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Writing: Poetry: The War for Humankind

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29 April 2010, 06:30 PM    #1
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(Still in editing, will be updated with more content later)

	At the break of dusk-twilight,
	The two opposing forces did meet
	Over the Center of the Oroborus,
	Located at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.
	The factions did float above the waters
	And sat in wait for their leaders to 
	Ring the Bell of War.
	Leader of the Army of Hell was
	Amon, the Lord of War,
	Who had now come to be known as 
	Demon Lord, Mao Satan.
	Atop of the Lernaean Hydra, 
	The mighty nine-headed beast that rose from
	The waters of ancient Greece,
	Summoned to aid the Demon Lord in travel.
	His arms were folded, 
	His chin down, 
	And the glare in his eyes burnt holes
	Into his own opponents miles away.
	Emerging from the North was the 
	Army of Humanity.
	Those who fought for the rights and life
	Of humankind,
	Be they human themselves or devilman,
	They were lead by the reluctant beauty
	And first woman to become a devilman,
	Now being dubbed Devil lady respectively:
	The striking Olivia.
	As valiant as she was fair
	And true to her human heart,
	She stood upon the back of the living fortress,
	Who grew to enormous size by combining
	Himself with other deities and objects.
	The two leaders of the good and evil armies
	Stared each other down with murderous intent
	In their eyes. 
	The many subordinates were anxious 
	To the point of madness for the battle to begin. 
		Mao Satan!
	I shall not allow you,
	Nor your army, to strive!
	Though I do not approve of unneeded violence,
	And you are the last person I would want to fight,
	If we must do battle,
	We shall!
		So sang the angel 
	Some ways away from the Demon Lord.
	Like the Lord himself,
	Her arms were crossed,
	Her chin was down,
	And she was very much like a statue,
	In that she did not move in the slightest
	Before the beginning of the battle.
	Her well-toned and muscled, naked form
	Radiated her strength in a white mist 
	That cooled the air.
	Her golden locks flowed quietly,
	Flipping in all direction as the wind	
	From the Hellish-Army rolled onto her.
	The scars that ran from the small of her back
	And over her shoulders to her bust 
	That would mark her forever as a devilman
	Shone black,
	Protruding from her skin.
		If you do not wish to do battle,
	You do not have to.
	Surrender now, fair Olivia.
	Surrender and we shalt be obliged to 
	Allow you to live here on our planet.
	I will not give this offer twice, Olivia.
	If you value your life here, 
	I highly suggest you take my offer.
		Replied the Demon Lord:
	Mao Satan.
	The intimidating aura that surrounded 
	His body heated his air
	And warmed his subordinates.
	The wings protruding from his scalp did flutter
	And sway.
	His tanned-skin and crimson eyes
	Shined in the warm evening.
	His eyes narrowed at the woman before him
	As she spat to the water below
	At his offer.
	Mao Satan, you Devil!
	We will never join you!
	Your plans to wipe the human race off of
	This earth are heinous and despicable,
	If we were to serve under you, 
	We would surely be put to slavery!
		And Amon to her:
		If I were to give you water
	When you were quenched, would you question it?
	If I were to give you food when you starved,
	Would you question it?
	I offer to you the most important item of all:
	And you question me and oppose it.
	If you wish to oppose that which you need,
	You will surely die soon enough.
		And her to him:
		You do not offer life!
	You offer a slow and painful death 
	At the hands of your demons!
		Is that not better than being humiliated
	After having lost a war?
		We will not lose this war!
	We will be victorious and shall send
	You and your army back to the place 
	In which you all belong!
		Earth was our home once, 
	This is where we belong.
		The maiden Olivia grinded her teeth
	And clenched her fists.
	The Demon Lord shot his hand into the air,
	Then brought it back down,
	Pointing at the enemies.
		Demons, prepare for battle! 
	Prepare to take our homeland back
	From those who stole it from us!
		He yelled, rallying his army.
		Humans, devilmen, today
	We shall now fight for our rights and our lives!
	Do not fail!
		Yelled Olivia to her forces. 
	A mighty cry of vigor was released
	From both sides, and they were off.
	A mighty cloud of bodies and blood formed
	The first death was swift, yet painful.
	The second followed quickly and 
	Was just as painful.
	As the countless bodies fell to the waters below,
	The amount of blood ever-increasing,
	The two commanders of their armies 
	Did stand on their mounts,
	Who dared to finally charge forward
	Through the waves of carnage.
	The Lernaean Hydra used its
	Nine heads and black-claws
	To shred through the opposing forces;
	As the devilman Kagura seemed to float
	Atop the waves of his bloodshed.
	Before the two giants had met,
	The warriors still fighting and dying alike,
	The Demon Lord and Devil Lady
	 Stopped them and retreated.
	Olivia raised her head and spoke:
		Mao Satan, how do you justify this?
	Is the killing of innocent people truly
	The only way to satisfy your kin?
		Her words were full of anger
	And dismay;
	As well as the will of revolution.
	The Demon Lord did look up to her
	And replied:
		Indeed it is!
	This war is not just for power over
	 A lesser being!
	This is about taking back our homeland 
	By any means necessary!
	Any who stand in our way must wish us
	Not to belong anywhere
	And are the ones responsible for the scars 
	We hold in our chests!
		And Olivia to Amon:
		No, Satan, there is no need for this!
	This warfare and bloodshed can be stopped!
	We do not need to be fighting like such!
	We can speak, converse,
	And find a way to solve our problems together!
	Such violence is not needed in the least!
		No, Olivia, you do not understand.
	If we do not kill those who stand in our way,
	Merely knocking them down will do no good,
	As they will continue to rise and fight.
	It is only natural for humans to continue to fight 
	For what they believe is theirs.
	If we do not fight for our world now,
	We will never get it back!
	We must take this earth from those who stole it away!
		We can create a home 
	For you elsewhere!
	You do not have to kill us to get us
	To comply!
		You do not understand your own people,
	Death is the only way to achieve our goal.
		The cold words slipped out
	From Amon’s lips
	And sent chills throughout 
	Olivia’s body.
	She flared her muscles and spread her wings.
		Come Mao Satan!
	We will settle this now, 
	In consideration of your stubbornness!
	And you shall be sent back to Hell!
		Now that the fire of passion
	Was abundant in her body,
	Olivia agreed to fight with Amon,	
	Who, in turn, spread his wings all the same
	And flew over to Olivia 
	As she flew to him.
	With their fists raised to their shoulders,
	They unleashed punches that slammed together
	And caused the earth to shake.
	As their fists connected repeatedly,
	And their power became ever-more great,
	They earth trembled, 
	The heavens stirred,
	And Hell below had yet another quake 
	Deep in its bowels.
	The two beings reeled themselves back
	And then shot forward, 
	Literally going through each other 
	To their opposite mounts.
	Kagura grabbed Amon’s bloodied body
	As the Lernaean Hydra wrapped its necks
	Around Olivia.
		You shall not win this war
	You ugly beast!
	 I shall eat you alive!
		Kagura yelled.
	And Amon to him:
		I don’t think so, devilman.
		And in that instant, 
	Amon’s body caught fire and burnt
	Kagura’s palms.
		As Kagura staggered back and screamed,
	Amon brought his fists to his sides,
	Charging them as he growled,
	Eventually releasing them with great speed.
	In the time it took Kagura to notice,
	One thousand punches had already connected with him.
	He reached for his stomach, 
	Then fell back into the water
	Of the Pacific Ocean.
	As Olivia’s breathing was cut short,
	The Hydra began to taste her skin
	And caress her body with their many tongues.
	Olivia began to shake once more, 
	Her aura becoming more noticeable,
	As her eyes rolled back into her skull.
	Slowly but surely,
	The Hydra’s skin began to peel.
	The monster released the woman, 
	Who proceeded to throw one hundred chops
	That decapitated the Hydra’s entirety.
	The beast’s heads and body quickly fell down 
	Into the waters below, 
	Causing such a splash, 
	It did disturb the surviving warriors,
	Who had dwindled the numbers of their enemies 
	By hundreds.
	The two commanders turned quickly and eyed one another.
	Their bloodied bodies were tired and feeble,
	And they had no intentions of retreating.
	Olivia called as she levitated in her gore:
		Amon, I do not wish to kill you!
	But if I have to, I shall!
	And if you would decide to give in,
	I would welcome you
	And forget my anger!
	Do you not see what my offer has to give!?
		I do not want your offer.
		So replied Amon.
	He continued on:
		What I want, Olivia,
	Is what is rightfully mine, ours!
	This land belongs to demonkind! 
	No human should be allowed upon it!
	No words, 
	Nor offers can change that!
	And if you wish to stand in my way,
	I will cut you down as well, Olivia.
	Neither human nor devilman shall receive mercy.
		Olivia, in her stunned form, 
	Could only breathe heavily
	With widened eyes and shaking fists.
	Amon floated above the watery-grave 
	Without saying another word.
	Olivia finally regained mobility,
	And took her fists to her chest.
	Her lowered head rose.
	Amon eyed her and was amazed.
	As Amon, Mao Satan, 
	Floated peacefully in astonishment,
	Olivia’s face was stained with tears.
	She took in a deep breath and spoke:
	You are not the man you used to be.
	I could look to you for comfort when I was hurt
	And warmth from your heart when I was cold.
	I see now that you have no heart to turn to.
	You were the one I loved,
	He, who I could never forget,
	Nor harm,
	Nor betray.
	But it seems that you do not share those feelings. 
	You may have been a good man before, 
	But now, you are nothing more than
	A murderer and a dictator!
	As much as I loved you before,
	I cannot let you commit these heinous acts!
	I will hate you, 
	And despise you,
	And do whatever I must to 
	Make myself want to kill you!
		Amon closed his eyes,
	Then opened them again as	
	Olivia began to wipe her face.
	Amon began:
		I will not apologize
	For my violence.
	Nor shall I praise your courage.
	In a war such as this, all feelings of love and care
	Are left behind to rot.
	I will not say I cared for you,
	Like you did me,
	Nor will I say I loved you.
	All I can say is that if you will not move,
	I will move you.
		Olivia grinded her fangs, 
	And shot herself to Amon.
	She let out a screech that pierced the air
	And was stopped midflight.
	Amon’s fist connected directly with her chest,
	Tearing the skin from her bust.
	She did cough and blood fell,
	And Amon had nothing to say any longer.
	The woman slipped off of his fist 
	And slowly began to float downward.
	Amon hunched forward and stared
	Before his vision was cut short.
	Olivia flew up to him
	And threw an un-seeable attack.
	Before the flash of white 
	That was Olivia had passed,
	Amon did scream a demonic cry 
	As his biceps bled and his arms fell to the ocean.
	Olivia held her chest in pain, 
	Coughing as her pain increased steadily.
	She began to growl and readied her left arm.
	Amon beheld her above him and scowled.
	Olivia flew down to him and threw her punch
	Which was immediately countered with Amon’s 
	Fast kick.
	The two weapons collided and angered the heavens.
	The clouds became dark, and the moon set in.
	In an instant, the two fighters were some
	Twenty feet away, and they were both
	Anxious to conclude their battle.
	Olivia brought her bloodied, right fist,
	That had been clutching her chest,
	To her face and brought it back.
	Amon hunched his back and bent his knees.
	He looked up at the fair woman 
	And could not be filled with anymore scorn.
	Finally, the two lifted up and took off
	Toward one another.
	Olivia’s fist flew out with the speed 
	Of a deathly bolt of lightning
	And the mass of the earth itself.
	Lacking either arm,
	Amon improvised in making a perfect weapon
	To deal the final blow with.
	He aligned his head,
	And waist, then proceeded to 
	Twist his body with the quick 
	Jerk of his shoulders.
	He swung a wind-cutting kick through the air 
	That hungered for Olivia’s blood.
	As the two weapons fell upon their targets,
	And the last of the survivors of the war
	Were wiped out,
	The moon slipped in front of the sun,
	And gave the earth and all of its inhabitants 
	A fine coat of black.

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