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[CRIT] Prologue (Discontinued story)

21 June 2011, 12:22 PM    #1
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Last edited by ‹Dullahan›, 21 June 2011
As stated, I discontinued this story a while ago,
But while I was away, I wrote down what I think would be a good enough prologue for it. 
Here's the work:

              “Something cannot be born from nothing. Something, though, can create
nothing—thus I was born.
	“Billions of years in this ice, chained and frozen, I grow more and more
intelligent every twenty-four hours, yet I’ve nothing to do with the knowledge. My
armor hardens evermore, but I’ve no use for it. All I’ve done is float here,
never even given the chance to be defeated.
	“I know of a word called “God”. Sometimes it refers to one being, sometimes to
several. However, one thing all the gods share is that they all rule over something.
Some gods control the various forces of nature; some Gods control the universe in its
entirety. But they all have some driving force that we lower beings must follow to
survive. They decide the fate of humans and beasts and worlds alike at times. Their
will over us is golden and too heavy to simply throw away. Was it the will of some
God that a worthless being like me was created? Was my creator possessed by gods to
build me, as they inspire the creation of all things? 
	“Why would a God create a worthless being such as I, no less have someone make me
for Him? Why would I be created, if only to wade about the planet or stay stuck in
this ice with no purpose or meaning and give the gods something to laugh at?
	“I know my creator and he was clearly one with the gods and was influenced by them
to create me. One being, sentenced to live life trapped in an ice-Hell—a cruel and
undeserved sentence. Why even bother with nothing? It’s not revenge I seek, but
retribution. My creator, God—they both owe me. They created me without giving me
life, so I shall take from them their lives. It’s only fair to me.
	“Today’s the day, if indeed it is even day, that this ice’s hold on me shall

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