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Anime Writing Piece (with a twist)

13 March 2007, 07:00 PM   #1
Guest Poster
I decided to make it a little more fun and challeging! So I ask you this
question.....can you make a writing piece using a video instead of a picture? Lets
see if you can:

13 March 2007, 07:13 PM   #2
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o0oo0 nice idea! hmm i shall have to get back to this one! i gotta go =/ but dont cha
worry, i will most definetly rise up to this challenge!! ^-^
when life gives you lemons make grape juice. then sit and watch the world wonder how you did it

♥ Kanojo ♥

13 March 2007, 08:33 PM   #3
Guest Poster
this video's song is kinda like my diary entry:

14 March 2007, 08:08 PM   #4
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THIS IS SORTA COOL,but somtimes

15 March 2007, 07:12 PM   #5
Our Writer
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Last edited by Kanojo, 15 March 2007

hope you like it! tell me whatcha think! ^-^

The Last Sunrise

                 “Congratulations Emma and Alyssa Ford! You have been chosen to go to
our school for girls, Calenburg! Here you will be trained to be Miss Beauty of the year,
learn all the secrets of the fashion industry and be put in all the world wide magazines!
Just be in the San Francisco train station at one o’clock on June 4th and you’ll be on
your road to fame! Make sure to bring the enclosed passes to be able to board the train
for free.” 
	“Sickos,” Emma hissed, stomping the note on the ground. “I can’t believe we
believed this crap!” 
	“Emma please don’t be mad! We aren’t the only ones,” Alyssa said meekly,
gesturing at the other girls. In one corner of the room a pair of blonde twins were
twiddling there thumbs looking like they were trying not to cry. In another corner a
little girl was hugging her bunny rocking back and forth while listening to another girl
with short white hair tell her a story. A few others stood around crying or hugging their
sister, but there weren’t many of them left.
	“Foolishness this is,” Cassandra with a cold dead voice, while clinging to her
twin’s hand. 
                “We are all going to be killed or wish we were,” her twin replied with
a blank look on her face. Her eyes were empty of any hope that had been there a few hours
before. Cassandra had white hair and wore dark clothes while her twin had black hair and
wore bright clothes. They had been the only ones who were forced to go. They had a very
bad feeling about going but their parents forced them since it was “the experience of a
lifetime,” not to mention free.
                Everyone froze and stopped talking when footsteps were heard outside the
door to the cell. A key scrapped in the lock and the door creaked open. A tall man with
black hair, deep black eyes and a scarred hand came into the room and walked up to the
girl with the bunny.
               “You there! Come with me!” the girl started crying and shook her head
while hugging her bunny harder. The man bent down and ripped the bunny from the girl’s
hand causing the girl to cry out and lunge at the man. He pushed her away and pulled out a
pocket knife. He held it up to the bunny’s neck and said in a menacing voice. “Come
with me now or the bunny gets it.” The girl stopped and looked fearfully at him. She
looked at the bunny and slowly nodded her head and reached her hands out to take the
bunny. But he roughly grabbed her by the wrist, threw the bunny off to the side and
dragged the girl screaming for her bunny out of the room.
              “Another one gone, I wonder who will be next.” Cassandra said in the
same dead voice.
              “We’ll never see her again. Just like the rest of them,” Her twin
replied, eyes brimming with tears. Alyssa walked over to the bunny which now lay in the
dusty corner all alone. She picked it up, dusted it off and thought; *I will NOT let them
defeat us. We WILL win no matter WHAT anyone says*
when life gives you lemons make grape juice. then sit and watch the world wonder how you did it

♥ Kanojo ♥

15 March 2007, 07:56 PM    #6
Our Writer
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i know it wasnt all happy-like like the pictures but i used the same characters so i
thought itd be okay still ^-^
when life gives you lemons make grape juice. then sit and watch the world wonder how you did it

♥ Kanojo ♥

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