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Haven: Village Square

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14 December 2010, 12:00 AM   #1
Karston Cicero || Redcap || Nineteen
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The moment you cross that border of forest into a clearing, the first thing you see is a village square. There is a sign carved into an upright, limestone slab of rock. WELCOME TO HAVEN Creatures of all shapes and sizes roam around here. See there? That redheaded dwarf is the baker’s husband. And look! It’s an elf in a police uniform. Everyone uses this as a main meeting place with friends or associates because everyone knows where it is. Every path leads back to this square. The village square is surrounded by all sorts of picturesque buildings and at night, the lamppost right in the centre lights up bold and bright. The village is never still. There is also a large entertainment fountain to the left side where a huge building once stood but was burned down in something that was more or less an accident. The fountain is decorated with all sorts of engravings and accurate statuettes of naiads and mermaids decorate the concrete borders. Here, many water-dwelling creatures stay in the deep water whenever they have business in the village. Everyone you see looks happy and content. Florist is decorating the front of her shop, and children – or at least, they look like children- run past your feet, laughing and shrieking with delight. Don’t be fooled though; there is more to this place than what meets the eye. But for now, just about other being seeking refuge here wants to pretend that this place is perfect.

14 December 2010, 12:33 AM   #2
Guest Poster
Alexandria walked into the clearing with weary footsteps, the path was long and
tiring. The city put her in shock, never before had she seen a place so full of creature
like herself! Alexandria absently started fiddling with the wolf charm of her bracelet as
she strolled through the thriving area. She stopped short as a group of children ran in
front of her. They looked so happy and care free. Alexandria remembered when her life used
to be like that. As the children past, she started walking once again, the feel of her bag
resting comfortably between her should blades. She found a bench to sit down at and
crossed her legs when she sat. Her skirt always seemed to ride up when she sat, yet didn't
all clothing do that? She pulled up the top of her blouse before putting her bag in her
lap. Her boots seemed a little too hot for the weather, so she switched them out for her
sandals. The sun was bright, and it weakened Alexandria. She decided to rest for a few
minutes before finding a place to stay. The thought "Would I be able to find a place to
stay?" crossed her mind. It filled her with worry, but she shook it off when her gaze
drifted over to the children that had crossed her path earlier. They were playing a game
of some sort where they were running in a circle chasing each other. Alexandria's scar and
the bright ligh of the sun messed up the vision in her right eye, so she placed a flat
hand over her eyes to get a better look at their game. She kind of felt like going over to
them to ask if she could play as well. After a few moments of thought, she decided against
the idea, for they would probably think of her as a stranger, which she really was, and
would run off to play their game else where. Her few minutes of rest had past, but she was
sitting comfortably now. She pulled her out from behind her, and over her left shoulder.
Little ringlets of red curls bounced joyfully to be freed of confinement from the back of
the bench. Her hands moved to the draw string of her bag, and she fumbled quickly to open
it. Pulling out a long, wide, pure white ribbon from her bag, she tied her hair in it,
making a bow. Now her hair would stay in front of her, and she wouldn't be bothered with
it bouncing along her back every time she took a step. Pulling the string shut, Alexandria
noticed the design of the bench. There were swirling patterns on it. She began tracing the
pattern with her finger, forgetting about everything else that was happening.   

14 December 2010, 01:53 AM   #3
Karston Cicero || Redcap || Nineteen
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Karston Cicero adjusted the lopsided fedora to cover his bloodshot eyes. His
reaching the village known as Haven was a little less glorious than he had first intended;
in fact, he had it all planned out in his head: a triumph burst from the trees and
shrubbery, a tired but determined stride over the line that separated this world from the
humans, his back straight and proud, and his face would greet the sun with a cocky smirk.
Instead, here he was - slouched, grumpy and bewildered with the sudden light. Even if he
prided himself in his speed, he had managed to get himself lost: even if there was a clear
trail for him to follow.  Finally, he lifted the fedora an inch so he could study village
square, taking in the sign and the colourful buildings. But it was the creatures, even the
boisterous children that took up his vision.
   And for an absurd moment, Karston wondered if he had fallen into some sort of
Wonderland. He inhaled deeply, taking in the scents of baking bread, floral stalls, cafes,
and the pure smell of peculiarities. Already, he was feeling lightheaded: it always
happened when he was overwhelmed. Without any concern or query towards the only other
occupant of the closest, elaborate bench, Karston fell back next to a girl who he briefly
acknowledged had a mane of curly red hair, and groaned under his breath, rubbing the
bridge of his nose.

14 December 2010, 02:00 AM   #4
Guest Poster
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Janus stumbled upon this village. He thought it was quite beautiful. He stood up straight
and straightened his jacket. He was covered in dirt from head to toe from the forest. He
sighed. After he looked around he smiled. I guess it was worth it he thought to
He saw a few people, but really what 'awed' him was all the color. "This place is great!"
he muttered more or less to himself. He was going to like it here a lot. After a minute or
two of admiring, Janus decided to walked around and give himself a tour. He was shocked by
all the magnificent buildings. It was really nice and everything looked nice and clean.
After about thirty minutes he got tired. His adventure knocked all the energy he had out
of him. He saw an empty nearby bench and sat on it. He let out a struggling yawn. He
realized his hair was all messy and straightened it back out. "Great..." he muttered. He
looked around and sighed. He cradled his knees. His jeans and jacket had holes in them. He
shook his head.

14 December 2010, 02:16 AM   #5
Guest Poster
Alexandria came back to reality when she heard a groan of some sort. Out of the
corner of her eye, she noticed a man had taken a seat beside her on the bench. He seemed
like he wasn't in the mood to have a conversation with anyone, so Alexandria drifted her
gaze back to the swirling pattern of the bench underneath her. After a few moments, she
realized the smell of a bakery was filling her nose. Her stomach let out a hungry whine,
and she instinctively "shushed" it into silence. She had no money to buy food, or even a
place to stay. Her bottom lip quivered slightly as she remembered her home before she had
recieved her scar. The scar. It had ruined everything, and here she was showing it off
proudly. She had cut her hair to hide the scar, but the bangs became quite annoying
after so long. She lifted her hand to pull out the Bobby pins that held her bangs in
place. She couldn't see well out of her right eye anyway, so she didn't see a problem in
covering it up. Besides, her bangs had grown since she cut them. Perhaps they wouldn't be
as bothersome now. Her hand lightly brushed the man beside her as she pulled out the first
bobby pin. "Sorry," she said quietly, her Irish accent coming in thickly. She dropped the
Bobby pin into her other hand, and reached up to get the last one. Her bangs were free at
last, and fell over her right eye as if that were where they were meant to be. Now no
one can see it. She pinned the pins onto the top of her blouse in case she wanted to
use them again. Her gaze drifted back to the children playing once again. She wished she
had the strength to go play with them at that moment. She felt awkward next to someone she
didn't know. 

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14 December 2010, 02:26 AM   #6
Guest Poster
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Janus looked around. His stomach growled. He wandered what kind of things were here. He
saw a park and went crazy. He loved parks. He usually played with kids anyway. They were
always quite found of him and he was found of them. He stood up and walked over to the
playground. He grinned. But he was too tired to play around. He sat on the swing though.
He felt better now that he was around kids. It made him feel a little more like home. He
rubbed his temples and shook his head. He needed to snap out of this laziness that has
consumed him. It has never really happened before and he certainly didn't want it to
happen now. He looked around and felt a serge of energy. He shook a bit then stopped. He
laughed a bit. "I feel better" he muttered. HE stood up and stretched. He was going to
play with the kids till he looked down at what he was wearing. "Dang. I need new clothes."
he growled to himself. He sat back down on the swing with a sigh. This day wasn't going to

14 December 2010, 02:45 AM   #7
Karston Cicero || Redcap || Nineteen
Joined: 11 Dec 2010
Posts: 58
Karston instinctively flinched at the contact from the girl; it didn't matter how
light it was. He removed his face from his hand and tilted his head in her general
direction, briefly acknowledging the occupation of an empty bench by yet another newcomer.
His eyes had gotten used to the light and colours and now he drunk in his surroundings
fully. It was amazing recently: it was a backwards world, but when he looked closely in
through the windows, he could see electrical lights being used, square, blurred shapes
dancing across TV screens and even a vacuum cleaner could be heard somewhere behind him. 
"S'alright," was Karston's half-hearted dismissal when the girl apologized. His drawling
British accent was equally as strong as hers and he gave her a haphazard smile; the one
that he usually put on when trying to dissuade a teacher's accusations of him being a
cheeky little bugger. He had heard her stomach but he didn't say anything of it - in fact,
he tried to ignore it. But Karston was reminded of his own hunger and hoped that village
used the Euro and not some ancient currency. Or trade. He had nnothing to trade. The smell
of bakery was persistant and the thought of hiring out a room, at least for a night,
sounded like heaven to him. Subconciously, he made to pat the fedora on his hat to make
sure the sun and the long travel to Haven hadn't dried it out. The thick substance that
was blood stained his finger tip and tickled his scalp. Karston pulled a face. He could
settle down a few more days before he had to go and find a human to slaughter for his own
  This time, it was his grumbling stomach that filled the somewhat awkward silence and he
suddenly remembered the girl he was sitting beside and his stomach. A low growl of
resignition sounded in the back of Karston's throat and he rummaged through his messenger
bag. He was sure he had managed to pack something from the last town he had been in...-
Ah, there it was. He fished out the squashed but still edible sandwhich wrapped in clear
plastic. Unappealing as it looked, he wasn't going to complain.

14 December 2010, 03:24 AM   #8
Guest Poster
Alexandria noticed another man had entered this town . He was on a swing now, but
Alexandria new she'd fall if she tried to get up. She wanted it to be nightfall sooner.
The sun was going to be the death of her. The man's acceptance of her apology didn't
surprise, but his accent did. It was as thick as hers, but she liked the tone of it. She
turned her head to look over at him just as he started to smile at her. In return, she
gave a smile in return, her green eyes getting a little brighter. They always started at a
dull green and got brighter as the day turned into night. By turning her head, the wind
caught her hair and sent some of her curls bouncing. Alexandria put her hands over top of
her hair top keep them from hitting the man next to her. Her ears picked up a slight growl
from beside her. It was from the man. He must be hungry, too. I would offer something,
but I don't have aything to offer. The awkwardness was beginning to get thick again,
that is until Alexandria heard another growl emit from the man's stomach. She noticed a
slight movement, and she glanced over. The man had pulled out, what she had hoped, to be a
smashed sandwich. She quickly looked away, her stomach beginning to growl again. She began
fiddling with the hem of her skirt, letting her fingers ride the skirt ride up her leg and
back down again. She did it to distract herself, and it worked. She forgot how hungry she
was, even if it was just for a few moments.

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14 December 2010, 03:39 AM   #9
Karston Cicero || Redcap || Nineteen
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Karston unwrapped the sandwich eagerly, forgetting in his hungry state that it was
rude to eat in front of another starving person. The smell of ham, fresh lettuce and
cheese was emphasised by the sudden breeze and the scent wafted up to his nose, making his
nostrils twitch. He could already taste it. The sandwich got as far as his chin before
Karston blanched and pulled of an exaggerated double-take. He glared at the sandwich;
aghast, and lifted the soft white bread carefully.
He couldn't stand the stuff, and his tongue itched at some vague memory that involved him
having a horrible experience with mayonnaise. In an instant, his appetite vanished and he
considered discarding the food into a nearby flower garden. Then he remembered the girl
beside him and her obvious hunger. Usually, kindness wasn't in his nature, but he didn't
want to waste a good sandwhich. He closed it carefully and wrapped it back in the plastic
before shoving it under the girl's nose - hey, she was distracted, alright?- and waved it
front of her face.
"Hey," Karston nudged her slightly. "Do you want this?" The sandwich looked pathetic, to
be honest, but it was still food and edible at that. "I hate mayonnaise."

14 December 2010, 03:58 AM   #10
Guest Poster
The smell of the sandwich hit Alexandria like a rather large gust of wind. The
last thing her mouth had tasted was a rabbit four days ago. She would have preffered
fruit, but her wolf form over powered her. Within the next moment plastic was at the rim
of her nose, and the man was nudging her. A slight change in her mood appeared when she
heard him ask if she wanted the sandwich. "Well, if.. If you don't want it," she said,
slowly reaching for the sandwich and taking it in her hands. It really was a pitiful
looking thing, but it was food. "I'll repay you," she said quietly, "Do you like rabbit?"
She looked over at him for only a moment. The question may seem odd to everyone else, but
to her it was quite normal. She looked back down at the sandwhich, and unwrapped it from
it's plastic casing. She took a Bobby pin from her blouse, and pinned her hair back. Her
scar would be shown, but she'd rather not get food stuck in her hair, at least not while
she was in human form. Her teeth sharpened themselves into points as she began tearing
pieces off of the sandwich and placing them into her mouth. The savory flavors melted
together in her mouth, and made it water. She sighed with relief as her stomach quit
growling after the first few bites. Before she knew it, the sandwich was finished. She
looked down at the empty plastic, and put it into bag. Her hands were bleeding again.
Probably from all the things she was doing with them. She pulled a pair of gloves out of
her bag, replacing the plastic she had just had. She put them on slowly, looking at how
blooodstained they already were. She sighed lightly.   

15 December 2010, 09:35 PM   #11
Karston Cicero || Redcap || Nineteen
Joined: 11 Dec 2010
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"I love rabbit," Karston replied in all easiness; even if the question seemed a
tad odd. "But really, there's no need to repay me for a measley sandwich." He checked his
nails and made a face at the scratched black paint. He supposed staying in perfect shape
was impossible when on the run. The smell of the sandwich was still enough to make him
feel sick in the gut from hunger, but the thought of the mayonnaise made him downright
ill. The girl, Karston saw, was devouring said sandwich with a vengeance. It wasn't that
he made a habit of watching people eat, but when he glanced at her a second time, Karston
could not help but notice the scar on over her eye and he bit the inside of his cheek. It
was not his place to ask anything of it. But truth be told, that wasn't exactly what
caught his attention. Karston was proud to be a Redcap; especially since his senses were
much sharper than most creatures and more so than humans. So it was no trouble for him to
notice the fact that while the girl beside him was eating, her canine teeth had lengthened
considerably, and-
Karston's nostrils flared and he bit the inside of is cheek harder, almost breaking the
The smell of blood was overwhelming and Karston couldn't help but stare long and hard at
the girl, searching for some sort of wound. Finally, his crimson eyes fell on her hands.
Even if she was pulling on gloves, he could still smell it as strong as ever. For a
moment, he was glad that she was not human - after all, being a Redcap, he did not only
murder humans for survival but for the thrill of seeing destruction on humanity. But also
as a Redcap, he refused to kill those who were...otherworldly. 
"You should probably clean that up," Karston said finally, looking pointedly at her hands.
His voice was strained and he tried hard to keep the obvious hunger out of his words.
"It's dangerous to leave it like that. Could get infected, y'know?"

16 December 2010, 01:38 AM   #12
Guest Poster
Alexandria smiled softly when he said he liked rabbit. That was her favorite kill,
and perhaps the easiest. She could always find one scurrying about the woods, so getting
him a few wouldn't be much of a problem. "Oh, it's really no problem at all. They are
quite easy to catch, but you'll have to be the one to cook it," she said, glancing over at
him. Her teeth went back to normal almost the instant she finished the sandwich. That was
a flaw of being a werewolf, always have sharp teeth when eating. She couldn't even begin
to count the times she had bit her tongue trying to devour a meal, well, at least in human
form. Alexandria noticed the man glancing over at her, but it wasn't until her hands began
bleeding that she got a full-fledged stare. She pulled the blood stained gloves over her
bleeding hands, when his voice rang in her ears. "Get it checked out?" she asked, looking
over at him. She had never gotten it checked out before. She had always just waited for
the cuts to heal into scars. Besides, they'd just break open again when she went traveling
in her wolf form. "I think it'll be okay. I get new cuts almost every single day, and I
just let them heal into scars."

17 December 2010, 09:49 PM   #13
Guest Poster

Janus bounced in his swing with a laugh. He was getting full of energy. He began to swing.
He got higher and higher. He began to laugh a lot too. When he got REALLY high he jumped
out, landing on his feet. He laughed to himself and looked around seeing people looking at
him. A few nodded and smiled at him. He bit his lip. "Sorry," he muttered and walked off.
He didn't think he was ever going to be accepted here, just like at the last place. He
sighed and sat on a bench. He buried his face in his hands. Why couldn't he ever do
anything right? He shook his head, everything was hopeless now. He sat up and looked at
his shredded clothes. "I need new stuff." he muttered he pulled out his wallet and counted
his money. He probably had enough to but one pair of pants and one jacket...and maybe
another shirt. He wasn't sure. He stood up. Now, to look for a store... he thought
to himself.

17 December 2010, 11:01 PM   #14
Karston Cicero || Redcap || Nineteen
Joined: 11 Dec 2010
Posts: 58
"Ha, that'd be fine with me. I can cook a mean rabbit stew," Karston said
jovially. He had finally understood that she meant to repay him with a rabbit meal, and
that was fine with him. For a brief moment, his ears perked at the sound of a swing's
hinges and a laughing boy not too far off. His gaze did not leave the girl though. If he
was being rude, he hadn't noticed. Karston's stomach churned - threatening to growl aloud
again but he willed his gut to shut the hell up! The pocket of his blazer where his
wallet was felt heavy and the smell of bakery intensified. If that wasn't a sign, he
wasn't sure what it was. Karston pulled out is wallet in a resigned manner and flicked
through the coins and cash. He had pulled out every last bit of his savings - with much
trouble- and a few favourite outfits and had run. He didn't have much, but the money, he
was sure, would last him a good few months if he spent wisely. That meant no spontaneous
shopping sprees. Karston sighed. 
  The girl was talking to him again, something about her scars, and he turned his head
with a lazy grin to show that he was paying attention. He truly was though; why would she
get scars every day? Were they self-inflicted or did they have something to do with the
simple fact that she was not human? Karston brushed non-existant lint off his shoulder and
shot her another charming smile. Curiosity had finally gotten the better of his manners.
"I was just wondering, Miss. Forgive me if it's too upfront a question, but why are you
here in Haven?"

17 December 2010, 11:33 PM    #15
Guest Poster
Alexandria pondered the question the man asked her. She wasn't sure whether she
should answer him or not. "The reason I am here?" she asked, looking down at her lap. The
words seemed to be a slight mumble, and the began fiddling with a ringlet of a curl in her
hair. "I ran away from my home because I was a stupid girl, which is why I have the scar
on my face now," she replied, pointing to the scar on her face. "I decided that the one I
thought was my love deserved to know what I truly was, a werewolf. He gave me this scar,
and, in my pain, I lashed out. I killed him on complete accident, but I couldn't face my
family. We had already moved so many times before, and I couldn't put that kind of stress
on them," she replied. Her hands tightened around the hem of her skirt, the gloves
protecting her hands from being cut by the force of her fingernails. Taking a deep breath,
she looked over at the man. "That is why I have the scars on my hand. I travel in
wolf-form mostly, so my hands are subjected to the earth. They are quite delicate, so I
put the gloves on whenever they begin to bleed," she sighed. She started to stand up,
pulling her skirt down as she did so. "Now, I believe I owe you a few rabbits, correct?"
she asked, giving him a brief smile. She took her gloves off, and placed them back into
her bag. "You sit here while I get you something to eat," she told him quietly as she
began walking away from the bench. 
She got to the edge of the forest, and went into wolf form. She had enough strength to get
a few rabbits. Besides, they were so easy to find, let alone catch. She dug her paws into
the ground, and lofted her muzzle up to sniff the air. Rabbits were close, she just knew
it. She took off, the familiar pounding on the earth sounding through ears. Aha! A family
of rabbits went bouncing across her path not even ten feet away. Alexandria darted after
them, and pounced once she was close enough. She got one by the neck, and two more beneath
one of her paws. She snapped their necks, before going back to the edge of the forest. Her
clothes were bloodied now, but she carried the three rabbits back to the man sitting at
the bench. "Three rabbits, fresh from the forest. I hope this makes a fine stew, and will
repay you for the sandwich you allowed my to have," she told him, placig the rabbits to
the side of him. 
She looked down at her clothes now. Blood staining the front of her blouse. A small frown
appeared, but it dissipated quickly. It would wash out, it always does. That wasn't the
first time her kill had been messy.

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