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~Ghidorian Back Story~ Zaine Locke

6 June 2013, 12:39 AM   #1
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 *Twenty Years Ago*  

"ZAINEY!! ZAINEY!! ARE YOU AWAKE?!" The screech hit his ear drum painfully, jolting
him out of sleep.

Anger and annoyance coursed through him like fire. Growling he turned over in the
direction away from the door and shoved the pillow on top of his head, muffling out all
sound.  When, finally, all he could hear was blissful silence he gladly walked into the
hands of slumber. Letting it caress and lull him back to sleep. 

Suddenly the wind was knocked out of him as a heavy force hit him and pushed him deeper
into the bed. Thankfully he didn't have to breathe or he would have died of suffocation
right there. Despite the dying urge to knock whatever was on him to the wall he took a few
seconds to calm himself down to a level where he didn't feel like murdering someone. Even
so, something inside him told him he know who was the likely culprit of whatever-or
whomever- was causing him such discomfort. 

Slowly he turned himself over to where he was lying on his back causing the mysterious
force to shift slightly but remain atop him. Removing the pillow from his head he was
faced with yellow. To be exact, blonde. Hair pooled onto his face in silky waves which
tickled his nose. Sighing he moved the strands out of the way to be met with a smile and a
pair of glimmering ruby red eyes. She smiled even wider at the sight of his growing and
deepening frown. 

"Oh Zainey, don't be such a bum! You gotta get up!" She cried, laughing at the sight of
his annoyed face. 

Grunting Zaine closed his eyes, her disappearing for a few seconds. 
"Leave me alone, Leah. I don't want to deal with you today." 
A similar statement, if said to anyone else, would have ran away and cried in shame and
embarrassment if he had said such a thing to them. Unfortunately, this girl knows better.
Scoffing she leaned down onto her elbows bringing her face inches away from his. He could
smell the berry scent of her skin grow stronger as she lowered herself, now laying on

"When are you going to stop pretending you don't enjoy being around me?" She sighed. 

Intrigued Zaine opened his eyes slightly, his dark lashes still covering his dark eyes. He
found her looking at him strangely, with not-quite smile and beckoning eyes. Suddenly he
became very aware of the position they were in. Where her body touched his. Where his body
reacted to her touch. He felt his chest constrict slightly and his skin become clammy. 

Then she smiled. 

"See!" She screeched, rolling off him onto the other side of the bed, giggling. Laying
down next to him she looked up into his eyes with a crazy smile. "I make you go wild!" 

Even though she had moved off him Zaine could still feel the heat that spread throughout
his body from her touch. Embarrassed and now even more annoyed at himself for falling for
that trick again he pulled up the blanket and covered his face, separating himself from
her. Trying to calm himself down. He hated how she could always get the best of him like

Soon Leah had pulled the covers over her own head, joining him in the stuffy silence. Her
smile disappeared as soon as she saw him. His bare chest and his only piece of clothing:
black satin boxers. Even under the muted light of the covers he could see her cheeks flame
a crimson red. 

Smirking he turned over and leaned against his arm, lifting himself up just a bit. Just to
where he could look down at her. His dark hair fell in front of his eyes as it always did
but never concealing his view of her. 

"Enjoy the view?" His voice came out smooth and deep, one that made all his female
servants crumble. He didn't personally like acting so flirtatious but with Leah he loved
how it bothered her being so not in control. She looked up at him and, noticing his
triumphant look, stuck out her tongue. He had her and she knew it. 

Leaning over he brought his mouth to her ear and whispered hot words he knew would get her
nervous. Pulling away he brought over his hands and placed them on her small waist, easily
lifting her and setting her back on top of him. Her blonde hair fell down the sides of her
body, almost concealing her face. Reaching up he brushed them out of the way letting his
fingers linger on her skin. 

Her eyes were what he loved best about her. Unlike any other Dark Being he knows hers
wasn't dark and dismal but light and always moving. It was almost hypnotic. He could feel
the ends of her hair touch his revealed thighs. 

All of a sudden she smiled deviously, her mouth parting slightly. Zaine looked up at her,
"A little excited, are we?" 

Shit. Just great. He thought bitterly. 

Suddenly he felt her legs tighten against his body and pressing her own against his.
Slowly she took a hold of his hands and set them at her waist, running her hands down his
arm and lowering herself along with them until they reached his face. She brushed his hair
out of the way revealing his entire features. Mixture of pleasure, desire, and lust
exploded within him rendering him lax. He was putty in her hands. 

"Oh Zainey," She whispered, hot against his skin. Something about her voice changed. It
was deeper and much more seductive then before. Dangerous. "Do you feel that? The desire?
The lust of sin? Why do you deny it? Why fight it?" 
She lowered her face to his, her lips barely grazing his. 
"Don't act so cowardly." 

Usually they would tease the other but nothing like this. Never this intense. Suddenly he
could feel her, all the crevices of her body through her silky slip against his own mostly
naked body. He couldn't take it anymore, and something within him snapped. 

The hands which were still around her waist slid further down cupping her butt firmly in
his hands. Then he slid them down her revealed legs, smooth and porcelain, pulling her
closer to him. He needed to be satisfied and so did she. He could see it. That's what he
noticed before. Desperate need and lust.

Shaking away any coherent thoughts he raised his lips and placed them against hers. Both
hungry and predatory. Both desperate for companionship. Soon her silk slip was torn off
revealing only her shining body and his underwear followed. Shifting positions so he was
on looking down at her he took a hold of her hands within his, pinning them above her
head. Leaning down he kissed her neck and trailed down to the V between her breasts. Her
moans of pleasure fueled him on. 

"I love you." 

He looked up at her as the words left her mouth. She looked up at him, vulnerable and
pleading. Zaine could just deny her, reject her, end all this now before the confusion
that would come later. Although, looking down at her, he never seen a more beautiful Dark
Being in his life. Her blonde hair was splayed about her covering half the bed. Her naked
body, which shined with a sheen of sweat, glistened. He felt his heart race at the sight
of her, as it usually did. 

"I love you too."

And he took her. She became his and he became hers. Together as they became one under the
sheets of his room.


6 June 2013, 12:54 AM   #2
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Oh mah goodness..........

HE'S NOT A VIRGIN!!!!!     
Then again.... nobody really is except for Arionna, probably Elise, and maybe Evangline,
and.....is Hail a virgin??? I don't know to be honest.. O____O
Revion too...... WAIT!!!! NO HE ISN'T!! My bad I totally almost forgot about a very
imporant part of his past... woops   

Anyhow this was beautiful      

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6 June 2013, 12:58 AM   #3
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Last edited by ‹Ⓐnn4☯L0vΣ☣›, 6 June 2013
I read it through once again after I posted it on here and found many mistakes to which I
could've made it a little bit better.. 


I wrote this because I was uninspired to begin with. Now I'm filled!

P.s. Alyen better step up his game cuz Zaine just took the plate. Mmm...

Evangeline (although she has seen it, being an angel and all, and knows how to do it..
Just never done it.)

Are my virgin characters..


6 June 2013, 01:07 AM   #4
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Lmao!!! Yes, yes he did     
But I never really notice your mistakes lol So I wasn't distracted while reading it or

However, Adrien isn't a virgin is she?? Since we stopped role playing literally RIGHT
before/as it was happening with Alyen and Adrien, I assumed they just did it under the
radar lol. (Alyen has thought about that night/day..? in one of my earlier posts).
But hey, we can change that if you want!

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6 June 2013, 01:18 AM   #5
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Mostly my mistakes consists of the comma or I forget to add a word or "a". I did up there
in Zaine's Story and ugh! 

And Oh yeah!!! Man, I almost forgot about that!!!!! 

Yeah, Adrien and Alyen did the nasty too but I think it was only once. We stopped early
and skipped over it because you weren't too comfortable with stuff like that and all.
(Plus we would have had to skip soon before it turned into Character Cybering... :s


6 June 2013, 01:58 AM   #6
The all powerful Founder... me X3
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I'M GETTING BETTER I PROMISE!!!!!!!!!!!!             
Thought yes, I believe we agreed to keep it PG13 in here haha xD
And yes, it was only once.
But Caty, you DON'T need to feel bad or annoyed. I mean... compared to the mistakes I find
in MY posts... especially when it comes to SPELLING??? No worried, honestly lol.

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6 June 2013, 02:04 AM   #7
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Yes.... Well.. This post was borderline. Earlier today I was reading a particulary
graphic book and I grabbed some inspiration from that too. I had to remind myself of that
rule multiple times while typing it. Especially at the end. -^-

But it still bugs me regardless. As I read over it I tell myself I should edit it but by
then you have already read it and it would do no good so I just leave it. *sigh*

And no worries!!!!!! Although, I'm kinda nervous for when my dad and I leave. I don't know
how much RP time I would have up there except for at nights. 
But !!! My dad says Denise is an excellent writer (that being part of her job) so... heh.
I'll be telling her of our RP. xD

(I wouldn't dare read it to her.. At least not the beginning. I was completely AWFUL in
the beginning...... Like... Dreadful. I don't even know what was wrong with me.)


6 June 2013, 02:13 AM   #8
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It's alright ahahaha   It's doesn't bother me really, it was nice (INCREDIBLY nice... 
 ) to read about the more smexier side of Zaine... behind his aloofness lol 

But I know, I'm nervous too... that's why I want to get in as much RP time as we can
before July!! But the only reason you think you were bad is because you were used to
amature roleplaying =T I was lucky, and eventually got into a REALLY good club with
literate people, and I learned the correct way  And now so have you, and you rock at it!

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6 June 2013, 02:23 AM   #9
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That wasn't just sexi Taylor. As I was writing I became a little hot and bothered.
FJDSAKFJAD!!! Stupid Hormones! (I just got my depo shot so I'm going to mellow out a bit
more... I hope...)

I think we may even be leaving before July...
My dad says if my mom is going to be prissy and demand a 30 day notice or some shizz then
I will be staying a bit longer but as soon as the thirty days are up I'm on a plane out of
here. My dad will still be going at the desired date.

If she doesn't demand one than we will be leaving earlier. My dad is putting his Two Week
Notice in at work tomorrow. XS


6 June 2013, 02:30 AM   #10
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Ohmygoodness   What the heck, now I'm seriously sad...WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYUH???!!!!
Well I know why but ya know lol

But that's totally understandable lol, I mean we're teenagers, and you're less then a year
away from being an adult.... (MINDBLOWN)

Current, and temporary Arionna-
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6 June 2013, 02:36 AM   #11
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That's true. I guess everyone goes through what I'm going through right now. Though IT"S
NOT FUN!!!  It's gotten serious. Like.. Today I was carrying a box of pickles. I was
strugglin' and the box was leaning against my Uterus. And ... yeah. I need to
meeeeelllloooowww out.

Though these sexy men aren't really helping all that much.

And I know!!!  I'll be gone...


6 June 2013, 03:08 AM   #12
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MAN   Wow, 17 must be a big growth year for that stuff lmao XDDD
and lol a box of pickles xDD These guys... lol if they were real... they'd be burried in

But my gosh... that really really sucks...

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6 June 2013, 02:29 PM   #13
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I know.  I had to quickly shift and set it down. 

And have you had any.. "Wet Dreams"? You know when the dream is.... REALLY nice?
I don't really get those a lot but I remember a few times. It's wierd when I wake up.
"Uhh, where was the cute guy I was just with?" 
Then remember it wasn't real... Then I get sad and make cereal. 


6 June 2013, 03:22 PM   #14
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Well..... to be honest Caty like.... It's never been able to 'become' one. Like I guess
my mind gets bored with that stuff because it always changes to something other than
romance. And to be even more honest, most guys I dream about either don't like me like
that, like ANOTHER girl, or are trying to kill me in a very symbolic metaphorical way. 
  Wow... why am I so strange? Lmao xDD
But I know they're supposed to be normal. And you ARE older then me, so uh.... I dunno
maybe they'll... come along? Eya... 

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6 June 2013, 03:31 PM    #15
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Maybe that's why Im so good at romance envisionments and stuffs. xD

But I guess it's normal to.. We all mature at different rates in different ways.


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