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Writing: Ficiton: Tales of Dru

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Still a HUGE Work In Progress, but im getting there lol. I need some opinions on the
story so i thought id post it here :D

The Tales of Dru 

Where to start with that old man…I remember him like it was only yesterday. He was a
muscular man, who never seemed to stop running his mouth, but he could back up whatever he
said. He had eyes, black as the night and hair the same color. He had superior speed to
anyone he ever met. I liked him though, that’s why I pass the story from generation to
generation around this old campfire. It seems only fit to start from what he told me about
his past….and that’s where our story shall begin…. 

Chapter One 
~In the Kanto region of Japan, 1870’s, at a hospital~ 
Screams and groans were heard all through the halls, cries for help through the agony and
pain. A woman’s cries. Doctors scrambled throughout the room the source of the screams
were from, getting prepared for a special occasion. The birth of a child. “Push, Miss,
Push!” the doctor said as the screams became louder and louder. Suddenly, the screams
ceased and became moans of pain, very low, and all seemed peaceful except for a single
noise, the cry of a newly born infant. The doctors held the baby close to the mother’s
heart so the heart beats could synchronize and a new life could fully begin. The only
problem was, the mother had passed out, but her heart still beated within her chest,
allowing the baby’s to synchronize and become one with the mother’s. The doctors then
cut the umbilical cord, freeing the child from his mother, they took a bucket of warm
water and gently washed the baby down from all the blood and placenta, then wrapped it up
nice and tight and gently held the child in their arms. Then suddenly their eyes grew wide
with amazement, seeing the child’s eyes change color many times before their very own
eyes. They all saw the color changes, freaked out by what had just happened, they laid the
“child” down in a bed and waited for the mother to awaken…. 
Hours later the mother awoke in a cold sweat, still thinking she was in child birth, she
lets out a blood curdling scream, which awoke the newly born next to her bed. The child
started crying. The mother’s maternal instincts instantly kicked in, and she picked the
baby up and gently caressed her newly born son, she smiles warmly at him and shush him
“Shhhh my child…all is ok…” she gave him a gentle kiss on the forehead. The young
one immediately shushes to his mother’s words. He closes his eyes in his mother’s arms
and nods off into a slumber, she lays him into the bed as the doctors file in and begin
asking questions of her origin and the baby’s origin. 
The mother answered all the questions to the best of her capability, the doctors kept
shooting off questions, such as “Who was the baby’s father?” or “Why does the baby
have a temperature, but still have stable vitals?” She simply answered them all “A
demon” , which answered all of their questions, including the one about the fever. They
also found her name to be Maurine. 
A few days later and careful examination of the child, they were allowed to leave and live
their lives like they wanted…. 

Chapter Two 
~Years Later, in a small village near a lake, a beautiful statue stands in the middle of
Throughout the small town, there was a big marketplace, people were trading and buying
goods left and right. The plaza bustling with noise, Maurine had a hold of Dru’s hand
tightly so she wouldn’t lose him. She had one arm full of fruits and vegetables that she
needed for the nights meal. Dru was dragged along, not liking it so much, he struggled and
broke free, darting the other way in hopes of playing a game of chase with his mother, but
soon did he realize he couldn’t see his mother at all. Lost in the big crowd, he paniced
and ran around in circles, screaming “Mommy! Mommy!” in hopes of her hearing him, but
it was almost as if he was unheard throughout the city from the noises of trading and
commotion. He sat in one spot and began crying. A kind soul, named Navleen, saw the crying
child and walked over kindly. Dru saw her approaching and was frightened and hid from what
he saw. You see, Navleen wasn’t a normal human, she was a N’kosume, a “Neko”. She
had the ears of a cat, along with the tail of one, swishing around playfully. A few little
children were playing with it as she walked towards Dru. She flattened her ears so she
would seem less threatening, and in a calm, soothing voice, almost as if it was a purr,
she spoke “Hello there, child, are you in need of help?” The voice reminded Dru of his
mother, and he peeked out from behind the rock and in a shaky voice spoke “Y-yes…I
lost my mom…” Navleen tilted her head and smiled warmly “Well that’s not good is
it? Here, take my hand, ill help you find her.” Dru nodded his head and firmly grasped
her hand, this time not struggling, not wanting to be lost again. He looked up at the lady
“whats your name anyways?” he asks as politely as possible. Navleen smiled “My name
is Navleen, and what is yours, young sir?” she asked, and Dru simply replied “Dru”.
Navleen looked around “Dru…good name for a handsome child” she smiles and tilts her
ears in the direction of a sound she heard. She started walking towards it, meowing
slightly as she went. Dru swatted at her tail playfully and chuckled playfully. Navleen
giggled as he did it and she kept going towards the sound, finding a lady called out the
name “Dru”. she walked over to the lady, who was Maurine “Excuse me miss, is this
your son?” she moves so Dru can see. Dru instantly yells “Mommy!” and jumps into her
arms. Maurine catches Dru and smiles “Oh hunny! don’t ever do that again!” she holds
him tightly, not wanting to let go. 
Maurine and Navleen begin talking while Dru plays with Navleen’s tail. “Oh how can I
ever repay you, Navleen?” Maurine asks. Navleen answers “Well, I wouldn’t mind a
small meal, since I don’t eat very much…” Maurine stops her right there “consider
it done! it’s the least I can do for you saving my son.” A few hours later, in a
little run down house, pots and pans clattered as the carrots were thrown into a broth.
Dru and Navleen quietly chattered about a few things. Dru asked her “Whats with the tail
and ears?” and Navleen smiled and said “I am a N’kosume, a Neko, Dru. Neko’s are
part animal, part human.” Dru looked in amazment at her as she told him “Wow” he
said “that’s so cool!” he exclaimed. Maurine started stirring the stew she was
making and looked over at the two “So, Navleen, what brings you to our little village? I
havent seen you around here before.” Navleen cleared her throart, and in the soft voice
she uses she says “Well, I was here because I was told it was a great place to trade,
and I was right near here when I hear the news, so I thought I could get some useful items
for my journey.” Dru looked up as he heard the word “journey” and smiles “You’re
an adventurer?! Cool!” he exclaimed as he smiled wide “When I grow up, im going to
travel the world!” Navleen giggled “it’s a lot of fun, Dru, you should really work
hard and you’ll be able too soon.” 
Maurine smiled as the two conversed, she takes out a few bowls. The bowls are very old and
dirty, but clean enough to eat from. The bowls have chips in them, and are cracked all
over. She fills each bowl with the brown liquid filled with the juicy, delicious carrots,
potatoes, and some meat. She gently placed the bowls in front of each of the seats, one in
front of Dru and one in front of Navleen, and the last at the empty seat which is her’s.
She walks over and opens a drawer and rummages through it, making clanging and clacking
noises as she searched. She finally finds three spoons and takes them out and closes the
drawer and hands one to Navleen and one to Dru. Dru immediately attacked the meal and
started gulping down the soup, he was very hungry. Navleen and Maurine simply looked at
each other and giggled as he did so. Navleen slowly dipped her spoon into the stew and let
it fill up itself before slowly bringing it to her mouth, not spilling a drop, and sipping
it slowly. “Mmmm..delicious.” she said as she finished the spoonful. The people
converse as they eat, but not a lot. After the meal, Navleen helps clean up. “So,
Navleen, when are you leaving on your journey again?” Maurine asks. “Im leaving
tomorrow morning” Navleen answers. Maurine asks again “Where are you going to
sleep?” and Navleen shrugs “Ive always slept under the stars.” Maurine shakes her
head “Not tonight you don’t, your staying here.” Navleen smiles “Thank you so
much, I owe you one for this.” Maurine shakes her head “No, I am in debt for you
finding my son, it’s the least I could do for you.” 
The night comes, and they all go to bed, awaiting the next day. 

Chapter Three 
Dru was saddened the next day as Navleen left on her journey. He sighed heavily as she
waved goodbye as she walked away, but she promised they’d meet again someday. With that
thought, he kept on believing he could be like her. Dru was five when this happened, and
he decided from that day on to train diligently. 
Dru went into the forest and found a tree stump. He started to lift it, even though he had
lot of trouble lifting it the first time. Whenever he was done lifting it, hed place it on
the ground and begin working on his punches and kicks. Dru trained hard day after day,
until he was seven, when a horrific even occurred. 

~Dru and Maurine’s home, year unknown~ 

Maurine was working on making dinner as always when all of a sudden she heard a noise. She
looked around “Dru darling, are you playing with your toys?” She turns around getting
a strange smell inhaled in her nostrils. Her eyes widen in fright as she sees a roaring
fire suddenly started in the kitchen. “Dru! Get out of the house! Dru!!” she yells at
the top of her lungs, choking on the black thick smoke that filled her lungs. She rushes
for the door, but hears Dru screaming upstairs. She immediately bolts upstairs and grabs
Dru “Come on hun!” She runs down the stairs, dodging flames and sparks as she goes.
The door flys open as people start throwing water into the house to try stopping the fire,
she throws Dru out the door into the people, when suddenly, a beam from the top of the
house falls and lands ontop of her. Dru happened to look back the second it happened. He
screams in horror seeing his mother crushed by the beam, and trys struggling out of the
man who caught him’s grip. Dru squirmed free as they extinguished the fire on the beam,
he ran over and picked the beam up as best as he could and saw his mother’s limp, burned
body. He let out a scream as loud as an orchestra of basses and timpani. Dru threw the
pillar off her and kneeled down next to the body as his eyes welled up with tears. The
villagers finally put out the fire, and Dru remains next to his mother’s dead body, and
he suddenly starts balling his eyes out with tears and he lets out sobs and screams. A few
of the villagers stayed behind and watched Dru’s tears and were all sad from the
occurrence. One villager kneeled besides Dru “Hey kid, we know how you feel, she was
like a mother to us all, she always helped us out. it’s a shame the pillar fell…” he
turns away and wipes a tear from his eye and sighs deeply as Dru remains crying on his
mothers body. Shaking his head not believing his mother was dead. 
A few days later they had a proper funeral for Maurine. Dru was in the front row of the
church as the ceremonies proceeded. Dru was still crying about his mother’s death during
the ceremony, but people comforted him as he went along. After the ceremonies, they took
the casket and brought it to its burial place in the Funeral Grounds. They slowly lowered
the casket in and when it hit the bottom, Dru was allowed to put the first shovel full of
dirt in. He sobbed and moped as the funeral commenced and the grave was filled with dirt
and patted down so the dirt was nice and leveled. He walked home sad. He looked around as
he approached his house, he frowns. He looks over the charred house, trying not to cry as
the memories rush into his head again. He breaks down and goes into a catatonic sort of
state and he wanders around aimlessly, not knowing where he is going. He ends up in a town
where he knows no one. He runs around, looking at everyone’s face, trying to find a
familiar one. He fails after searching for days and days, seeing the unfamiliar and
unwelcoming faces. He remembers the stories Navleen had told him about. He gets a glimmer
of hope as he looks around for anything sharp or something that he could use as a weapon.
He find a lead pipe, picking it up he swings it with his might. He grins as he finds out
it can really hurt someone as he heard the loud “clang” it made as he smashed it off
the wall. He carried this pipe out of the alley way where he found it and walked towards
the town border, starting his own adventure…. 

Chapter Four 
~A few years later~ 
Dru was now a teenager, around the age of fourteen. He was now very tall, about six feet.
He no longer carried that lead pipe he found when he was so young, but a broadsword,
longer than himself and heavy as a lead block. He had found this broadsword buried beneath
the earth as if it was a cursed object, but during his travels he has found it quite
useful. His clothes were worn and raggedy and torn. He walked into a bustling market
place, hoping to find some fresh fish and poultry so he can eat later on. He takes his bag
full of gold out and checks his money to make sure he has enough for food when suddenly a
man in a black cloak comes up to him and points a gun at him. The man in the cloak
whispers out “Give me the money and I won’t have to shoot.” Dru, being a wise ass,
flips off the man and puts the gold back into his pocket. Him, with the speed he has,
draws his broadsword, but is too late as the man pulls the trigger and shoots him in the
arm. Dru’s weapon falls to the ground as he snarls at the man. Dru dashes towards him
and jumps up high, all his leg training paying off it seems, and bringing his fist down
upon the man’s head. The cloak hood falls revealing the man’s face. The man looked to
be about Dru’s age, his face scarred with knife slashes and a few chunks of skin missing
from the left side of his face, bullet holes. Dru glared at the man, holding his arm to
try to suppress the bleeding. The man then ran at him, dropping his gun, in an attempt to
throw a jab and hit Dru in the face. Dru maneuvered and dodged the first as he grabbed it
with his bloody hand and brought it downwards, bringing his knee upwards and hitting the
man in the elbow, shooting the under half of his arm upwards and snapping it in half. The
man cries out in pain as he steps back as Dru lets him go. The man grins slightly as he
wildly swings his arm in the air as it cracks back into its normal shape, but still
broken. A mysterious red aura surrounds his arm as a bone crack is heard. The man winces
as it happens and all of a sudden the man has full motor capability of his arm. Dru looked
shocked as this happened and didn’t notice the man’s eyes glowed red as well during
this. The man knew he was outmatched in power as of the moment and ran off. Dru winced as
the pain in his arm started to grow and more blood poured out of his wound. 
Dru walked around looking for a hospital or somewhere where he can find supplies to suture
his wound. He collapses after a bit, unable to continue because this is the first time he
has ever been in such great pain, the first time he’s ever been shot. He leans against a
wall holding his arm and wincing, groaning in pain as he waits for the blood to stop. He
passes out from blood loss. 

Eventually, he awakes, but doesn’t open his eyes, a trick he had to do just in case he
ever was caught by an enemy incase he needed to get the situation. He noticed he was
wrapped up in a warm blanket, his arm was fully sutured. He took in a small whiff of air
to see if there were any gases in the air, but all he smelled was delicious food awaiting
by his bedside. He opened his eyes and shot up as if he had just awoken. He looked to his
left and saw his broadsword; it was cleaner than it was before he passed out. Someone has
obviously been busy polishing his sword. He noticed he had no clothes on, and fresh pair
of clothes was next to a tray of newly cooked food. He looked around with his cold hazel
eyes to see if anyone was around. He saw a flash of golden hair walking around a corner
out of the room. He looked around the room to get a better view. He was sitting on a bed
that usually only royalty could afford. The bed was soft and comfy, as if it was a cloud
in the sky. The pillows were firm, yet soft, filled with goose feathers. As he stood, he
saw the rest of the room. On his side of the room, near the back of it, the bed and a
beautiful dresser were there. The dresser was as pure white as white could get. It had
elegant curves as if carved by the gods themselves. Next to the dresser was a desk
cluttered with papers. The wall behind the desk was white, just like the dresser, as was
the rest of the room. On the far side of the room from him, he saw a baby grand piano,
white as well. He took a biscuit that was on the plate of food that was laid out for him
and took a bite of it. It was the most delicious biscuit he had ever eaten. It almost
melted in his mouth. The butter tingled his taste buds. Forgetting he was undressed, he
sits down on the bedside again enjoying the biscuit. Suddenly he hears footsteps, he jumps
across the bed and grabs his sword and gets into a battle position. Suddenly he sees a
beautiful sight. A blonde woman walks into the room with a bucket of water and a towel.
She sees Dru’s awake and she smiles warmly “Well, good morning sleepyhead.” He
stares at her beauty and lets his broadsword drop with a thunk and a clang. He suddenly
remembers he is naked and he covers his shame, blushing bright red. The woman walks over
and giggles slightly “Have a good rest? I hope your arm feels better, I sutured it as
best as I could. Hope the bandages aren’t too tight.” He nods, still blushing. She
giggles again “Ill let you get dressed.” She walks out of the room. Dru walks over to
the other side of the bed and takes the garments that were on the table next to the plate.
He puts on his undergarments and then his pants, yawning loudly. He puts the jacket that
was there on and carries the shirt out in his hand. The woman smiles up at him “My name
is Ruby, may I ask yours, young sir?” He bows, thinking she is royalty from what hes
soon so far “My name is Dru, miss. Thank you for treating my wound and letting me use
your bed.” Ruby giggles a bit, “Its no problem, and don’t call me miss, I’m no
older than you.” He blinks, not noticing how young she looked, only her beauty. “So,
Dru” Ruby begins to ask “How did you end up in our humble little town?” Dru shrugged
“I was just walking and I ended up here, I saw the bustling market place and thought
it’d be a good place to get some food.” Ruby nodded. “I saw the fight you had with
David as well.” He cocks his head in confusion “whos David?” Dru asks in wonder.
Ruby nodded understanding he didn’t know who he was fighting “David was the man who
tried taking your money.” Dru sighed moving his arm around a bit. “Oh, that guy, he
looked like an assassin to me.” Ruby nods “He is, he needs money because he hasn’t
had much work of the late.” Dru shrugged “I just do odd jobs, seems some aren’t so
kind.” Ruby giggles a bit. Dru smiled he

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Wow 10 views and not one comment, man i thought itd be alright. x.x

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wow! this iz gr8!!!!

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Wow, first time back here in a long time, and i got these two wonderful comments....im
happy :D I actually stopped working on this story, but i do have more. Once i find it, ill
post it here.

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Ruby nods “He is, he needs money because he hasn’t had much work of the late.” Dru
shrugged “I just do odd jobs, seems some aren’t so kind.” Ruby giggles a bit. Dru
smiled hearing the cute giggle “Your pretty cute” he blurts out, covering his mouth
and blushing bright red again. Ruby blushes a bit herself “Why thank you Dru, your
pretty handsome yourself.”

After Dru and Ruby talk for a little more, Ruby tells Dru he should finish eating, and she
walks off. Dru watched her walk off with a smile, thinking to himself “She’s really
cute….” Dru shrugged off the thought and went back into the room. He sat on the royal
bed and slowly enjoyed the meal layed out for him. It was, to him, like a thanksgiving
dinner plate. It had turkey, which was scrumptious. The mashed potatoes on the side had a
drizzle of gravy on top of them. The two other biscuits on the side of the dish were
topped with extravagant butter. The drink he was given was a nice cool glass of fresh
milk. It tasted as if it was just milked for that glass. He smiled as he ate, knowing
finally, he had something in which hes been searching for. Someone who cared.

Chapter Five

Dru finished eating his plate of food, he felt stuffed. He couldn’t eat another bite as
he almost licked the plate clean. He lays his head against the soft pillow staring at the
ceiling. He yawned loudly and slowly drifted off to sleep again. Ruby had walked down the
staircase and went to her father in the living room. In the living room, near the
staircase was a vase upon a lovely table. The vase looked very expensive, as if it was
made years ago by a very well know artist. After that was a big rug, exquisite in design
and patterns were amazing for the eye to see. After the rug was another, less exquisite
one. It was worn out, as if centuries old. On top of that was a fine white leather couch.
It was as pure a white as the bedroom that Dru was in. In front of the fine couch was a
fireplace, inside was a raging fire. The fire looked as if it was doing a dance of
happiness since it was lit. On the couch was a man, looked about in his thirty’s, in his
hand a glass of what looked like red wine. The wine almost looked like it was blood, the
consistency and color just made it seem that way. This wine was very weird however, it
seemed to stick to the glass and come down slower than wine, as if it was molasses. The
man drank it down fast, sticking his tongue into the glass to lick the glass clean, when
he opened his mouth, fangs were seen. Ruby walked over to the man with a smile “I’m
glad to see your enjoying my blood, Father.” The man looked over with a grin, licking
his lips, “Yes very much, Ruby. Now, what is that demon boy doing?” Ruby smiled “His
name is Dru, and last time I saw, he was eating the plate of food we left for him. Shortly
he should be asleep.” The man grinned “Good. Once he re-awakens we should be able to
put him under our spell.” Ruby nodded “Yes Father, I will start making the
preparations.” Ruby walked to a bookcase and pulled a book out called “Spells and
Curses.” The bookcase opened and she walked down it, along with the book. The bookcase
closed behind her as she walked down. The man laughed evilly as the bookcase closed behind

Dru awoke several hours later. It was dark outside. He got up and stretched. He noticed
the door was open and a pair of boots next to it. His boots he had before the fight. He
carries them out the door and down the stairs. He looks around the living room, staring in
awe. He finds the front door and places his boots outside it as a sign of respect for the
home owner. He turns and sees a man towering over him, he looks up and just stares for a
moment. “Uh…hello sir” Dru says. The man smiles “Hello Dru. I see your arm has
healed already. Quite an interesting phenomenon.” Dru shrugs “Ive been able to do it
since I was young, don’t rightly know why.” The man smiled “It is because you are
part demon, Dru.” Dru looked up with a puzzled look “Part demon?” he asks. The man
nods. “And how would you know that may I ask?” Dru asks. The man grinned “Why I’m
glad you asked, Dru. Here, come take a seat.” The man walks to the couch. Dru nods and
walks behind him, following him to a few chairs set up under a long table. Dru pulled one
of the chairs out after the man sat down, then sat down himself. “Ruby will be joining
us in a moment, she’s in the basement getting my book on demons.” Dru nodded quietly.
The man smiled a bit “My name is Landon. You’ve already met my daughter earlier.”
Dru nodded again. Ruby opened a door and carried in a thick, dusty book. She laid it in
front of Landon and blew off some of the dust away from the two gentlemen. She smiled and
sat down next to Dru. Landon picked up the book and flipped through the pages
“Hmmm…” Dru stared with wonder of what he was looking for. Landon slid the book over
to Dru after a moment of flipping through the pages to show him a picture of a demon. The
demon was big, very furry, it almost looked like a very buff werewolf. Landon cleared his
throat “I believe that is your demon, Dru, judging by your speed and healing
capabilities.” Dru takes the book and reads it over. The wolf demon seems to be one of
the fastest in demon nature. It also has remarkable healing skills compared to some lesser
demons. “I believe you are either directly from Hell, or a parent of yours was a

Dru looked through the book with extreme interest. Dru wanted to learn as much as he could
about demon kind as he possibly could. “May I take this book up to the bedroom with me?
I would like to read about my demonic ancestors a little more.” Landon nodded. Dru
lugged the big book upstairs with ease. He sat on his bed with a candle lit next to him so
he could read the book. He flipped through the pages, examining each demon in the book as
carefully as possible and reading their powers. He was intent on finding a certain demon,
or the characteristics of the demon that that man Dave must have. Before he could find the
demon, he had drifted off to the dream lands.

Landon and Ruby were downstairs as Dru slept. Ruby had brought a cauldron sort of thing
from the basement and placed it on the table. Landon grinned evilly “Perfect.” Ruby
smiled slightly and went back into the secret basement took look for supplies while Landon
stayed on his couch sipping the blood still from the wine glass. Ruby, after a few
moments, brought the ingredients back up to the cauldron and just dropped them in. Landon
stood up and placed the glass off to the side. He walked over to the cauldron and grinned
widely. He took a green looking liquid out of his robe pocket and poured it in the
cauldron reciting an ancient language. “Asathra, Mehinos, Coniestes!“ He said, the
contents of the cauldron began bubbling and rising to the top, faster and faster with each
moment. Suddenly, the cauldron exploded and the green concoction went everywhere, shaking
the whole house. Dru was in such a deep sleep, however, it did not wake him. Landon
laughed as he looked back into the cauldron, seeing a new, darker green substance. He took
a vial and scooped up some of the liquid and handed it to a now green Ruby “You know
what to do.” She simply nodded and put the vial in her bra for later. She bowed to
Landon before walking upstairs to her sleeping chambers to get changed and clean. Landon
took off his clothes and put on a new pair which he had stashed in a location he knew
would stay clean, then went back to drinking his blood on the couch.

Chapter Six

Dru awakens the next morning. He gets out of bed and yawns loudly. He stretches and walks
to the door. He was looking for the bathroom when he heard some laughter from Landon. Dru
expected he just had company, but he decided to snoop anyways. He snuck down the stairs,
and peeked out from behind a wall. He saw Ruby on her hands and knees in an apron cleaning
up an unusual green substance which was covering the walls, floor, and ceiling. Dru
watches for a moment as he listens intensively. Landon was the first he heard “Well, I
do hope the plan succeeds…we could use such a powerful demon on our side.” Ruby sighed
and nodded, vigorously cleaning the green slime looking substance off the floor still. Dru
stayed quiet and crept a little closer to Landon without him noticing. Dru dives under the
table, landing in some of the slime, he grimaces. He wipes the slime off of his pants as
best as he can, still listening to the conversation. “Ruby, you do remember the plan
correct?” Ruby nods slightly. “Do you?” Ruby shakes her head slowly and sighs
“Sorry Father, I sadly do forget.” Landon sighs “Well ill just have to tell you
before the demon awakens.” Landon sits down in a chair right above Dru. Dru slides back
a bit so not to be found. “Well, your going to take that vial of elixir and put it in
the demon’s food, which I have given you a break, and made myself.” Dru sniffed the
air. He smelled gruel and sighs slightly, but covered his mouth quickly, hoping Landon
didn’t hear him. Landon continued with his plan “Then once he eats it, he’ll be
under our complete control.” Ruby nodded “Ok Father, I will make sure its done as soon
as this mess is cleaned up.” Dru saw Ruby frown a little as she put her head down and
her beautiful, golden hair fell into her face, covering it. Was Ruby sad at the fact she
is tricking Dru?

Dru snuck out from under the table and rolled back to the staircase, which he ascended
quickly and without noise. He found a bathroom on the way back upstairs and turned the
sink on low and grabbed a spare cloth that was hanging up and wet it. He scrubbed
furiously at his hands and pants, removing as much of the goo as possible. As soon as he
finished that, he took the cloth with him so to hide the evidence he was spying, and threw
it between the sheets of his bed and laid on it. He heard footsteps and acted like he was
just waking up, yawning loudly and stretching as he say in the bed, hoping she didn’t
need to change his sheets. He cracks his knuckles and neck as Ruby walks in with the
gruel. Dru smiled warmly “Good morning, Ruby.” Ruby smiled back “Morning, Dru, here
is your breakfast. Sorry it is not anything fancy, I was busy cleaning up a mess…” Dru
noticed she didn’t change out of the apron which was covered in the slime. Dru nodded
and smiled “Its quite alright. I‘ll eat it in a moment…” he puts the plate off to
the side and stands up, bending over and cracking his back, then standing erect again. He
looks around “Might you have a bathroom in this house?” Ruby nods “Down the hall,
second door on your left.” Ruby went to grabs the sheets when Dru ran with his speed and
grabbed the sheets “Let me get those for you, Ruby.” ruby smiled “Thank you, but no,
you are the guest and I am here to serve you.” Dru sighed a fake sigh “Ok if you say
so,” handing the sheets back to her. He grins as she walks down the hall, the rag in his
hand. “Just dodged a bullet there…”He walked into the room and grabbed his bowl of
gruel and brought it to the bathroom with him. Dru walked into the bathroom and did his
business as he ripped the cloth up and flushed it down the toilet to get rid of the
evidence he was spying earlier, along with the gruel. Dru smiled as he washed his hands
and went downstairs.

Landon was sitting on his couch, as usual. Ruby was furniture back into place from the
hard cleaning she had to do. Dru walked over and helped her push a heavy table back into
place without asking her if it was ok if he did. He walked over to Landon and nodded
“Hello sir, Good morning to you.” Landon nodded and smiled “Likewise, Dru.” Dru
yawned and looked around. Landon pulled a Shogi board out from under the couch “Want to
play, Dru?” Dru nodded and sat down facing Landon. Landon set the board down and put the
piece in their rightful places. Dru and Landon played and played and played. The clacking
of the pieces continued simultaneously for what seemed like hours. At the end, Dru placed
down a piece “Sorry Landon, you lose.” Landon looked in awe “Well ill be darned, you
beat me.” Ruby smiled at Dru’s victory. Dru stood up “Good game Landon.” He walked
up to his sleeping chamber and took the bandage off that was on his arm. Then he examined
the wound, which had already disappeared, not even a scar left. He nodded slightly as he
saw this. He threw the bandage into the trash bin near him and put his shirt back over his
shoulder, deciding not to put it on. He looked over onto the newly made bed, knowing Ruby
must have made it, the book in the center of it. He walks over and picks it up with one
hand and skims through it. He finds the page that Landon had showed him with his demon and
read it more. He figured out, that just like the infamous werewolf, his demon is strongest
when the moon is full. He skimmed the page more and more, then flipped through the book,
looking for the demon he thinks that Dave man may have. He stumbles upon a page that has a
fox looking demon. He reads it over and over, figuring this is the demon he has. The demon
seemed to be a fox demon, as it looked, with healing capabilities, but they need to be
activated, unlike his own which was natural. The book also says the demon is extremely
fast, but weaker than most demons. The owner of said demon eyes grow red at times. Dru
ponders the information, thinking it must be what Dave has. He takes the book and brings
it downstairs. 

It was nightfall when Dru went back down to Landon downstairs. Ruby was blushing slightly
as she walked over the Dru. Landon nodded slightly, conspicuously so Dru wouldn’t see.
Ruby walked over “Dru um…will you um..go out with me?” Dru looked shocked, his eyes
wide. Suddenly his face relaxes and a red tint is located on his cheeks, he rubs the back
of his head, chuckling nervously “Of course Ruby.” Ruby looks up smiling, she jumps
into him hugging him “Thank you Dru!” she squeals. Dru smiles as he accepts his first
hug from her, the firsts he’s had since Maurine died when he was young. He walked back
to his sleeping chambers with her, they talked the whole time, but not as they usually
had. This time, it was more flirty and more laughs and giggles were heard. He opens the
door and Ruby walks in, she sits on the bed gently, then he sits next to her. He smiles up
at him as he looks down at her, the height difference was almost a full foot, but they
didn’t care. They laid in bed together after an hour of conversing, snuggling up against
each other. Ruby smiles and kissed his cheek “Goodnight Dru.” He smiled back
“Goodnight Ruby.” They both drifted off to sleep, waiting for the next day.

Dru wakes early in the day, but Ruby was up before him. He could tell she was gone for a
while due to the fact her indent was not in the bed, and the fact it wasn’t warm from
her body heat. He got up and yawned, he got up and stretched, and opened the door that
lead to the hall. He went down the hall to the bathroom, his steps light. He suddenly
hears some laughing downstairs, and decides to get quieter. He walks downstairs silently
and sees Landon and Ruby talking, but Ruby didn’t look the same. Ruby looked paler, her
eyes glowing red, her hair even changed color to black, instead of the usual golden blonde
hair she used to have. He stared in amazement, not knowing what was going on. He could
tell it was her though, her laugh and giggle was the same. He listened inventively to hear
what they were talking about this time. He couldn’t hear them as well as he could
before, but he picked out a few words. The words were “Demon”, “Alley”, and
“Kiss”. He wondered what they were talking about as he suddenly dashed up the stairs,
silently, and into the bathroom, slamming the door to signal he was awake. He used it
while he was there, and walked out after washing his hands. He walked down the stairs,
seeing Ruby, the same as she was the night before. He pretended he didn’t see anything
as he walked down the stairs “Morning Landon. Morning Ruby.” he walked over and hugged
her from behind before she had a chance to turn around. Landon chuckled “Dru, Ruby wants
to take you out for dinner.” Ruby just nodded, blushing again. Dru smiled “Alright
then, ill start getting ready.” he walked back upstairs with her, they talked quietly as
Landon chuckled evilly as they walked upstairs. Dru didn’t hear the chuckle, but as he
got upstairs, he felt tension between him and Ruby. Was she nervous? He didn’t know what
to do, so he leaded her towards the bathroom “Would you like to bathe first?” She
nodded and walked in, closing the door gently with a soft click. He walked into his room
and looked in the drawer of the pure white dresser. He looked in shock to find a tuxedo in
it, neatly folded, which wasn’t there before. He picked it up and laid it across the
bed. He looked in the closet and found and exquisite dress and layed that on the bed for

Ruby walked out of the bathroom in only a towel, her hair was soaked and dripped, but it
was dried a little from the towel. She walked into the room as Dru laid the dress down,
she smiled “Aww, you found them, no fair!” she giggled, motioning him to bathe before
they go. He nods and walks into the bathroom, closing the door with a thud, much louder
than Ruby’s soft click when she closed the door. He hopped into the bath that was
waiting him, obviously Ruby was kind enough to draw his bath. He smiled as he cleaned
himself, making sure he was almost sparkling with cleanliness . He got out and dried
himself off, putting the towel around his waist and walked out of the bathroom, knocking
on the door to make sure she wasn’t naked before walking in. He smiles as she had just
slipped the dress on. “How do I look?” she asks. “You look amazing!” he smiles,
walking towards the tux he laid out, he noticed a rose was in the front pocket, which
wasn’t there before he bathed. He chuckles, motioning her out so he could get dressed,
which she did. He dressed quickly. He walked out of the room and smiled “Now you got to
tell me how I look.” he chuckled. She stared in awe at how good he looked in that
tuxedo. He chuckled with a grin “That good eh?” She nodded. He took her hand and lead
her down the stairs. Landon, who seemed to have not moved from his spot on the couch, was
waiting for them. He smiled brightly as he saw Ruby walk down after Dru, both of them
dressed up. He applauded “Well well, you two look great!” Dru chuckled “Well, shall
we?” he said as he opened the door for Ruby as she walked out and smiled “Thank
you.” she said after she was outside. He closed the door with a click behind him and
smiled “Your welcome.” he took her hand and they walked through the town, saying hello
to the passing people as they walked, and talked to each other, giggling and chuckling and
laughing, having a joyus time, and they weren’t even at the restaurant yet! 

Night came quickly as they reached the restaurant. She smiled, he went to open the door
but she grabbed his arm and tugged it, he followed her like he was supposed to behind the
restaurant. He blinked as she was blushing “Uh…Dru…will you uh…kiss me?” Now it
was his turn to blush. He stuttered a bit, not sure “Uh…uh…uh…” he rubbed the
back of his head, not knowing what to say. Her pleading eyes staring at him, he blushed
even more. This would be his first kiss ever, besides those he got from his mom, but those
don’t count. He nodded slightly and gulped, nervous. She beamed brightly as she leaned
up on her tippy toes and he bent down so she could reach him. They’re lips slowly
reaching each other. Right b

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Night came quickly as they reached the restaurant. She smiled, he went to open the door
but she grabbed his arm and tugged it, he followed her like he was supposed to behind the
restaurant. He blinked as she was blushing “Uh…Dru…will you uh…kiss me?” Now it
was his turn to blush. He stuttered a bit, not sure “Uh…uh…uh…” he rubbed the
back of his head, not knowing what to say. Her pleading eyes staring at him, he blushed
even more. This would be his first kiss ever, besides those he got from his mom, but those
don’t count. He nodded slightly and gulped, nervous. She beamed brightly as she leaned
up on her tippy toes and he bent down so she could reach him. They’re lips slowly
reaching each other. Right before their lips meet, hers go off course and suddenly he
feels a sharp pain in his neck. He gasped, his eyes wide with pain, he yelped out and
pushed her off of him. She had a huge grin on her face, baring her fangs. He had just been
bitten by a vampire. He held the side of his neck, holding the blood from spurting out
more. He looked up at her, growling lowly. She took a step towards him “Dru…come to
our side…to my family…we can be together forever…” she enticed him. He growled
louder, signaling to stay back. She took another step closer, a hiss coming from her lips.
He looked up, his eyes glowing red, the vampire venom already rushing through his veins.
He stood up and looked at the ground. She took another step towards him, reaching out
“Come with me Dru…” she enticed. His eyes suddenly flashed up at her and he pounced,
pinning her to the ground under his weight, which was a lot heavier than her. She
maneuvers quickly, picking her legs up, he rolls off of her, rolling into a ball and
springing up, so he lands on his feet afterwards. He turns quickly, his back slightly
hunched, in a offensive position. He suddenly darts at her as she gets up facing him, she
puts her foot u straight into the air and brings it down hard, he moves at the last
moment, flipping over her and the leg. The heel of her shoe cracks against the ground,
breaking the cement and leaving huge cracks in it. He growls loudly, his hands laid
against the ground, on the tips of his fingers ready to pounce again. She charges at him
with almost the exact speed he has, but he is still faster as he pounces and lands behind
her. She tries to turn but she is too late. Dru rams his leg backwards and into her back,
a loud crack is heard. She falls to the ground limp. He stands up erect and grins, walking
over to her. She suddenly snaps up and jams her fist into his gut, sending him flying
backwards into a dumpster, which the metal breaks and the garbage dumps out onto him. She
walks over slowly, waiting for him to spring out, but he doesn’t. She removes some of
the bags of trash and sees he is unconscious. She grins, and turns her back to send a
message to her father using her communication link he had made. Dru’s eyes suddenly snap
open, blood red. He launches from the pile of trash onto her back, grabbing onto her head
and one hand on her jaw. With ease, he swiftly moves both hands in opposite directions,
and a loud crack is heard as Ruby falls to the ground, her eyes wide with fright. This
time he knows she’s dead, so he stands up and picks up the communication link, letting a
growl into it “Landon…I’m coming for you next.” he crushes the communication link
under his foot and looks at Ruby, the girl he once almost fell in love with, dead. He
sighed, thinking he always finds the crazy girls and walks off, his tuxedo ripped up and
his head bleeding from the dumpster. He smelled horrid, but he walked towards the mansion,
intent on killing Landon. 
Dru walked up to the mansion where some of the supposid best times of his life were spent.
He sniffs the air, looking around, not smelling any scent of the enemy he used to love
almost as a father. He creeps up the steps towards the eerie doors. He cracked the door
open and stuck his head in slightly, his eyes the only light in the room, the blood red
colors seem to illuminate across the room onto the wall. The metallic smell of blood fill
his nostrills, but he wasn’t sure if it was his blood, or another victims blood that
Landon got. He slowly creeps into the dark room when he suddenly hears a loud bang, and he
is sent flying back outside the door. He sees Landon appear out in the doorway as he
begins to get up, holding a gun. The gun looked and sensed different than a regular gun.
This gun was red, and look like a revolver, but it had two pieces of metal that looked
like wings, but the wings looked real, and almost as if they were moving. Dru glared at
Landon “You Asshole!” he screamed at the top of his lungs as he got up and charged at
Landon, head down, looking at Landons feet as he charged. Landon grinned slightly and
shoot again, this time hitting Dru in the arm, sending him again, flying backwards into a
wall, which this time collapses on him. Dru slowly rises out of the rubble, bleeding worse
than he earlier. His head was split open and he was dizzy, even in his pre- demon form. He
looks around hazily, not seeing Landon anywhere in sight. He slowly walks out of the
rubble, tripping over a rock and falling onto the cleaner ground below. Landon appears
from above him, this time with a sword. Landon swings downwards as he falls from the sky,
in hopes of finishing him off quickly, knowing the turning him idea was very bad. Dru
looks up and rolls out of the way with mere seconds left before the blade connects with
the ground. Dru stands up wearily, staring at Landon, his eyes still blood red, but duller
than they were earlier. Dru looks around, finding a sharp stone, picking it up and holding
it for defense. Landon just grins, staring at him with his katana blade. He yanks the
blade out of the ground, but the blade chips and the end comes off from the shere force of
the impact. Landon grumbles slightly, knowing this fight is going to be more difficult
now. Dru grins as he sees the piece of metal clink to the ground. 
Dru suddenly charges at Landon, not as fast as last time however, since the collapse of
the wall injured his leg severely. He jumps as high as he can, which in his current state,
is just over Landon head, and he throws the rock down, in hopes of driving the brick into
Landon’s head so he can smash the brick into his brain, in which he hopes works as well
as it did with Ruby. Landon catches the rock and throws it back at Dru, driving it into
his chest and sending him flying upwards. He lands on the roof of the house and makes a
huge hole in the roof, sending him plummiting through the ceilings until he hit a bed, his
old bed. The bed cushioned the landing a bit. Dru groans, unable to move. The rock in his
chest slowing the bleeding a bit as his healing power kicks in and begins to seal the
wound around the rock. Dru looks around quickly. He closes his eyes and lets his healing
powers kick in so he can heal and fight Landon again. Suddenly the walls crumble and
Landon comes flying into the room, slashing his sword towards Dru. Dru flips off the bed
as it suddenly becomes small chunks of what a bed used to be. He looks over and sees his
blade against the wall and grabs it before Landon can get him. He holds up the great
broadsword with a grin. Landon smirks back at him and suddenly, their blades collide with
a loud crack, both pushing with all their might. Dru and Landon’s eyes were both blood
red, but Landon’s were brighter. Suddenly, Dru started being pushed back towards the
diced bed. He groans, as the wound in his chest re-opens due to the extra strain on his
torso. Again, with a loud crack, the blades are lifted and collide yet again, this time
sending Dru back another inch. Dru begins to notice that he’s being pushed back more and
more with each swing, showing hes either getting weaker, or Landon is getting stronger. He
looks at Landon, and notices blood leaking from his lips. Knowing vampries do not have any
blood, he knows Landon had drank some to regain some strength. He grinds his teeth, as
suddenly, his eyes become purple yet again. He grins and begins to push back, but his
blade goes a little higher on Landon’s sword. Landon sees the eye change and grins,
seeing the power change, and sensing it. He senses this side of him is less powerful than
the red eye’d one.

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