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2 November 2009, 06:52 PM    #1
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This was the least I could do for my Dustin, considering he wanted to know EVERYTHING
about that night :/

               My mind was being too impatient. I wanted to sleep, but no. That damn brain
of mine wanted to think about everything thinkable at 10:30 at night- on a school night.
The muggy indoor air seemed to make my brain think even more, making it impossible to go
to sleep now. I was mad-infuraited even. I had several tests tomorrow and my stupid brain
decides to dwell on the things I didn't want to think about. 
     	I found myself meandering towards my cluttered walk-in closet, while my annoying
brain kept on telling me that it needed to be cleaned up before I was to get grounded
until hell froze over. I tried to tune it out as I peeled off my sweats and put on a pair
of jeans and a Vans tank. 
     	Where the hell was I going? I thought as my fingers started unlocking my
already broken window. With a yank of my un-muscled arms, the night air caressed my face,
unknotting all my uncomforts and smoothing the worried wrinkle between my eyebrows. With a
deep breath, I slid out of my muggy room and into the night with the agility of a cat.
     	Sometimes I thought I was one of those creatures of the night. A vampire? Naw, blood
made me a little squeamish. A werewolf? Could be. I often found myself talking to my dog
and I understood her when she barked....But was I good? Was I one of those hideous half
man- half beasts that changed in the light of a full moon and killed everyone in sight?
No, because killing them would involve blood, and I hated blood. So I was one of the kind,
almost loving, werewolves of Stephanie Meyer's dreams. I grinned at the irony of me being
a half chick- half dog, considering I was head-over-heels in love with the actor who plays
a werewolf. Maybe if I found out if I was a real werewolf I could give him some
     	Pushing the very cute face of Taylor Lautner out of my mind, I focused on the reason
why I let my night passion lead me out into the dark streets of my tiny neighborhood. With
a aspirated sigh, I walked slowly on the fringe of the road- where the grass overlapped
the blacktop- and stared at the stars, thinking about my major issues. 
     	I had no idea how I was going to get back to my almost-normal life of smiles and
laughs. Since Conner and Dustin's birthday Friday, (I softly snorted to myself at the
irony of that also) I had been a ball of depression. I had broke down to the sound of
Robert Pattinson's I Was Broken, and I did just that. I felt my soul fall break into a
million pieces in the most painful experience I will ever encounter. I was first thrown
into the water by the first boy I opened my heart up to-Robbie. Then the second boy,
Conner, died, I started having a hard time swimming. Dustin, my soul mate, had thrown me a
life preserver and rescued me from that water. He became a drug to me. Maybe more a poison
then a drug considering the fact that he was the one who stole the life preserver and
shoved me under the azure water. 
     	You're wandering the night because of that jerk! my conscious told me, but I
ignored her too. My heart that was steadily beating in my large chest, said otherwise,
agreeing with the fact that Dustin was my drug. I sighed, laying my hand over the hot pink
V on my chest, feeling my heart and sighed as I thought about the last kiss we shared. It
burned with a high intensity on my lips as the memory rushed to me, making my heart skip
unsteadily. Blood rushed to my cheeks as I thought about what would've happened if we were
alone when that kind of passion took us over. I
unwillingly placed my hand on my stomach, where his baby would be if  it would've went
like that. I smiled at the thought of him sighing my name and him holding me in his arms.
I had never before thought about having sex with him, just laying together- "cuddling" as
he called it with obvious clothing boundaries considering our young age. I giggled at my
perverseness, imagining how he would laugh at me for being such a perv. But I thought
about how wonderful it would be for me to be round with his child, nestled safely in my
stomach and I sighed, wishing I could just lay with him and forget all my worries as he
played with my untidy hair as he used to do before we would kiss.....
     	I could feel light on my back, but it was probably just a car driving by. 
     	I kept walking but the car stopped driving too soon. 
     	"Hey!" a man's voice boomed from the car, obviously talking to me, who happens to be
wearing attire too tight for my premature curves. The voice somehow registered with my
brain. It was very, very familiar. I took a step forward.....
     	Stop! and I did, not because the voices told me to, but because of the two
people who had those same voices. Dustin and Conner. My heart wrenched at the sound of
their voices, so clear inside my own worst enemy. 
     	"You were at the party?" I asked the dark car, remembering the party that ended
earlier tonight. I took another hasty step forward as several laughs echoed from the car.

     	"We sure were, pretty girl." the driver cooed drunkenly.
     	I sniffed the air, alcohol stinging my nose. I felt like I had been tazered after my
brain shouted what I had just done to me. I just fell into the most dangerous trap a weak
girl like me could fall into. I was frozen solid at my fate.
	My once irritating conscious disappeared and I was left alone on the dark streets as
the men shut off the car and two stepped out, coming towards me. 
     	Run you idiot! it was only Dustin’s voice now. I want to! , I told myself
as the men neared, but I couldn't find my legs. It was like they became tree trunks,
deeply rooted in the ground. 
     	Untill the two men cut me down with their arms and pulled me into the dark car with
     	Taylor you can't give up! Fight them! Scream! Do something! You can't just give
yourself to them! Dustin was shouting desperately at me. I still wouldn't- couldn't-
budge, not even when they started taking off my clothes. 
     	You're not going to let them get you pregnant are you? he groaned in my head
and I was suddenly overwhelmed but my dream of me, him and our baby cuddled between us. I
then thrashed around, trying to stop them from peeling the rest of my clothes away. The
men put my already removed cloths onto the ground and held me down with iron grips. 
     	"She's gonna be fu-un" the man positioned in front of me said, putting fun into two
     	"I'm gona love making this beauty squeal." the man holding me from behind laughed,
groping my size B breast. I screamed inside my lips, making a high-pitched sound inside my
     	Bastard! Dustin cussed as the man who groped me started to laugh at my
supposed groan of pleasure. I then looked at the man in front of me, who was tracing my
hips with a wry smile on his face and....
     	I shrieked at the sight of the large bulge in his jeans inches from the lace panties
that protected my most private part. 
     	Let me go!" I yelled, thrashing to my body's extent. Dustin was cussing loudly in
the back of my mind as the front man hitched the bottoms of my wriggling legs onto his
shoulder and bent down, swiping his tongue over the bottom of my panties. I cried out
again as the wrong feelings shot through me. I wanted only Dustin to make me feel this
way. This was wrong. 
    	 A chuckle sounded from behind me, "She likes it man," the voice said, "give her
more. I want her nice and horny when I get inside her beautiful ass." he said, gripping my
arms so hard that I could swear he drew blood. I screamed again, trying to break their
hold on me. 
     	"Ha, I know dude. She's so damn sexy I think my jeans are gona rip." he joked
sickingly as he lifted me closer to his mouth. Then his tongue stroked me again. 
     	"Then take 'em off and we'll get this girl screaming for more." the back man said,
holding both my arms with one of his strong hands.
     	No! Taylor you have to try harder! Dustin cried. I can't, Dustin. I can't I said,
tears falling from my eyes. 
     	"Sounds good." the front man said yanking his jeans off, exposing himself not
wearing any boxers. 
     	He must've planned on raping a girl tonight.
     	He trailed his fingers along my sides and tucked them under the sides of my panties,
slowly pulling them off. 
     	"No stop!" I screamed as he got them to my knees and they both groaned with animal
pleasure. Then his tongue stroked me without my lace protection. I screamed out from that
touch. It was so wrong to be touched by anyone but Dustin and this was my nightmare come
to life. I screamed again as the back man pulled my bra strap and then let it go, making a
red welt on my skin- I screamed out from that also. Then the men positioned me and
themselves so they could put themselves inside me. And then they did.
     	It was like a sword shoved through me. I screamed as the pain exploded inside me and
I could feel my nails digging into the arms of one of the men. I could feel the hot liquid
of his blood on my fingertips as my nails dug deeper into his flesh. I couldn't take it
anymore. The pain of their entrance was crushing me, and when I had lost it, I screamed
for my salvation.
     	"Dustin help me!" I cried through agonized sobs. "Dustin save me please!" I kept on
imagining being somewhere safe in his arms, but the pain from these men crushed my
efforts. They just laughed and pushed harder into me. 
     	Stay strong. It will be over soon. I love you so much. It will be ok.
Dustin's voice was whispering soothing words through my searing agony and screaming. It
went on for several more minutes that felt like hours until there was an explosion within
me and the men each pulled out, panting. I crumpled to the floor of the car, curling up
and choking on my every breath. Sex was supposed to be a beautiful thing, not this
horrible, scary incident I had just experienced. No. This
was the act of the devil. This was hell coming to visit me early. The men pulled their
pants back on and lifted me back up. I felt like putty as I slouched against their arms.
     	"Looks like we got her good." one laughed, opening his passenger door. He picked up
my clothes and threw them out. 
     	And then they tossed me out after my clothes. 
     	I was grateful for the soft landing the grass provided, but the grass could not
cleanse the sin that now was perched within me where my salvation's offspring should be. I
curled in on myself and let the overwhelming sadness consume me, making my hickup-ey sobs
more like a scream of a bird. After several minutes of this, I dug into my jeans and
called Dustin. 
     	He answered on the first ring like usual. 
     	"Dustin?" I wimpered.
     	"Taylor?! What happened?" He asked with worry and alarm.
     	"They took it, Dustin. They took my baby Shia from me..." I broke off into sobs
again. Shia was what I wanted to name my first child. I had allways imagined my first baby
to be a girl, and so her name was going to be Shia Lee Essick. But she was replaced with
the demon child that had taken her away from me. 
     	"Who is they, Taylor?" he said, leaving off the baby part. 
     	"I don't know." I cried. 
     	"What happened to you?" He said groaning.
     	"They took my baby..." I broke off again, tears like Niagara Falls down my	cheeks.
     	"Who is your baby, Taylor? Who took it?" he asked.
     	"Our baby!" I yelled, right away regretting it. 
     	"Our baby-" he cut off as it clicked inside his head. "You had sex didn't you?" he
said quietly.
     	"No. It wasn't sex. I told him to stop but-"
      	"Who raped you Taylor." He growled. The hatred weeded through his voice was
something I'd never heard before, so I was scared.
     	"I-I don't k-know." I studdered. I heard him sigh and another shiver went down my
naked spine.
     	"Where are you now?" he said, struggling to keep his temper. I glanced around and
sickingly recognized the street sign as my own. I was so close to home....
     	"Are you there Taylor?" his anger was replaced with worry. 
     	"Yea I-I'm here." I stuttered. "I'm on my street." I said feeling my gut twist.
     	"I'm coming right now." he said bluntly. I could hear shuffling in the background
and I could tell he was probably changing out of his usual plaid pajama pants and no shirt
and into something that he could get away with wearing in public.
	Then I remembered I was naked.
     	"Maybe not now..." I said uncurling myself and grabbing my clothes and hugging them
to my bare chest.
     	"Why?" he asked, worried.
      	"Umm." I had no idea what to say. My face flushed a bright red at him seeing me
naked, especially with the bruises that were forming on my wrists and legs. 
     	"Don't tell me they just left you naked." he was growling again, but of course, he
had a perfect reason to be mad. 
     	"Yes." I whispered feeling another round of sobs coming just thinking about what
happened minutes ago. 
     	"Get your clothes back on and I'll be there in about 20 minutes." he said and I
could hear the roar of an engine in the background.
     	"What?" he interrupted me before I could finish. "Do you not want to put your
clothes back on?" he asked curiously.
     	"No-Wait...I mean I do want to put my clothes back on but.. I-I want you to stay
with me tonight." I stuttered like an idiot as my face blushed crimson. I needed his soft
touch to wipe the bad away. I needed him. 
     	"Ok. You get dressed and I'll be there soon. I'll stay with you forever if that's
what you want. We can do whatever you want. I just want to stop your hurting." he said as
soft as a caressing feather. The pleasant, lovely tingling feelings butterflied in my
stomach as my earlier thought of him holding me in his arms but it swiftly shifted into
the car nightmare and I shuttered.
     	"Ok. Can you stay on the phone until you get here?" I asked softly. 
     	"Whatever you want." he said with a smile in his voice. 
     	"Kay'." I said just then noticing how raspy my voice sounded. I put my phone on
speaker and laid it on a soft patch of grass and then brushed off all the dirt off my bare
skin. I could hear his soft breathing as I slipped on my panties and bra, then the rest of
my clothes. I sat up and then hugged my arms around me knees and placed the phone on top.
     	"Are you dressed?" He asked, the sound of the engine fading in the background.
     	"Yea." I said with my sore-throat sounding voice. He sighed and I saw dim headlights
in the distance and my heart automatically started racing. 
     	"Alright." he said, his smile still there in his voice. My eyes widened as the
headlights were beginning to look like they were heading towards me. Was it the same car
that was the battlefield I had just fought? Were they coming back for more because they
weren't satisfied? A scream started in my throat as I gained the strength to stand up and
inch towards the trees. 
     	"I think they're coming back." I croaked inching closer to the protective dark
     	"I'm on your street now." he growled as the engine roared in the background again.
The car was coming closer and closer. I felt like the stupid teenage girl who opened the
door in the scary movies- even when she knew what was lurking behind the door wasn't the
hunky football player. Then I heard Dustin gasp.
     	"Is that you?" he said with surprise and pain. My heartbeat then went from scared to
nervous as I then realized he was the one driving the car that was coming towards me. The
headlights were beaming on my face and I had to squint against the bright light. He
practically jumped out of the car, over the hood and made it across the street in 3
seconds flat. Within those 3 seconds, I had rushed towards him, slamming into his strong
arms that held me like iron gates against his chest. I hung my arms around his neck and
pulled myself closer to him.  Then we put our foreheads together and stared into each
others eyes. My faded blue eyes up into his brilliant
     	"I'm so sorry this happened to you." His breath of mint and pizza breezed into my
     	"It's not your fault." I said seeing the mirror of pain in my eyes in his. 
     	"When you're ready, I'll show you how sex is supposed to be. It will be making
love." He whispered, nuzzling my nose. 
     	"Then we'll have our Shia." I smiled. He nodded and I brought my lips to his,
expressing all my pain, my loss and my want in that one kiss. He kissed me back also,
mirroring my feelings. He expressed his sorrow and love in that one kiss. I then felt the
warmth from his kiss course through my body. This was love. This was what it felt like to
feel love. We were both getting short on breath, so I reluctantly broke our kiss and
looked into his eyes again.
     	"I love you," I whispered. He gave me a quick peck on the nose.
     	"I love you too, Taylor." He said letting go of my waist and traded that for my
hand as he led me to the truck. This time I liked being pulled towards a vehicle. With a
warm smile he led me to the passenger seat like an old-school gentleman and shut the door
behind him. Within seconds, he was in the driver’s seat bringing the ancient truck to
life. I leaned across the armrest and kissed his cheek, loving how even he blushed. 
     	"Alright, you need to keep your beautiful-ness to a minimum while I'm driving. I
can't get distracted." he joked, moving the truck forward. We laughed together now,
soprano and bass. This was the love I wanted so much. What had happened tonight was going
to haunt me for the remainder of my life, but my new vision of sex would change when I was
ready to let Dustin make love to me. Once I removed the sin within me, I would be free to
mother the correct child. Then Dustin and I would live happily ever after like all lovers
do. I really believed that as we crawled into bed and he hummed to me until I fell asleep.
When I woke in the morning, he was still
there, and sleeping like a baby. 
     	Soon, I whispered to myself. Soon I will give Dustin a daughter and we will
forget about that past night.

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