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Karston Cicero || Redcap || Nineteen
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Make sure to answer every question thoroughly. I have zero tolerance for
Mary-sues/Gary-stus so be careful when creating your character. Unless I have approved
your character, do no post in any of the in-character roleplay topics. No pictures either;


Full Name:


Clothing example/s:


Personality: Please be descriptive.
Likes: At least three.
Dislikes: At least three.
Strengths: At least five.
Weaknesses: At least five.
History: At least six lines/sentences.

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Full Name: Christopher Alan Stone
Nicknames: Chris
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Sexuality: Bisexual, but leaning more towards girls.
Nationality: English
Species: Werewolf


Face: Oval shaped with slight pointed chin.
Eyes: Grey in color.
Hair: Sandy Brown.
Skin: Quite pale.
Build: Mostly skinny.
Clothing example: Likes to wear shirts most of the time.
Other: Half of his right index finger has been cut of for a reason he doesn't quite
remember. He is also left handed.


Personality: He can be timid and naive at times, but he has a good heart. As a werwolf, he
can't remember what happens after his monthly wolf form. He isn't exactly sociable, but is
friendly if people ever talk to him.
Likes: The outdoors, friends and adventure.
Dislikes: The full moon, enemies and dishonest people.
Strengths: Speed, power, fighting (when in wolf form or not), intelligence, suspicion and
sneaking around.
Weaknesses: Tripping over, memory, controlling a situation, controlling his wolf form and
Family/Relationships: He never knew his family and was brought up in by a carer in London
with no friends.
History: Chris was a werwolf ever since he could remember. He discovered he was a werwolf
when he was eight years old, and ever since then it was a burden to carry. If anyone got
to be friends with him, they'd disappear by the full moon. With a shock, Chris presumed
that he had eaten them. No longer could he take it. He heard about a rumor of a mysterious
village, called Haven, and sought it out so that no one else he knew would get hurt..

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Guest Poster
[Hope this is fine! Marsh nearby, plz? ;o;]

Full Name: Lettice [ 'Gillespie' -surname if taking ]
Nicknames: Letty 
Gender: Male
Age: Appears Sixteen
Sexuality: Questionable
Nationality: French – Slavonic 
Species: Eleionomae [Marsh Naiad]


Face: A soft antique white-coloured and effeminate façade. Two small beauty marks
are located at the bottom side of his right eye, making a slight curve together there.
Eyebrows are slightly ‘dot’-like. 
Eyes: Wide eyes with thick lashes encasing them. A dark spring green colour. Pupils
are nearly nonexistent. 
Hair: Long, shaggy cut of a midnight green shade in which reaches to his shoulder
blades, or at least a bit further than that when wet [typically]. Most of the time there
is about a six bump braid at the left of his face in which slips over his shoulder.
Skin:Entire body is that creamy antique-white colour. Seemingly flawless by these
strictures, however, there is a cut that runs from the right ankle up to the knee. 
Build: Being a Naiad [which are supposed to be girls], the build of Lettice is very
feminine. At a slightly under average height, being as 5’5” ¾ ft and weighing just as
less in about 116.9 lbs. 
Clothing example/s: You know how nymphs are. You wouldn’t go swimming in a marsh
wearing a sweater and so on, now would you? I’m sure you understand what I’m talking
about. [Someone’s lacking a few articles of clothing~]
Other: Wears a long necklace that is made by a slim piece of brown string, and has
an alligator tooth pendant on it. 


Personality: Letty is typically a reserved and quiet type of person with a constant
tendency to just simply stare off into mere space. He twiddles his thumbs a lot and hums
just as much. However, though as seemingly fine and fitting as he is to his species within
this, he is very rebellious and curious. Much too curious to reserve himself around people
and creatures he doesn't know anything about. His voice to speak seems to be lost but he's
still always following suit people. Typically benevolent towards many others.
 When upon land and no longer in the comfort and safety of the marsh, Letty appears to
become uneasy and rather jumpy as well. He doesn't seem to be as curious when out of the
water, of course to add with such. But he's generally nice and easy going, smiling a lot
and always giving a positive expression. 
 But, please, don't get upset when he doesn't talk. It's really hard for him to. He
usually speaks within illusions if he feels like he can trust you easily. 
 He’s also extremely fascinated by musical instruments. So run one by him, he’d love
to hear it be played.
Likes: Anything that does not regard the marshland such as towns and cities and so
on, small and aquatic animals, people and other creatures, especially if they're willing
to stick around for a while, has a slight taste for baked potatoes for some reason. 
Dislikes: Things that taste too spicy, people and creatures with obviously bad
intentions [ they usually won't get past the marshland, though ], being mistaken for a
girl... that's inevitable though.
Strengths: Using illusions, hiding himself away in the water, evading, luring
things to the water usually with humming, and anything else involving the waters.
Weaknesses: Utterly useless away from the water, physical combat, talking, walking
is hard enough, and most other offensive skills are futile for him.
Family/Relationships: Not anymore – though he has many siblings, he knows none of
 As an infant, near to be new-born, he was found by a young woman from long ago near the
placement of the marshes that resided closely to her stuffy and poor town. She was just
the same, but to leave a child out in the open, cold world to suffer the harsh night was
not in her simple nature. Without hesitation, she grasped the child in her pale hands and
whisked it off and away with her back to the gloomy town she called her.
 She’d made promises that could not be kept - but there was not a voice that would truly
tell her otherwise. 
Within a few days, she named her ‘new child’ by the name of ‘Lettice’, for she
claimed he was ‘a little “Joy” of hers’
By six years of past, and of futile attempts to teach, she had learned that her Lettice
could not speak words or at least not to do so without straining himself great. She
worried. Her hands were always to his with fingers wrapped around taut. 
But soon, at time of music that rolled to and fro of the bustling streets before that
dirty town, he found himself strangely attracted to it. Rhythms he’d heard over and over
again, or even just once, would be repeated with a soft tone, such force that not a mouth
would be open, but rather just a few commencing dwellings of the throat that drifted from
with such perfect ease. 
Someone without a notion of words drifted it with the same feelings of an instrument. This
talent was never recognized by anyone else but his ‘mother’ until much later. By the
age of thirteen years, it was noticed by many others.
Some believed it was a gift.
These people were those whom were wrong.
Figuring that it was no longer an ability of a human’s, a hint of pure furious engulfed.
A thing Letty didn’t even know he was, he was being accused of such. But they were just
a bit off.
These days, such a thing was never to be trialed. It was death by rumors.
Dragged by force, he was swept back to which he came from – no, further than that. So
much further. The cut on his leg is from the trip over to a new marshland. 
 He was stabbed but it missed his heart. They left him in the water, in which he was
supposed to die at. 
This, of course, failed. The water healed his wounds – and ever since that day he’s
been dwelling in the same place, forever unaging by the strictures of the marsh, healing
and devouring any bad of him.
The stab, however, left he with much blood loses at that time; he can’t remember
anything back then. All he knows is the name that was given to him, but not by who it was
or anything beyond such. Everything about instruments he knew about then is no more than
lost now, but he as an undying quench to learn more still, and he still knows how to hum.
Yet ever since that day, he’s learned to be the way he should.
But because of being there still as long as he had, and unconsciously he does this, his
personality is still very human-like, isn’t it?

12 December 2010, 08:15 AM   #4
Karston Cicero || Redcap || Nineteen
Joined: 11 Dec 2010
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Both accepted. C: Great characters, the two of you - I love them. <3

12 December 2010, 08:27 AM   #5
Guest Poster


12 December 2010, 10:46 AM   #6
Karston Cicero || Redcap || Nineteen
Joined: 11 Dec 2010
Posts: 58

Full Name: Karston Cicero
Nicknames: N/A
Gender: Male
Age: Nineteen
Sexuality: Bisexual
Nationality: British
Species: Redcap 


An oval-ish face with high, gaunt cheekbones. His brows are long and thick, but the line
thins out as it tapers to an end and they are perpetually raised in a way that makes him
look half-heartedly amused. His lips are pipeline and a rosy pink.
Almond-shaped and hooded. The irises are a startling red; common amongst the Redcap folk.
Dark, spindly lashes give him a somewhat sultry appearance.
He has a mop of wavy, layered hair that just goes past his earlobes. His fringe isn’t
straight, but also wavy like the rest of his hair and is swept slightly to the left.
It’s a strawberry-blonde colour with an almost auburn-y hue. Unfortunately, if you peek
under his fedora, it seems to be constantly matted with blood.
A very light tan, and not totally unblemished. He has a few scars and he often has bruises
from occasional fisticuffs and violent (as well as dangerous) endeavours with his best
Karston is lean but not thin. He stands at 5’9 exactly and weighs 140lbs; and it is all
Clothing example/s: 
Karston loves fashion so whatever he wears, he always makes sure it compliments his him.
Often though, he’ll be wearing his favourite pair of red leather pants with a grey
turtleneck long-sleeved shirt and a black blazer. True to his species, however, he does
constantly wear a red fedora and blacker-than-black iron-shod boots that are just shy of
his knees.
Even though it’s pretty much illegal to be carry around a pikestaff in his left hand
everywhere like his ancestors used to do, he still practices the art as much as he can and
has a modified pikestaff that can retract into itself packed into his messenger bag.


Karston is, to say the least, insane. Because he often acts like a typical cold, arrogant
and proud popular teenage boy, people tend to overlook that he is a malevolent creature by
nature. But though he is sarcastic, harsh and violent with murderous intent, Karston knows
how to keep a cool head; at least long enough to get the job done. Since a Redcap cannot
survive without killing a human and dying his fedora red with the fresh blood for long,
Karston has also managed to force himself to stifle his emotions whenever it comes to
human relationships. It’s not much of a problem though, since he has a tendency to look
down his nose at them anyway. If he starts talking about himself, don’t bother trying to
stop him. Best thing to do is always sit down and listen; it’ll probably save you from
being murdered brutally with a pikestaff.
Himself, practicing with his pikestaff, running, fashion, and fish.
Humans, when his fedora looks like it’s about to dry out, sugary food, being ignored,
and the Scriptures.
His brute strength, ability to wield a pikestaff, speed (according to all sources, it is
impossible to outrun a Redcap because of their iron shoes), shrewdness, determination, and
Hot-headedness, killing for petty reasons, shopping (...what), arrogance, lack of empathy,
stubborn, and his natural enemy is the Scriptures. If you can recite a particular
Scripture that a Redcap chooses for you to recite, then you can go free if captured.  
He has a large family with three brothers and two sisters, a mother and a father – all
of which, of course, are Redcaps. Though the family barely have conflicts, it’s all
probably thanks to the fact they hardly ever see each other. Since Redcaps don’t like
sharing victims, they can be often found scattered amongst isolated places and ruins where
travellers often visit so they can have an easy kill. The only one real person that
Karston cares for is, surprisingly enough, is his best friend Sergio Adair, who also has
homicidal tendencies and delusions.
Karston Cicero was born on the twelfth day of the twelfth month in London, England. He’s
the second eldest out of the six children, and for as long as he can remember, he has worn
a red cap up until he was seven. That was when he was allowed to choose his own hat. His
hat, which was to be worn and drenched in blood at all times, was his life source. Should
it ever dry completely, he would die: imagine the blood in your body slowly drying up –
not very pleasant. When he was fifteen, his family dispersed to different parts of England
so they could find victims without attracting too much attention to themselves. Up until
he was eighteen, Karston lived with a caretaker, but since she was elderly, Karston never
felt the urge to kill her and use her blood – mainly because he was concerned there
mightn’t be enough in her anyway. Living a life as normally as a rampaging murderer with
a hat that smelled like death can, Karston thought his life was pretty damn good. 
  But being proud and flamboyant, he accidentally let slip about a recent murder and
attracted dangerous attention. Before he could be arrested for being a prime suspect, the
young Redcap up and left with as many clothes he could carry and all the cash in his bank.
Sergio, his best friend who was also leaving for overseas, mentioned something about a
small village in Germany where creatures thought only to exist in stories thrived. Even if
it was only a rumour from a delusional boy, Karston Cicero murdered countless and more to
find this secluded haven.

12 December 2010, 03:24 PM   #7
Tamara Lin || Human with Faery Magic || Seventeen
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All of these characters are great! ^_^ Mine's almost done. 

Is there a limit on how many characters we can make? I won't be making, like, thirty, but
maybe three or four more if I can.  c:

12 December 2010, 03:42 PM   #8
Guest Poster
I feel like mine is 'lacking meat' compared to your characters. ;__;

12 December 2010, 10:25 PM   #9
Karston Cicero || Redcap || Nineteen
Joined: 11 Dec 2010
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I'd say maybe four characters each. Is that alright, do you think? 

And Artic; your character is fine! I love him, and the form is short and to the point. But
if you really want to, feel free to add anything to your form and I'll check it out.

12 December 2010, 11:10 PM   #10
Guest Poster
I do hope this meets your expectations, dear


Full Name: Alexandria May Rose.
Nicknames: Alexis, Rosy.
Gender: Female.
Age: She appears 15.
Sexuality: Straight as a pin.
Nationality: Irish. 
Species: Werewolf. I love werewolves. Sorry if I seem as though I am tryig to copy
another's character. That is not my intention.


Face: Alexis has high cheek bones, and her chin curves into a dull point. Her brows are
thin, yet very long. She has a dimple on the right side of her face, just to the right of
her lips.
Eyes: She has green eyes, with are scar running down through the middle of the left one.
This will be explained later. They spot of which the scar runs through her actual
eye, the color has turned blue. The shape of the eye consists of an oval shape, slightly
larger toward the inner corners. Her lashes are short, and curve slightly upwards toward
the sky.
Hair: She has curly red hair that flows down to the base of her back. It's styled with
long layers, and bangs that reach her nose. The bangs were meant to cover her eye, but she
pushes them back with Bobby pins.
Skin: Freckles cover her shoulders, arms, nose, and cheeks. Scars are found on the palms
of her hands and feet, mainly from her means of travel. Gloves of hers normally can be
seen with blood stains seeping through the cloth. 
Build: Alexis is thin, with a slight lean nature to her body. She stands at 5'3", and
weighs a total of 123 pounds, ten of which being fat.
Clothing example/s: Alexis can normally be seen wearing a teal colored blouse with a brown
flower stitching along the left side. A brown skirt is its pair, and it rides about a
third up her knees. Shoes consist of either a knee-high pair of bear skin boots, or a pair
of gladiator sandals. A small, off-white colored bag is always seen resting between her
shoulder blades. The bag has the same pattern as on her blouse, only the color is teal. A
draw string keeps all of her items locked away inside.
Other: She wears a bracelet. A simple stretchy bracelet with a wolf charm as the center
piece, metallic beads with tribal markings on them surrond the charm.


Personality: Alexis is, without a doubt, a very short-tempered individual. She tends to
"lose her cool" more than she should. Any simple thing that could be settled through a
simple talk usually ends with her screaming at the object or individual. She has gotten
better over the years, mainly after she recieved her scar. She is not afraid to say what
is on her mind, or come up to someone to ask them for anything she may need. She has the
tendency to talk to herself a lot, although they end up becoming very loud conversations.

Likes: Storms, sunsets, the moon, fruit, and her bracelet.
Dislikes: Human folk, foraging, and chocolate.
Strengths: Speed, her sharp teeth and claws, nature, the moon. 
Weaknesses: Her short-temperedness, her loathing of others, weapons, sunlight, and
physical fights with other people. 
Family/Relationships: Alexis was born on September eighteenth in her homeland of Ireland.
She has three other siblings, herself being the second youngest. Her family consists of,
mostly, werevolves. Her mother and father are, but the oldest and youngest child of the
family are not. The family tends to move a lot, mainly because of fights that break out
between the family and others in their village.
History: Alexis was short-tempered, but she normally wasn't the one in her family to cause
them to move. It was normally her older brother. He let his temper get the best of him.
Alexis would normally just scream and yell whenever something would tick her off. Yet...
One year after they had moved, Alexis found herself never getting mad at one boy. She had
fallen head over heels. They were together for six months, and she thought it was time to
let him know what she was. She led him to her favorite spot in the forest and told him to
close his eyes. Her body transformed, and he was apalled. He yelled at her form and tried
to run. Alexis let her temper get the best of her, and she pounced on her loved one. He
pulled a dagger he had hidden from sight, and slashed at her face. Her eye was cut, and
she mauled her love on accident because of her rash actions during her shock to the pain.
Realizing what she had done, she ran from the forest. She came across a map that led her
to this place. She couldn't go back now, not after what she had done.

._.  I hope this is alright! I feel like this is one of my worst character's in the
history portion.. I sincerely apologize..

12 December 2010, 11:18 PM   #11
Karston Cicero || Redcap || Nineteen
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Another brilliant character; she's fantastic. Accepted.

13 December 2010, 08:45 AM   #12
Guest Poster
Alright then. c:

13 December 2010, 11:17 PM   #13
Tamara Lin || Human with Faery Magic || Seventeen
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FFFF- I'm done. xD;; pleasedon'thurtme 


Full Name: Tamara Lin
Nicknames: Tammy
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Sexuality: Straight
Nationality: Scottish - Chinese
Species: Human, though she has faery magic. It would not be appropriate to call her
a witch because this magic may be revoked any time at the whim of the Queen of Elphame. 


Face: Her face is pleasantly heart-shaped, though beginning to look gaunt from not
eating properly. There are creases underneath her eyes showing a considerable lack of
sleep. Pimples break out across her forehead and chin on bad days.
Eyes: Almond shaped and light brown in color. They show warmth, but look on with
Hair: Tangles of dark brown locks that have been messily cut to mid-neck legth. The
uneven edge of her haircut looks like she took a knife of some sort to saw it off in
haste. Her bangs are long enough to part and sweep behind her ears; Untucked, they fall
just above her breasts in length. 
Skin: Pale, with yellow undertones.
Build: Her shoulders and hips are narrow. Due to eating at unpredictable times and
sometimes having no chances to obtain sustenance at all, she's painfully thin. However,
her legs are muscular from running constantly. Her height is 5'6 and a full grown man
could easily pick her up and sling her over his shoulder.
Clothing example/s: Tamara wears a faded blue hoodie with a barely discernable
school emblem. It looks like it hasn't seen a good wash in several weeks, and smudges of
mud, dirt, and areas where sharp branches have snagged and torn the cheap fabric can be
seen. Her straight cut jeans are immensely tattered and were it not for many white strands
that go across, her knees would be completely exposed. She walks barefoot, having lost her
sandals long ago. Any jewelry she once had is long gone, having been bartered or lost
during her constant fleeing. 
Other: She wears a wish bracelet made from hemp around her left ankle. There are
seven rose shaped beads of ruby red plastic that were tied in; Four have fallen off so
far. Tammy has forgotten about it entirely.


Personality: After putting up with being relentlessly pursued, her manner is more
rough, but she is still kind hearted. Oddly enough, she still has a cheerful outlook - She
always figures that if things are irreversibly horrid, she could always kill herself and
be done with it all. Tammy would guiltlessly murder to protect herself or her friends.
When she has the luxury of time and energy to spare, she would go out of her way to assist
someone in need. 

She absolutely hates being humiliated and doesn't forget anyone who has smeared her
dignity. If it is particularly bad, she takes it with a good-natured smile while secretly
vowing vengeance. Her inability to move on from past offenses until the score is settled
has made her a hateful side which she is quite comfortable with. If someone tries to kill
Tamara for a reason, it would actually bother her far less than if someone tripped her on
purpose in front of many spectators. 

Likes: Creamy coffee, bathing, warm meals, singing or humming anything that comes
to mind (Especially show tunes), cocktail rings, shopping at the mall, sunshine, and
plotting misery and domination over those who caused her even the slightest of intentional
Dislikes: Faeries of both Seelie and Unseelie Court, unnecessary violence (Unless
it's for the sake of getting back at someone), having to sleep in the rain, being dirty,
huge amounts of pain, clumsiness, and people with malicious intent.
Strengths: Breaking and detecting illusions, resisting simple enchantments and
charms, singing (It's nothing marvelous, but she was fairly good in her chorus class), and
remembering anyone who has done even the smallest embarrassing offense to her. 
Weaknesses: Fighting anything with combat skills, doesn't know how to swim, being
predictable in a bad situation, and gets hungry easily. A prominent flaw of her character
is her huge amount of pride, leading to the great lengths she will go in order to extract
petty revenge.  
Family/Relationships: Tammy is a single child with a mother just as solitary in her
marital status. Her mother refused to say who the father was and the man himself seemed to
have disappeared from town completely. For her entire life, Tammy was happily raised by
her caring grandfather, who is beginning to grow slightly senile but always likes to
ramble about the legends and myths of his homeland. He is now in a nursing home and Tammy
lives by herself on school campus.

Tamara has a good, albeit distant relationship with her mother, who went back to college
to continue her lengthy education to eventually become an ER surgeon. They like one
another, but from the sparse moments in which they were able to get together, Tammy has
always suspected that her mom didn't like to meet in person because it reminded her of the
shame of having a child while unmarried.

She has no aunts or uncles. Her grandfather's family has fallen out of touch with them
long ago. This is because during the mid-30s of his life, long before Tammy was even
conceived, her grandfather had developed a strong sense of paranoia and moved his family
from place to place, muttering wildly about 'those damned faeries'. His wife didn't speak
English, so she thought he was just burning off stress from his job and trying to find a
place of balance. (Yeah, they were both rather odd ducks. I think I'll stop here, before I
start making the entire family tree. So, yeah. Needless additional backstory that no
character in the RP will ever find out about!)

History:  Before unpleasant affairs began, Tamara had lived the life of a typical
high schooler caught in the midst of faery wars, you see. Wake up in the morning and
prepare, drop by the nursing home to say hi to gramps, go to the classes, and return home
while trying not to die throughout the day from assorted freak accidents that were
beginning to occur more frequently as time went on. 

Maybe a tree's broad limb would come crashing down the moment she barely stepped out of
its range, or messy traffic would cause a taxi to nearly crash into her as she crossed the
street when it was signaled as safe, only for it to madly swerve away at the last moment.
These strange 'accidents' began happening less than a week after turning seventeen. 

Of course, who the hell would believe her if she tried to confess? Tammy began to suspect
that she might be going crazy, but everyone else seemed to see it, so she just tried to
ignore everything weird so long as she didn't get hurt.

Out of the blue, the far-fetched incidents stopped. Thankful, Tamara went on with her
life, but it wasn't long before strange creatures, sometimes inhumanly beautiful or
grotesquely bizarre, along with creepy stalker vampires that glittered miles away
began to enter her life.

Though she could see through their human disguises, no one else could, and thus, she was
vulnerable to any of their malicious whims or dangerous intents. Eventually, the assaults
grew steadily more violent and intentions grew clearer. There were two groups fighting
over her- One wishing to capture her and use her as a live sacrifice of some sort (The
Seelie Court) and the other merely wishing to kill her to foil the first (The Unseelie
Court). The only reason she hadn't been taken for either side sooner was the constant
conflict between the two that interfered with the others' attempts.

She didn't hang around long enough to figure out what the Seelie Court wanted to sacrifice
her to. One night, as Tamara tried to take the safe route home, she encountered a faerie
knight in armor with an unreadable expression, icicle spun sword held aloft as he
approached. There didn't seem to be an opposing foe to hold him off this time and without
further hesitation, Tamara ran like hell and never got the chance to return to her dorm

Cities and human populated areas were the most dangerous places to lurk in, for it was all
too easy to be captured by them when no one else knew of their presence. She stuck to
roadsides and wilderness, living by her wits and the now valuable advice that her
grandfather had often told her about faeries. Days went into weeks to stretch into nearly
two months of constantly running away and trying to buy time.

Her goal was to travel to a safe place, a neutral area in which both Unseelie and Seelie
could not harm her. Now, she has found it, but the new dangers may be even harsher to a
mortal such as she…

13 December 2010, 11:32 PM   #14
Karston Cicero || Redcap || Nineteen
Joined: 11 Dec 2010
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ACCEPTED. She's great; I love her history, especially. <3

13 December 2010, 11:58 PM    #15
Tamara Lin || Human with Faery Magic || Seventeen
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Thank you. :3 I think I could have fleshed out Tammy's history better, but I'm glad that
she didn't end up turning into a Mary Sue. 

I'm going to edit it slightly; I don't like the repetition in
a faerie knight in armor approached her with an unreadable expression, icicle spun sword held aloft as he approached
XP I was too hasty when typing the finishing part and didn't notice that.

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