“Thank you, but can you help me?  I think I am lost in time and alone.  It feels like
time froze.”
“I did that.  You have become the undefeatable one.  No-one can defeat you.”
That is confusing.
“Whoa!  But why am I The Undefeatable One?  So I can help you or something?”
“Now you’re getting this.  You have to fight to find my parents.  They have to still
be alive!”  I didn’t know how I could let this girl down.
“I’ll do it.”
“Thank you”  She disappeared.

Chapter #7
What did I say!?

Find her parents?!  How could I do that!?  She didn’t even tell me where she lived.
“Isabella!  Isabella!  Where are you?” I shouted so loud that I thought people in
California could hear me.
But wait, I started to think, she told me to leave in the orthadontist's office.  I don't
get it.

22 January 2009, 12:40 PM   #2
Guest Poster
Alone... With the girl who never really lived

Luv Dannie

16 May 2009, 12:03 PM   #3
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this is so cool.very mystyrouse and a bit scary...i like it lotz!

17 June 2009, 10:45 PM   #4
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This short story is going off really awesome!


4 July 2009, 11:53 AM    #5
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This is pretty cool.

It is actually well written, which is nice to see... my only suggestion would be to make
you chapters longer.  Everything that happened at school could have beenone chapter, just
so that it flows more nicely.  And maybe the first chapter could have been a prologue
instead of an actually chapter. 
Don't worry, though, I used to write like that too.  It does absolutely nothing to take
away from your writing skills, which are quite good.   I'll be looking for updates soon!

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