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The way I want to live

2 November 2007, 02:00 AM   #1
The Founder
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The way I want to live

Human history is not a history of increasing cleverness or increasing acuity of vision. It
is just that we change our views. It is astonishing how many people, in this day and age,
are still incredibly negative and cannot or will not change their views on certain

I think that no one will deny that we, Homo sapiens, are not always guided by reason. I
tend to agree with Schopanoer, the German writer and philosopher who argues that human
behaviour is governed not by the intellect but by the irrational impulses of the human
will – which includes ambition, hate and sexual desires.

A central concern in my thought is that man is a being unique on this earth; he is endowed
with an essential worth that exists nowhere else in the known world. Man is a being who
may easily be degraded, but to degrade him is wrong. If he is debased, man is forced
either to succumb or to defend himself and fight for his own human dignity.

In some of his Songs, Gustav Mahler says

Man languishes in great need
Man languishes in great pain

I agree, there are indeed great needs and great pain for us human beings on this earth;
but I cannot help thinking that there is one kind of pain that we bring on ourselves and
as long as there are
people who cannot or will not change their views on certain matters, there will always be
murders and totally unnecessary degradation of certain people and, in consequence,
rebelliousness and retaliation
with disastrous results, which is horrible,despicable and totally unacceptable. This is
not a way to live! As it is, I feel bitterly,
bitterly disturbed and ill at ease.

I am referring to the unreasonable question of intolerance on the part of white people
against black people and black people against white
people. To me, a perfectly ordinary person, I cannot see any sense in this kind of
attitude. Even if one does not subscribe to any particular canon or credo in any religious
faith, one cannot help – if any one cares to reflect - to realize that people with
different coloured skin have always existed and will always exist just like there are
different kinds of trees and flowers. To fell down a tree or pluck out a flower just
because we do not like them is totally senseless because they do exist in abundance and
however much we try we will never be able to destroy every single tree or flower we do not
like. People, like trees and flowers, are part of nature and have always existed and will
always exist. To kill one man or to bully and harass him until he commits suicide just
because he is White or Asian or Black – how does this resolve one's problem?
Furthermore, I simply
cannot see how, because someone is White, Asian or Black, affect me in any way and that I
have to take those drastic actions against them.

The fact of the matter is that our profession on this earth is to die and that is
irrespective of whether one is White, Asian or Black. It is this mortal life and nothing
else that we should consider and reflect upon.

We perfectly ordinary people cannot grasp what is going on in the mind nof some people
who, though possess with an immensity of a complexity
of a brain, with which they can achieve almost anything they want, and yet say absolute
barbaric inhumanities. I prefer to say that this is  outside my range of outstanding.

One cannot listen to Gustav Mahler's music without confronting the question of music as an
expression of life. The "Adagietto" in his 5th Symphony is a case in point. And there are
so many examples of
this in his music. Mahler's music takes one beyond what one is able to bear, because it is
the relief and because it is the freedom.

Music, like Mahler and Bach' music, help us to touch something that is eternal and greater
than ourselves.

A few years ago, I witnessed something on television that brought tears to my eyes and it
still does whenever I watched this particular
programme on my video. It was at a performance of the Vienna "New Years Day" concert and
while the orchestra was playing a waltz – "Roses from the South", incidentally, one of
my favourites – something happened that I have never seen before, something that touched
me very, very deeply: The Vienna Choir boys distributed flowers to members of the audience
– European, Chinese, Black people, any one. I thought, that is what I want to see, all
the time, all over the world, no crime of any sort, just pure love for every human being.

This is the way I want to live!

France Chorley

Would you care to be my pen pal? If so, please nice and write to me on my email address,
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But of course, you don’t have to my pen pal or friend.  I am wise and intelligent enough
to realize that we cannot like everyone in this world and not everyone can like us.

And if we cannot be friends, that is ok; we don’t have to write to each other or talk to
each other, but we don’t have to hate each other.

If everyone would think in this very simple but logical way, I think we would have less
wars and killings in our world.

Would you care to be my pen Pal?

If so, please be nice and write to me on my email address, which is:

Thank you, with all my love, kind thoughts and my deepest respect.

France Chorley
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12 January 2008, 02:39 AM   #2
Guest Poster
this is a very in depth discussion and i agree with it. No matter if u are white, black
or asian every1 on this planet should b treated with the same respect. So, there is
something i dont agree with in this world and thats ppl being treated differently. for
instance the famous ppl of this world. we r told to respect them and shake their hands
becus they r famous. but y shud we treat them like that if they do not do the same for us?
isnt this unbalanced just like u sed in ur discussion about treating other races

12 January 2008, 02:45 AM   #3
The Founder
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Thank you Kieran for this postring.  I cannot but agree with you more.

Yes, I believe that everyone on this planet of ours should be treated with the same

It does not matter if there are famous people, poor and rich people, the fact is that we
are all humans on this earth, and consequently, we all have to grow old and die one day.

No, I am trying to be morbid here, but trying to be realistic and say, how then can anyone
be better than any other person?


12 February 2008, 09:38 PM    #4
Guest Poster
Yes absoutly every1 on this planet should be treated equally. i find it so hard to
understand y ppl would want 2 discriminate against others just because the colour of their
skin. We r all human beings therefore we should all have the same respect towards each
other, and we should most defintly not judge others. Judging ppl because of a certain
thing they cannot do or because of their colour will scar them 4 life. It causes deep
emotional pain and sadly it is getting far worse in this world.

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