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28 May 2011, 08:32 PM   #1
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Two beautiful little girls played on the back lawn, trying to catch the last sunbeams of
the afternoon. I watched my sisters frolic happily from my balcony, picking lilacs from a
tree and tucking the blossoms behind their ears. The five year old, Danielle, showed her
little sister how to twirl around so that the petals in their hair fell on their clothes -
I knew for a fact that she was under the impression that it would call faeries to come
spend some time. Danielle spun, turning into a mass of incredibly long, wavy, deep
red-auburn hair, and a blur of a pink and white pristine dress. Sarah giggled, clapping
her hands as she sat on the grass. Danielle stopped abruptly, stumbling a little from
dizziness, and plucked a lilac from the tree. She leaned forward and neatly placed it on
Sarah's white-blonde head, kissing her little sister. Their two respective nannies sat on
the rocking chairs, smiling affectionately over at the two little girls, who truly lived
like princesses. 

I was interrupted from this scene by a knock at my door. Getting up with a sigh and
leaving the warmth of my chair, I made my way inside my room and over to open it, only to
come face-to-face with my stepmother. Glamorous as usual in a black Marc Jacobs cocktail
dress, the platinum blond looked down at me, in my ratty black sweatpants and  blue Les
Misérables T-shirt, and wrinkled her nose. I folded my arms, leaning against my

 "Oh, it's you. What is it, Laura?" My tone was bored, and to add to the effect, I lowered
my eyelids - a direct challenge to her so-called authority. She tapped a Gucci stiletto
against the floor in irritation.
 "Do not take that tone with me, Samantha. Believe me, if I didn't have to be here,
I wouldn't, but I just want to say that your little friend - Kay, was it? Well, she's
downstairs with the doorman, and she seems to be in quite the hurry to see you. Oh, and
please, get yourself cleaned up before the dinner party tonight - I refuse to let my and
your father's reputations go to waste by being seen with you at the state you're in now."
She scowled. 

Rather than shoot back a response or burst into tears, which I knew would only cause
trouble, I rolled my eyes, more than used to this treatment. "Okay, great." I made my way
down the hall with Laura and into the elevator, until we found ourselves face to face with
Kay. Laura sneered, and stepped aside, allowing Kay to step in. 
 "Thanks, Mrs. Kopit!" She called nervously as the doors shut. 

Now that it was safe, and I could be myself, I flung my arms around Kay. Kay grinned and
pulled back, tucking a couple of black hairs behind her ear. 
 "So that's your dreaded stepmom, huh?"
"She seems like such a bitch!"
"You don't know the half of it."
We returned to my room, which Kay took in with admiration. 

"Your new room is awesome! Okay, you have a sucky stepmom, but she came with a mansion and
staff - it's not all bad." 
I fell over laughing on the bed, and she joined in, sitting down next to me. When we had
finished, I sat up, and looked at her seriously. "So, what's your story for coming here
today?" I asked. Kay giggled nervously. "I followed your advice, and...Steve asked me to
dinner." She admitted. 
I rocketed up out of my bed and squealed. Little did she know that I had also been in
contact with Steve. 
"Oh my God, that's so great! But then, why are you here? Wait, let me guess -"
"I don't know -"
"What to -" 
"Wear." We both ended up saying 'wear' in unison, causing more giggles.  If they
ended up getting together, they would be my fifth successfully-paired couple. "Wait here."
I grinned at her, and disappeared into my walk-in closet. I came out, holding an elegant
royal blue Calypso wrap dress that I had 'borrowed' from Laura for these occasions,
knowing the satin and asymmetrical neckline of the designer dress would look great on Kay.
Kay bolted upright and squealed, and we packed it into her knapsack, along with a thin
silver shoulder bangle and a pair of matching silver hoop earrings - from my own jewelry

The next thing I knew, she left me in my room, puzzling over what I could possibly to to
look presentable for tonight. Adjusting my glasses, I looked in the mirror, and frowned at
my untidy red hair. No wonder your love life's zilch. A shame, too, seeing as you are
the official matchmaker of the millenium.
Looking at the clock, I groaned. Two hours, and then a night sitting at an ultra-boring
dinner party.

28 May 2011, 10:13 PM   #2
Guest Poster
This is REALLY good so far (: 
-applause- :3

29 May 2011, 02:48 AM   #3
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 Aww, thanks!

29 May 2011, 03:38 PM   #4
The Founder
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I like how you made the little girls' life seem so perfect and simple. The only thing I
saw that was strange was this:
Kay leapt bolt upright
It seems like it should instead be "Kay bolted up", or "Kay leaped up"; something simpler. Other than that, good job!
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29 May 2011, 03:54 PM   #5
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 Thanks very much! I'll fix it right away!
I'll probably update sometime soon.

11 June 2011, 04:28 AM   #6
Guest Poster
I like it.You made the little sisters seem so innocent.I love it 

29 July 2011, 04:05 PM    #7
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Chapter One
I hate dinner parties. 

Why? Simple. When you're the daughter of a rich businessman and the stepdaughter of a
billionaire socialite, you're expected to be three things; gorgeous, charming, and
fashionable. I fit none of those categories, much to the exasperation of my stepmother,
who was making what she called 'a Herculean effort to make you presentable'. The new
wardrobe she ordered for me didn't help much, however. I clearly did not have the kind of
figure which would do the strapless Marc Jacobs dress justice, despite it being a nice
navy blue.

The beauty of our reserved dining area at the country club didn't comfort me either. We
sat on a patio that jutted out from the rest of the outdoor restaurant so that it was
almost floating upon the infinity-edge pool. The waterfall was not far off, and above the
mahogany table stood columns, each one holding up the white marble dome. Normally, my
aesthetic sense would have appreciated all this, but not now.

 I sat at the table, surrounded by my father's co-workers and Laura's famous friends,
playing around with my food. Don't get me wrong, it was delicious - but the company around
me made me lose my appetite. Looking up and across from me, I saw someone who I hadn't
noticed before. 

A strikingly handsome blond boy who seemed around my age sat just across from me, his
posture straight and his suit complimenting his slender figure. He caught my eye and
smiled, opening his mouth to speak.
 "Nice place, huh? What could be better than this?" 
I rolled my eyes. "Hm....let's see...a frontal lobotomy? Having both arms amputated
without any painkillers?" To my surprise, this was met with laughter. 

My stepmother, who was previously ignoring me (thankfully, as she would have killed me for
that last comment), glanced in my direction with a look of approval. This boy was
obviously the son of someone wealthy and/or famous. He smiled again, reaching out his
"I should introduce myself. Alex Reidon, and you are..?"
I took his hand and shook it. Reidon! His mother, Eliza Reidon, was a top designer who was
chatting with mom, and his father was one of dad's associates. 
"Samantha Kopit. C-call me Sam, th-though."

I blushed when I found myself stammering. What on earth was going on? Looking around, Alex
grinned. "May I please be excused?" He called to his parents. They nodded, and he got up,
cocking his head slightly in the other direction, as if beckoning me. Feeling my face grow
warmer still, I nodded. "May I also be excused?" I called over to Laura, who nodded, not
really listening.

 Getting up, I joined Alex from where he was behind the column waiting for me, and he took
my hand. A tremor went through my spine. Come on, matchmaker! What's all this about
freaking out around a guy? Just go back to the table. I tried screaming at myself.
However, it was too late to go back now. He was already leading me somewhere. And the
worst part? I really, really wanted to follow along.

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