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2 September 2016, 03:44 PM   #1
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My name is Sam Welzer- I'm a human working at space station Freedom Rise as one of the
many engineers working to keep this station running.  Each day I come to my cuho- cubicle
home, to my kid brother that I'm taking care due our parents dying in an accident that
killed many people a few years back.  My kid brother, Aldis Welzer, gets into a lot of
trouble due to him being part of the local gang, Te Zars- Avagard meaning for top gang. 
He runs little errands for them, but usually ends up getting into fights with local kids. 
Today coming home was different this time, Aldis looked worried and was staring out the
window when I came home.  I press him on what happened, gives in and tells me that he
killed a rival gang leader and the rest of the gang was looking for him.   After asking
how this happened, he says the Davroth leader made a comment about their parents dying and
joked about it.  Aldis has a temper and snapped, taking the leader by surprised managed to
kill the big beast.  I knew that retaliation was going to happen and decided it was time
we left the station for good.  Packing our things and buying a space ticket towards Mars,
we left our cuho.  I just hope we can get to the port before they catch us.

23 October 2016, 11:09 AM    #2
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Joined: 2 Sep 2016
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Aldis agrees to leave the station knowing he doesn't want to die a horrible end from the
gang.  We grab some clothing, our money, and leave our lives behind.  

"Where will we go?" Aldis asks.

We make our way through the crowds while keeping an eye out for anyone following us.  I
quietly tell him, "Make our way to Earth, Mars, anywhere, but here even if it's the
homeworld of Davroth."  

Aldis laughs a little at that and looks behind him.  He grabs my arm and tugs on it.  I
look at him then behind him to see a group of five gang members following behind us.

"Shit, let's go!" I say as I grab Aldis' arm and quickly weave through the crowds.  We run
towards the shuttle to Earth corridor only to run into more gang members waiting for us.

"Where are you two going?" one of the gang member asks.  "You don't want to stay and have
a chat with us?"  As they walk up to us gunfire rings out causing gang members to start
shooting randomly.

Aldis and I fall to the ground and I see what started it, several drunk Davroths had
started shooting each other.  This event caused the station police and gang members to
start shooting.  In the confusion we were able to sneak aboard the shuttle for Earth.  We
both watched as the shuttle flew away from the station, saying our last goodbyes.

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